Ultime Guide On Yamaha Golf Cart Governor Bypass

The maximum speed at which a golf cart may go on flat surfaces is limited by a hydraulic system known as a governor. This apparatus limits the maximum engine speed to safe levels. 

In the process of bypassing or disassembling the governor of the Yamaha Golf Cart, you’ll need to unscrew the 10mm nut first. And then the screwed rod, releasing some strain on the springs with a screwdriver. It allows the cart to travel at a noticeably faster rate.

Hop along if you want to know the entire process of the Yamaha Golf Cart Governor Bypass in detail. In this article, we are here to solve your struggle regarding the governor bypass process.

Ultime Guide On Yamaha Golf Cart Governor Bypass

How Do You Bypass the Governor on A Yamaha Golf Cart?

Golf cart drivers may occasionally wish to bypass the governor entirely. Some easy-to-find materials and some straightforward methods make this process really easy. 

An Inverted Spring Flip

There is a simple workaround for the golf cart’s governor that is compatible with newer models of Yamaha’s golf carts. Though there are some differences from the G1 cart in terms of mechanical design.

To bypass the governor, unscrew the 10mm nut and then the threaded rod. Then follow the following procedure:

  • First, locate the throttle cable in front of the governor’s arm and unplug it.
  • To engage the governor’s arm, you must first press the spring down and in front of it.
  • Put the hook back where it was for the spring. It is usually situated higher than where the cables are attached.
  • Relink the accelerator cord. The threaded rod doesn’t need to be re-inserted at this time.

It’s crucial to remember that the aforementioned spring-flip technique should never be used on a drive with a team axle. If you do this, the governor will stop working, and you’ll need a new dataset shaft.

Bypass the Governor Completely

As the governor limits the speed of the golf cart, you may want to bypass it completely. To do that, you can follow these instructions:

  • First, attach one cable endpoint to the throttle wire mounters.
  • The motor performs well once the throttle cable connector has been attached to the cooling shroud and the throttle cable has been adjusted to allow maximum throttle.

However, the spring may keep the exhaust shutter open while the carburetor is installed.

So all that needs to be done is to swap out the old one with a new one, reassemble the airbox, and you’re good to go.

But Keep in mind that the governor’s internals will still be in place even after you’ve secured the governor valve.

So do refrain from closing the governor’s shaft. The throttle cable might also break if you put too much pressure on it.

Golf Cart Governor Maintenance after Bypassing

The governor is a vital part of your Yamaha Golf Cart. Therefore, it’s really important to do proper maintenance after bypassing the governor. You should take care of the following issues to keep your golf cart in proper condition.

Prevent Backfiring

To prevent backfiring, ensure the carburetor fully opens when you press the pedal and entirely shuts when you release it.

It may be necessary to remove the bolt from the shaft holding the gas pedal to pull it and turn it in the notch direction.

The gas pedal’s throttle cable activates the connection’s spring return. And the governor in your golf cart can break this chain reaction.

If you want to avoid using the governor, you can remove the link between the throttle and the accelerator pedal. 


Inspecting the Return Spring

Inspect the return spring’s attachment and tighten it if necessary. And then locate the governor plate between the motor and the throttle. If such a plate is present, it should be taken out along with its supporting shaft. 

Use suitable-sized screws to plug the shaft openings. The holes can be sealed using Marine-Tex or another epoxy sealant.

If the governor of a golf cart has two separate arms, simply zip-tying together the two arms of the governor does the bypassing.

Adjustment of the Governor of Yamaha Golf Cart

Changing the spark regulation governor is impossible because it is electronically encoded into the golf cart. Still, you should adjust the clutch cable and the spring of the governor regularly.

To ensure that the clutch cable and the spring are properly adjusted, you can follow these steps:

Identifying the Governor

Find the governor with the spring-loaded adjusting mechanism at the carburetor or at the end of one of the differences. A spring-loaded mechanism that works together with the pedal will indicate the governor.

Tightening the Mounting Bolts

Tighten the governor’s mounting bolts with a screwdriver. You can adjust the tension by twisting them clockwise or anticlockwise. The former will produce more force while the latter will release some. 

Tightening the Big Cable Screw

Raising the tension of the mounting bolts will increase the vehicle’s top speed while lowering it will reduce its top speed.

To adjust a clutch cable governor, you must first find the nut that secures the wire to the throttle pedal. 

Keeping it in position with the screwdriver, tighten the big cable screw. A more comprehensive cable means a faster cart, so rotate the nut anticlockwise to lengthen it. You can slow down the car by twisting the screw clockwise.

How to Remove the Governor from the Golf Cart

There’s nothing to worry about if you want to remove the governor from the Golf Cart. Easy and precise steps to remove the governor from the golf cart are below.

  • Detaching the Wire

Pull the wire away from the throttle body. Straw-thin, the wire can be easily concealed. Pulling on it should be enough, but you can do it with the help of a screwdriver as well.

  • Finding the Governor

Find your way to the governor via cable. The governor is often placed atop the motor. You can find the carburetor with this method as well.

What you’ll need to do is cut the cable at the governor spring when you’ve located it. This cable is disposable, or you can keep it for future use.

  • Redirecting the Wiring

You need to redirect the wiring for the gas pedal from the governor to the carburetor. Even after you’ve removed the governor, you may want to fine-tune the gas pedal settings.

  • Taking the Bolt Out

Take the bolt out of the gas pedal rod using your hammer. Increase the gas pedal’s flexibility in terms of sliding the shaft upwards. First, attach the bolt and ignite the cart. The gas pedal rod may require multiple adjustments before it’s right for you.


Remember that you must be very careful while conducting these steps with the governor of your golf cart. Any mistake might cause damage to the engine. In addition, the replacement of the engine will cost you more.

You can increase your cart’s speed by removing the governor or turning it off. But try to be careful while you conduct the processes of the Yamaha golf cart governor bypass described in the article. 

Hope you have got the answer to your question from this article. Careful steps and proper maintenance will help you to use your golf cart as per your wish. Happy Riding!

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