Ultimate Guide on Yamaha G16 Golf Cart Engine Upgrade

If you are looking for instructions to upgrade your Yamaha G16 golf cart’s engine, then you are in the right place. The engine is usually restricted from using its full potential for safety purposes. It is very much possible to increase your golf cart’s speed by 10-12 mph by some simple tweaking and upgrades. 

Simple Yamaha g16 engine upgrades like installing a Cold Air Intake, Torque Converter or removing the Governor from the engine can already make your golf cart move faster than usual. Also upgrading the Air Filter and Fuel Filter is also a good way to get more power from your engine.

So if you want to know more about these and get a full instruction on how you can upgrade your Yamaha G16 golf cart’s engine to get more power out of it. You can follow this article and get a clear idea on every necessary aspect of the upgrade.

Yamaha G16 Engine Upgrade

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Yamaha G16 Engine Upgrades?

You might want to know the correct way to upgrade the engine without doing it any harm. To keep the efficiency of the engine the same while tweaking some parts of it needs proper knowledge. 

You don’t want to ruin the engine while doing anything, so these are the tweaking and modifications you should do to your cart’s engine to get more power and speed out of it. 

  • Remove the Governor from the engine.
  • Cold Air Intake installation.
  • Torque Converter installation.
  • Upgrading the Air Filter.
  • Upgrading the Fuel Filter.

Remove the Governor from the engine

The Governor usually limits the top performance of the engine for the safety of the engine. So, removing the governor can make the engine produce more power that will give the golf cart more speed.

To remove the governor, you have to locate the carburetor. After that detach the cable from the carburetor and follow the cable up to the governor and detach the governor spring.

Disconnect the gas pedal shaft from the governor and attach it to the carburetor. Adjust the gas pedal shaft if needed afterwards. Removing the governor won’t cost you anything unless you get that done from a workshop.

Cold Air Intake installation

Installing a cold air intake to the engine helps the airflow and lets more relatively cool air pass into the engine. So, the engine can burn more fuel and produce more power. It also prevents overheating issues of the engine.

For installation, firstly make sure the engine is not heated and then remove the battery cable. After that attach the coupling from the CAI kit to the intake body by tightening a hose clamp.

Attach it to the engine by sliding the intake in the engine bay. Now tighten the coupling on the other side and secure all the brackets. Plug the MIF sensor to the cold air intake and enjoy the new system.

You can get a cold air intake for around $300-$450 from online stores.

Torque Converter installation

Installing a torque converter is a popular engine upgrade. It will definitely make your Yamaha G16 engine generate more power.

A torque converter is installed between the engine’s flexplate and transmission. It takes the produced torque from the engine and multiplies it to the transmission.

The produced torques are multiplied by the converter’s gear ratio. So if you get a converter with a 3:1 ratio, you will get three times more torque that is generated from the engine to the wheels.

You can get a torque converter from any renowned golf cart manufacturing company near you. 

Usually a torque converter costs anywhere between $150 to $300. But if you include labor cost then it can go up to $600.

Upgrading the Air Filter

Air filters remove the impurities of the air that your engine is getting. An old air filter can cause the engine to overheat. So changing the air filter can boost up your engine’s performance.

You can find the air filter housing right beside your engine. Unclip the housing cap and remove the old air filter. If your air filter is dirty and you can see dirt coming off while shaking, then it is time to change it.

Put a new air filter on the housing and then put the cap in place and clip it. The new air filter is now installed. A new air filter for the Yamaha G16 can cost you between $30-$50.

Upgrading the Fuel Filter

The fuel filter removes any dirt that comes with the fuel. This allows the engine to get clean fuel and run smoothly.

The fuel filter goes from the fuel tank to the carburetor. You have to remove it from the carburetor side. There is an arrow that indicates the carburetor side.

Then you have to loosen the hoses on the clamp and remove the old filter. Then replace it with a new fuel filter and put the clamp on the carburetor again.

Tight the hoses and the fuel filter is changed.  You can get a new fuel filter for around $40-$50.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We believe we have covered every important aspect of your Yamaha G16 golf cart’s engine upgrade. So now we will try to answer some frequently asked questions on the internet related to your query. 

How long will it take to upgrade my Yamaha G16 engine?

If you decide to do every installation yourself then it can take a couple of weeks. But if you give the cart in a workshop for the modifications then they won’t take more than 3-4 days. 

Do I need other modifications when upgrading my Yamaha G16 engine?

We don’t believe you need to do any other modifications to increase the performance of your engine. But if you need any other modifications regarding your needs then it is totally up to you.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha g16 golf cart have?

The Yamaha G16 golf cart generates a maximum of 10 horsepower at 3600 rpm.

What kind of engine is in a Yamaha G16 golf cart?

The Yamaha G16 golf cart has a 301cc engine with four strokes and single cylinder.  


If you have read this far then we believe you have already learned everything you need to know to upgrade the engine of your Yamaha G16 golf cart. 

Following all the instructions on this article will definitely make your engine produce more power and boost up the speed of your golf cart. 

But keep in mind, to get more efficiency and power every time you drive the golf cart, you also need to maintain the engine.

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