5 Signs of Bad Brushes in Golf Cart Motor & Troubleshooting

An overheated motor, clicking sound, and excess sparking are some of the most common signs of bad brushes in golf cart motor. Other noticeable symptoms include poor acceleration and smoke that may come out from the motor. 

There is no need to start scratching your head after observing these signs! Because here, we have come up with some troubleshooting tips as well, helping you get rid of the issue once and for all. So let’s dive straight in! 

5 Signs of Bad Brushes in Golf Cart Motor & Troubleshooting

Common Signs of Bad Brushes in Golf Cart Motor 

Based on our observation, the majority of symptoms of a bad brush in golf carts can be noticeable by considering the motor’s condition. Let us describe each sign to help you know when the brush turns bad, or it is getting worse: 

Motor Smokes or Overheats

Motor Smokes or Overheats
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In general, the motor of the golf cart is not prone to get overheated, even if you use it on a frequent basis. That being said, issues with overheating will be noticeable when the brushes turn bad. As a result, the motor cannot offer a swift and smooth ride. 

In addition to that, when the brushes get worn out, smoke may come out from the motor from time to time. In fact, brush housings might appear to be melted or burned as well if the case is too serious! 

Unexpected Noise 

Unexpected Noise 

Have you noticed a kind of “clicking sound” coming from the motor? If so, then probably it has happened to the faulty brushes. It will also lead to the motor not working in the way it requires!



Poor-conditioned brushes fail to make a decent connection between the engine and the commutator. And thus, it causes serious sparks around the compartments of the motor.

Consequently, the motor starts getting drastically damaged day by day, especially if you delay in fixing the issue. 

Poor Response 

Poor Response 

Chances are you are noticing very slow acceleration while operating the golf cart. Or let’s say it is responding inappropriately. No matter what, both of these are occurring for the worn-out brush. 

Furthermore, defective brushes will also decrease the overall power output. Because motor brushes are liable to transfer the power to the wheels produced by the battery. 

So if there is anything wrong with the brush, the golf cart may end up with reduced power. Besides, it causes complications during the motor start-up. 

Dusty Brush

Dusty Brush
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The possible signs mentioned above are quite mechanical and cannot be experienced through the eyes.

But this one is considered a visible symptom. Here, you may notice the brush contains excessive amounts of dust mostly noticeable around the motor area. 

And that is how brushes progressively become worse day by day! 

Troubleshooting Bad Brushes in Golf Cart Motor

There is no need to get a panic attack after getting familiar with the above signs. Because most of those issues can be fixed by yourself, although a few require additional support from professionals. So let us walk you through the troubleshooting methods: 

Regular Maintenance 

Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping something tidy and clean, and the golf cart motor brushes are no exception!

You must be well aware of cleaning the compartments of the motor on a daily basis, and make sure whether there is anything unusual stuck or not. 

In addition to that, you can take assistance from a piece of bristle brush with an air blower. These will help you eliminate debris and dust around the commutator and brushes, which results in enhancing the lifespan of motor brushes. 

Note that the commutator is where the brushes and the motor form an attachment. So chances are it is faulty that causes a negative impact on the brushes’ performance.


In most cases, you cannot repair the damaged brushes of the golf cart motor. In this case, replacement is the only way to go!

So in case you find them worn out, even after cleaning properly, visit the golf equipment store right away. 

Depending on the motor of your golf cart, the type of brushes will be varied. So do not rush, and take necessary online support while needed. 

Experts’ Consultation 

Even after trying all the nooks and crannies mentioned above, are you still failing to solve the problem?

Well, there is also a chance that you cannot locate the actual point of error. In that case, do not think twice to consult professionals who will guide you through proper observation.

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For being the technical object of a golf cart motor, the brushes might act abnormally, even after not being damaged. Let us share some more queries on them to help you earn more education:

Can You Prevent The Golf Cart Motor From Sparking To Keep Brushes Safe?

Several effective methods are available to prevent unnecessary sparking from the golf cart motor. These include keeping the motor clean, reducing excess load, lubricating the motor, and adjusting the brushes properly with the motor. 

What Makes Golf Cart Motor Brushes Bad?

Improper maintenance has always been the prime reason why the brushes of a golf cart motor turn bad. Besides that, aging, irregular voltage, and mechanical issues can cause brushes’ to wear out. 

Is There Any Way To Know If The Motor Of My Golf Cart Can Be Better? 

In case you notice slow acceleration and a less responsive golf cart, possibly the motor is having something wrong. Including the brushes, inspect each of the components related to it pretty carefully. 

How Much Should I Spend On Replacing The Bad Golf Cart Motor Brushes?

Depending on the model of your golf cart, the replacement cost will vary. Besides, it also depends on the type of brushes you need to purchase. But generally, these can be available for around 45-50 dollars. 

Final Words 

Fortunately, the possible signs of bad brushes can easily be noticed in your golf cart motor, even if you have basic knowledge.

But it does not mean you should jump into the replacement immediately after locating the actual issue!

Because sometimes, a slight clean-up can solve the problem completely without any expenses. We’d prefer to consult your nearest automotive expert in case you notice the above signs.

Reference: https://www.golfcartking.com/blog/troubleshooting-problems-with-a-golf-cart-electric-motor/

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