Evolution Golf Carts Vs Ezgo: Which One Is Better?

Deciding on a golf cart between Evolution golf carts vs. EZGo is always a dilemma for golfers. The biggest difference between the two carts is that Evolution golf carts are only electric, and EZGo carts come in gas and electric power.

Other than that, there are several differences between the two carts in terms of unique features, purpose, comfort, driveability, and design. Going through an in-detail comparison will be the best way to decide which is better for you. 

Let’s get going with it.

Evolution Golf Carts Vs Ezgo

Overview Of Evolution Golf Carts

Evolution is one of the most trusted golf cart brands you can find out there. With their high-end designs and technology, they provide some top-notch golf carts. 

They have gained a lot of reputation to become a fan favorite for many golfers.

The specialty of Evolution golf carts is their design and build quality. These carts speak the word luxury in terms of their looks. 

A team of highly skilled engineers works behind making these golf carts with meticulous attention to the details of design and innovation.

All the golf carts from Evolution are electric, and they have a lot of varieties with different battery models. 

The carts put out a pretty good performance in terms of speed and acceleration. This factor alone keeps the cart ahead in the general competition of electric golf carts.

Overview Of Evolution Golf Carts

Pros of Evolution golf carts

  • They come in a lot of unique models
  • It looks modern and stylish in comparison
  • Luxurious in design and build
  • It comes at a reasonable pricing
  • Great top speed and acceleration

Cons of Evolution golf carts   

  • Not the best in terms of comfortability
  • Only available in electric variants
  • The range isn’t that good
  • Low-quality battery with issues

Overview Of Ezgo Golf Carts

EZGo carts are becoming the norm for all golfers worldwide due to their performance and quality. 

These carts may not boast about the design and looks, but they sure deliver all the way when it comes to performance.

Whether you think about speed, range, or power, EZGo carts deliver in all these aspects. 

They offer both gas and electric power in most of their cart models, which is a great option to have as golfers. The driveability factor on these carts is thoroughly impressive.

What makes EZGo carts even better is their commitment to providing durable build quality within a reasonable price. 

These carts are functional and affordable at the same time. There will be hardly any complaints to make with these golf carts.

Overview Of Ezgo Golf Carts

Pros of EZGo golf carts

  • Offers room for customizations and upgrades
  • It comes at a fairly reasonable price
  • Smooth and fast driveability
  • Great mileage for golf carts
  • Features both gas and electric options
  • Pretty solid build quality
  • Replacement and upgrade parts are easily available

Cons of EZGo golf carts

  • Not the most stylish-looking carts
  • The frames can get rusty
  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • Top speed can be a concern in some models

Similarities between Evolution and EZGo golf carts

While there are plenty of differences between Evolution golf carts and EZGo, there are some similarities between them as well. 

Let’s look at some similarities and then examine the differences for a better understanding.

  • Both carts have electric-powered carts in their lineup
  • The build quality is pretty good in them.
  • Most electric carts use a 48V battery
  • Pricing for the carts is pretty similar
  • These carts are available in various models and styles
  • Reliability and quality are almost the same for both these brands

Evolution golf carts vs Ezgo: Quick comparison table

Now, we will go through a very quick comparison of the two golf carts using a table. You will clearly understand how the two golf carts differ in terms of technical aspects. 

Power sourceElectric onlyGas or Electric
Top speed25Mph19Mph
Frame materialStainless SteelDurable Steel, Aluminium
Available models1122
Best suited forDesign and speed Driveability, comfort, and affordability
Replacement partsDifficult to findReadily available
CustomizationTricky to doEasy to do
PricingStarts from $10000Starts from $8000

Remember that the technical factors or specifications will always vary depending on the model you choose for each cart brand. 

The table here just gives a general overview of the comparison in most models from EZGo and Evolution.

Differences Between Evolution Golf Cart And Ezgo golf cart

Differences Between Evolution Golf Cart And Ezgo golf cart

Let’s be honest; going through the quick comparison can’t help you decide which cart will be the most suited option for your needs. 

That’s why we will discuss some factors in detail where each of these golf carts differs.

This will help you examine how each golf cart stacks up in competition and which will best serve your purpose.

The power source of the carts

The power source of the carts

First, the big difference between Evolution and EZGo is in their power source. 

Evolution only makes electric golf carts, whereas EZGo provides electric and gas golf cart options.

You can always expect to get much better mileage and power with gas golf carts than electric ones. 

So, if you are looking for a gas golf cart, you must completely rule out Evolution from the list.

But if you are looking for an electric golf cart, both are viable options. In that case, you must decide based on the other factors discussed below.

Design and looks

Whenever it’s about looks and designs, Evolution golf carts have always been ahead in the game. 

Their carts come with a premium and luxurious appeal, which you don’t see in the EZGo golf carts.

Most Evolution golf carts feature premium seats, a touch screen panel, a spacious interior, and a modern-looking design. 

On the other hand, EZGo golf carts have a pretty generic golf cart appearance that doesn’t excite you too much in terms of looks.

Top speed and acceleration

There is a clear difference in the top speed that each of these carts can achieve. 

Evolution is renowned for achieving a top speed of 25 Mph with most of their golf cart models. But EZGo carts are mostly limited to a top speed of around 19MPH.

However, in terms of acceleration, both carts are pretty similar. It means both carts can reach their significant top speed at a very quick pace.


While the Evolution has a higher top speed, it lacks the driveability factor when compared with EZGo. 

Driving the Evolution golf carts often gives you a bumpy and rough driving experience. Comparatively, the EZGo has a much smoother driving feel to it.

So, if you are not seeking speed and want a better driving feel to your cart, go for the EZGo carts over Evolution.

Problems with the carts

Even though both the carts are of great quality, they have their fair share of problems. It’s up to you to decide which problems you are fine dealing with.

For Evolution, the problems start with less mileage or range, constant battery issues, discomfort in the seat, and side mirror issues. 

In the EZGo carts, you must deal with rusting on the frame; the reverse or forward shifters are very short and need much maintenance.

Which One Is A Better Option?

Which One Is Better?

Choosing between Evolution golf carts and EZGo is now up to your preferences and decision. 

After going through the in-detail comparison of both carts, you can determine which fits your requirements the best.

In short, if you want the best mileage and smoother driving experience at an affordable price with customizations, pick EZGo. 

But if you are more into the looks of a cart and want that premium luxury feel, go with the Evolution golf carts without any second thoughts.

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There might be some confusion remaining regarding Evolution and EZGo golf carts. To clear up those confusions, we reviewed some common questions people ask about these carts. Here are the answers to those –

How long does the battery last for Evolution and EZGo carts?

The battery for Evolution carts is expected to last 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance and usage. If the EZGo carts have AGM batteries, they can last 2 to 6 years, and lithium batteries can last 10 to 20 years.

What’s the range of Evolution carts and EZGo carts?

With Evolution golf carts, the range goes around 40 to 45 miles most of the time. It can be even lower than that at times. As for the EZGo golf carts, the range can go up to 60 to 65 miles, even with the electric variants.

Are Evolution and EZGo carts customizable?

Yes, both carts are upgradable for better performance. In the Evolution carts, you can make them go faster with some specific customizations and upgrades. Although, with EZGo carts, they are much easier to customize and offer a lot of room for customization. 

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