EZGO Golf Carts Starts to Move and Then Stops- How To Fix?

The EZGO golf carts can be a good companion for your golfing session, but things can get worse if it starts having issues. Many users worldwide have stated a common issue of the EZGO golf carts starts to move and then stops suddenly. 

Reason behind EZGO golf carts starts to move and then stops can be low voltage and damaged solenoid. Also, improper battery port connection, loose F/R switch wires, battery leakage can also be the culprit.

But no worries as the troubleshooting methods are available as well to get rid of it. The discussion below will focus on this, and with its assistance, hopefully, you can fix your EZGO golf cart. 

Troubleshooting and Fix for EZGO Golf Cart Starts to Move Then Stops

In the golf cart, numerous devices work side-by-side to make sure the vehicle is operated safely and faultlessly. 

Even if there is a malfunction in one of those devices, it can lead your cart to a sudden stop. In such a situation, check all those running devices to find the faulty device and its location.

Once you get to know about the actual reason and fault location, it becomes easier to act according to that. 

Now, the probable reasons behind this sudden stop, along with the troubleshooting and fixes according to that are as follows: 

1. Damages in Solenoid Cable and Coil 

A solenoid is an electromagnetic switch that is the main particle behind the movement of the cart. 

It is the combination of a coil, plunger, and cable, and damage in this part can lead the cart to suddenly stop after getting started. 

If there are some issues regarding the solenoid, either the cable or the coil, there must be an indication. 

When the cart stops, you will hear a clicking noise coming out of the solenoid, and it will keep coming till the cart is on. 

In such a situation, the steps you should take are:  

  • Replace the solenoid cable first before it causes more damage to the solenoid and the EZGO golf cart. 
  • Check the solenoid connections if replacing the solenoid cable didn’t work, and make sure that the proper connection is established. 
  • When none of the above solves the chattering issue, take the cart to any repair shop, and replace the solenoid. 

2. Low Voltage Issue 

Low voltage can also be the reason behind your EZGO cart refusing to start or getting stopped suddenly after the start. 

If the voltage level of the cart batteries is low, and you try to start the vehicle at that period, excess amperage might occur. 

Whenever this happens, it will lead the controls to return to thermal cut within no time. Then the cart will stop moving right away, no matter whether you just started it a while ago. 

To avoid such situations, make sure the batteries are fully charged before you hit the start switch of the cart.  

3. Buildup of Dirt Near the Battery Ports 

Improper connection at the battery ports is another reason this issue appears. Dirt accumulation throughout the battery ports prevents the connection between the batteries and the control panel. 

Because of this, your EZGO golf cart can suddenly stop as the switch ignites a bit in the beginning and then goes off. 

To eliminate the dirt, debris, or sand, open up the terminal covers, and brush away those particles carefully. 

4. Fluid Leakage from Batteries 

A damaged battery can also be the culprit behind the sudden stoppage of your golf cart even after a decent start. 

Now, the indication of the damaged batteries can be various, and fluid leakage is one of those. That’s why, if the cart stops suddenly, check the batteries as soon as possible. 

In such a scenario, replace the faulty battery right away from which the fluid is coming out.  

Expert Tips to Prevent EZGO Golf Cart Starts to Move Then Stops in the Future

Once this unwanted issue attacks your EZGO golf cart, fixing the issue is the only possible way. But what you can do after is to take the precaution of not letting the same issue appear again. 

Taking those precautions will also enhance the lifespan of your cart. The prevention tips you can apply are as follows: 

Keep the Battery Ports Clean 

Dirt and debris accumulated in the battery ports can make the cart suddenly go off. For prevention, you need to keep the battery ports clean all the time. 

Before you start the cart, make sure the battery ports are clean. Even after finishing the ride, try cleaning those ports whether the ports are dirt-free or not. 

Check the Voltage Level Before Starting the Cart

If you don’t check the voltage level and try powering the cart on while the voltage is low, it’s not going to start. 

Rather, it will start for a bit in the beginning and then go off. If you continuously try to start your cart when the voltage of the batteries is low, it will have a harmful impact on the entire cart. 

Because of that, whenever you are about to ride the golf cart, check the voltage level, and make sure the battery is fully charged.  

Go Easy with the F/R Switch and Check it Before Riding the Cart

The F/R switch, also known as the Forward and Reverse Switch, is a crucial part of the cart. 

Sometimes, there might be a loose connection in the switch while you are starting the vehicle. It won’t be a wise idea to repeat this mistake regularly as it can permanently damage the switch. 

So, try not to hit the switch roughly all the time, go easy on it, and check the wire connection of the switch before every ride if possible. 

Avoid Loose Electrical Connections

As an electrical cart, the EZGO golf cart has numerous electrical connections in the body. 

Every time you try igniting the switch while there are loose connections, it will keep shutting the cart down. The more this incident keeps happening, the more chance for those electrical connections to get damaged permanently. 

So, for the safety and longevity of your EZGO golf carts, try checking all the electrical connections before every ride. 


After going through the article, some new questions might pop up regarding this issue. Some small doubts might even have stayed unanswered in the article. Now, it’s time to answer some of those most frequent queries: 

Why is my EZGO golf cart chattering but not moving?

If the EZGO golf cart keeps chattering, either the fuse is faulty, or the batteries are damaged. Improper ignition switch connection, damaged solenoid and improper electrical connection are also two of the highly potential reasons. 

Why does my EZGO golf cart slow down after a few minutes?

Your EZGO golf cart can slow down due to various malfunctions. Damaged solenoid, low voltage of batteries, and battery fluid leakage are also the probable culprits. The loose wire connection of the F/R switch can also bring this issue up. 

How to make the batteries of my EZGO golf cart last for a longer period in better condition?

You can keep the batteries in good condition by recharging those regularly. Cleaning the battery chambers routine-wise won’t let any dirt, debris, or sand accumulate. Check the improper or damaged wire connection and change those even if there is a slight error. 

Final Thoughts

Though the EZGO golf cart is practical, effective, and extremely strong, it is not invincible either. It can be affected by various issues, and getting stopped after a solid start is one that many users share. 

The EZGO golf cart starts to move and then stops mainly because of the inner malfunction of the vehicle. As the owner of the cart, you need to stay calm and find out the exact reason behind this unwanted situation. 

Once you are aware of the reason, it becomes easier to take action to fix the cart according to that. At the same time, you also need to take some precautions to prevent this phenomenon from appearing in the future. 

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