Why Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Won’t Go: Understanding & Resolving

The Yamaha gas carts are an excellent choice for all your golf adventures. However, just like any other electric or gas golf carts out there, they also have some problems. For example, one day, you might find the golf car not moving at all. In such conditions, you might find yourself a little clueless.

The most common reasons why the Yamaha gas cart is not moving include electrical issues, problems with the ignition switch, and issues with the accelerator and transmission. There can be other possible reasons as well.

Is that all that you need to know? Absolutely not! That piece of information is just the tip of the iceberg. And you can get to the in-depth details of the topic by continuing to read.

Why Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Won’t Go

Why Does The Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Won’t Go?

As stated earlier, a couple of reasons can explain why the Yamaha gas cart is not moving. And among all the issues that contribute to the problem, here is a brief description of the most common ones:

The gas golf cart’s engine has electrical issues

Yes, the gas golf cart mainly relies on gas to move. However, there are still a large number of electrical components present in the gas cart. That is why you have a battery inside the cart.

Nonetheless, over time, the electrical components can malfunction. And when that happens, the golf cart will not start or move.

Your golf cart has a broken shift cable

Sometimes, the Yamaha golf cart will start up, but it will be stuck in one shift. In other words, the transmission will be in one place and will not move if the shift cable is broken. And if the transmission is stuck in park mode, you can not make your vehicle move.

broken shift cable
broken shift cable

The transmission is damaged

Is the engine of the Yamaha gas cart starting? Well, if the engine is running but you can not make the cart go reverse or forward, it is a sign of transmission damage.

Transmission failure can occur for multiple reasons. But generally, it will be because of the following:

  • Lack of transmission fluids
  • Transmission fluid leak
  • Slipping
  • Overheating

Your golf cart has a damaged accelerator

The accelerator is one of the crucial components of the gas cart. It is responsible for making your golf cart regulate its speed.

For example, the accelerator will put more gas into the engine when you want to make the club car speed up. As a result, you will gain more speed.

Nonetheless, the accelerator relies on tons of wires. Sometimes, damage in one of them can make the entire part malfunction.

The gas cart has exhaust problems

One thing that makes gas carts different from electric golf carts is that gas club cars require a muffler system.

This system is responsible for expelling all the fumes that the engine gives off. These fumes have oil, carbon monoxide, and other gas residues.

However, when the exhaust system has problems, these residues will build up on the inside of the muffler. That will eventually make the muffler clog up and cause engine problems.

gas cart has exhaust problems
gas cart has exhaust problems

What Should You Do When The Gas Golf Cart Does Not Move?

In most cases, you will be capable of fixing the Yamaha gas cart not moving problem with some simple troubleshooting steps.

But which troubleshooting steps should you follow? Continue reading to learn all about them:

Check for electrical issues within the engine

Before anything else, you should check for electrical issues that might be present in the engine. Commonly, there will be issues with the following parts:

  • The kill switch
  • The ignition switch
  • The reverse or forward switch

Ignition and kill switch are responsible for engine starting issues, but you must find the reasons why it is not moving after the engine has started.

Lastly, there is the forward or reverse switch. This switch moves forward when you want the cart to go forward and backward when you want to reverse.

However, if the switch gets stuck due to some reason, your cart will not move. In such cases, replacing the switch would be your only option. 

Replace the broken shift cable

You need to replace the shift cable if the Yamaha golf cart is stuck in reverse, forward, or neutral. Follow these steps to get to the shift cable and fix or replace it:

  • Take the set of the cart out
  • Work with the shift lever and move it
  • Replace the lever if it is broken
  • If the lever is okay, check the cables
  • Replace all the broken cables
  • If the wiring is okay, you will need to adjust the cable that shifts points between the reverse and forward

Ensure that the transmission is in its best form

Carry out a regular checkup and see if the transmission is okay or not. If you find any problem with it, you need to take the cart to a professional.

There is really not much that you can do when there is an issue with the transmission. It is a task for professionals.

Fix the exhaust problems

Check the muffler and see if there are signs of clogging. If so, you will need to disconnect the piping system and clean it thoroughly. After cleaning the muffler, put things back in place.

While doing so, you must ensure that all the parts are in proper placement, or else there could be a major issue in the future.

Get the accelerator checked

The cables or the wiring of the accelerator might get damaged over time. And when they do get damaged, the electrical connection will not be correct on the cart. 

Now, for electrical issues such as these, it is always a good idea to rely on a professional. You might damage the accelerator further if you attempt to fix things on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At this point, you know most about the causes of the Yamaha cart not moving issue and how to fix it. So, let’s go over some of the questions that you might have in mind in the future:

Why does the Yamaha gas cart don’t go reverse or forward?

When the Yamaha gas golf cart does not go forward or reverse, it usually means that there is an issue with the forward or reverse switch. However, problems with the run/tow switch can also contribute to this issue.

Is there a motor reset button on the Yamaha gas cart?

There is a motor reset button on the Yamaha gas golf cart. You will find it near the primary power source. And when you press it, it should reset the motor.
This simple step can solve most of the malfunctions that occur to the Yamaha gas cart. However, you will need to disassemble the cart entirely to get to the reset button.

How do you test the fuel flow of a Yamaha gas golf cart?

The simplest way to test the fuel flow of the Yamaha gas cart would be to remove the fuel hose found at the carburetor.
Then, hold a small container. While holding it, try to start the engine. If the flow is correct, fuel should spurt out with high force. 

Where are the fuses on a Yamaha 2014 golf cart?

The fuses of the Yamaha 2014 golf cart are on the fuse box. And the fuse box is on the left side of the controller. You should check the fuses regularly to ensure the optimal operation of the golf cart.  


So, when you find yourself wondering why your Yamaha gas cart won’t go, you just need to do a couple of checkups. However, if the issue is too severe, say, there is a major issue with the transmission, you should not try to fix things on your own.

Instead, you should rely on your expert mechanic and let them handle the rest. Also, to ensure that the gas cart performs optimally for a prolonged amount of time, you should maintain it regularly. 

Check the condition of all the crucial components and make sure that you replace damaged parts before things get worse.

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