3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart | Which One to Choose?

In golf, push carts have become more popular and relevant for carrying assistance. If you want to buy a push cart, you may find it harder to choose between 3-wheel or 4-wheel push carts because of their close proximity in strengths and drawbacks. 

The main difference lies in speed, storage and maneuverability. In terms of speed, a 3 wheel golf push cart is faster than the 4 wheel push cart. It also shares easy maneuverability and larger storage than its computing one.

To ease your decision of choosing between a 3-wheel vs. 4-wheel push cart, we compare their core differences below. 

An Overview Of The 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

The 3-wheel push cart was a big leap from the old two-wheel pull carts. Before 4-wheel carts, the 3-wheel push cart was the only reliable option and is still widely in use. 

Golfers prefer the 3-wheel push cart due to its affordability, maneuverability, comfort, etc. For more information, you may read the discussion about the convenience and drawbacks of the 3-wheel push cart below.

An Overview Of The 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart

The 4-Wheel push cart is a comparatively recent addition to golf. It is an expensive and heavier alternative to a 3-Wheel push cart, with some special features.  

A 4-wheel push cart  is preferable due to its stability, extended space, foldability into a compact size, portability, etc.

If you golf for a long time with heavy equipment on rough terrain, a 4-wheeler could be your best companion.   

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart: Comparison Table

These two kinds of golf carts have specific differences based on specific attributes.

To provide you with a detailed comparison at a glance, we rearranged the synopsis into three columns below.  

Attributes3 Wheel Push Cart4 Wheel Push Cart
Speed  Faster Comparatively slower 
HandlingEasy and ComfortableComparatively, harder
StabilityLess StableMore Stable 
Maneuverability More Maneuverableless maneuverable 
SizeFoldable But Not That Compact Foldable into Compact Form
ContainmentUse multiple straps. No strap needed 
Breaking SystemExcellent Less Reliable 
ExpenseInexpensive Expensive 
Storage CrampedSpecious

What Are The Differences Between 3 Wheel And 4 Wheel Golf Push Carts?

We tried to provide a comparative overview of 3-wheel and 4-wheel golf push carts above.

For elaborate information to make the selection process more effective, you may read the following comparative discussion. 


When maneuverability is your main concern, you may go for a 3-wheel push cart. In a 3 wheel push cart, the front wheel can swivel and rotate 360°, which turns it into a more maneuverable option. 

On the other hand, the front wheels of 4-wheel push carts don’t swivel or rotate as smoothly as those of 3-wheel push carts.

However, you may maneuver a 4-wheel push cart at the expense of your valuable energy. 

With enough force, you can maneuver a 4-wheel push cart in a tight space. Contrariwise, a 3-wheel push cart is better for operating in open spaces.  

Stability and Balance

You should choose the 4-wheel push cart if you want stability and balance. With a widened base, double axle, and four tires 4-wheel holds its ground on all types of terrain. This stability helps it keep the accessories in place despite its lack of straps.

The 3-wheel golf cart lacks stability due to a narrower base and a lack of a front axle or suspension.

An elastic strap can hold the accessories so well that they remain functional on uneven terrain with low stability.

Storage Capacity

For regular use, a 3-wheel push cart provides you with adequate space for your clubs, balls, scorecard, umbrella, water bottle, etc. 3-wheel carts also have some straps that can hold different sizes of bags safely. 

Contrarily, the 4-wheel push carts have more space and additional facilities like holding the phone, umbrella, drinks, and a cooler for cold beverages.

If you golf for a long time, this extended storage capacity may come in handy. 

Braking System

To compensate for instability, most 3-wheel push carts have excellent brakes. Of the two, the hand brake is more helpful than the foot brake in a 3-wheel push cart. 

That doesn’t mean brakes aren’t good in a 4-wheel push cart. Most 4-wheel carts have fully functional brakes that aren’t as focused or efficient as a 3-wheel push cart. 

Handling Comfort

If you want a push cart that is easy to handle, then you should go for the 3-wheel option. This lightweight, smaller cart is easy to operate on uneven terrain or slopes. 

Conversely, a 4-wheel golf cart is harder to control. Sometimes, you have to lift the entire front axle for sudden and sharp turns.

However, some manufacturers provide rubber padded ergonomic handles that ease the strain on your hand during control.

Material and Durability

Both of the push carts are mostly built of lightweight aluminum alloy or heavy-duty steel.

The lower budget may bring you something basic that is built on a heavier metal like steel. Contrarily, a higher budget gets you something built on aluminum alloy or even carbon fiber. 

Wide and larger rubber gripped tires are easy and comfortable to operate but cost you more. Higher building materials make them harder and more durable, but they are expensive.

Size and Weight

Between the two, you can get different sizes and weights. Generally, 3-wheel push carts are smaller, narrower, and lighter. 

Compared to 3-wheel push carts Almost all 4-wheel carts are larger, wider, and bulkier. Sometimes building material can cause the weight regardless of wheel number. 

Compactness and Portability

Usually, 4-wheel carts are more compact when folded. They may save some space at the back of your car. You can carry them in a smaller car anywhere you want. 

3-wheel carts are smaller but not that compact. If you choose the right model, some 3-wheel carts may fit well. However, that’s not always preferable, and for compact size and portability, you should go for the 4-wheel carts. 


A 4-wheel push cart has a widened base with larger wheels. This bigger frame size makes it more expensive. 

On the other hand, a narrower base and smaller tires make a 3 wheel push cart less expensive. From a similar brand, a 3-wheel golf cart can cost you roughly $100 less than 4-wheelers. 

3 Wheel Or 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart: Which One To Choose?

Between these two golf carts, no one is getting an edge over the other. No matter which type you buy, there is always a drawback. Which model you should buy depends on your requirements and budget. 

If you want maneuverability and handling comfort, you can go for a 3 wheel push cart. For stability and storage capacity, you can choose the 4-wheel push cart.

3 wheel models can save you some money. Contrarily, a 4 wheel push cart is privileged with portability. 

In a nutshell, you have to consider the material, build quality, expenses, and most importantly, your preferred function of the two before buying a new cart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Among every new golf enthusiast, some frequent questions always appear before buying their first push cart. We tried to find the most relevant questions and answer them briefly. 

Is it easier to carry your club or use a push cart?

A push cart is always preferable to carrying your accessories on your back. If you carry them through all 18 holes, it may cause you back pain and lactic acid buildup, which may hamper your performance. 

Are 3-wheel or 4-wheel golf carts better?

There is no simple answer to this simple question. It entirely depends on your needs, budget, and personal preferences. Because either of the two can not provide 100% that a golfer needs. 

Are push or pull golf carts better?

A push cart is certainly better than a pull cart. A pull cart may require more energy from your shoulder muscles than a good swing requires.
Contrarily, the push carts get their force from the golfers’ natural forward movement during walking, which requires a lot less effort.

What is the easiest golf cart to push?

3-wheel push Carts are easier to push due to their lightweight, front wheel flexibility, etc. It may vary from model to model. In general, a 3-wheel push cart is better for maneuvering. 

Do all golf courses allow push carts?

It depends on the golf courses. Some courses do not allow walking, and others do not allow pushing carts. So before you buy a cart, you should contact the golf course authorities.

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