How Do You Know Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart Battery Size?

Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Carts are great in many ways, like getting around your neighborhood or roaming. Imagine one day your Yamaha golf cart stops operating, and you discover the battery needs to be replaced.

So, how do you know what battery size is perfect for your Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart? The size of the battery entirely depends on the model year you have. You can look at your Yamaha manual or ask a local expert, but the standard size is 12 Volts.

Electric and Gas Golf cart batteries have different potentials, so the same battery cannot be used in both. While replacing your batteries, you can get confused about which one you should use. Read the entire article and find out your answer.

Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart Battery Size

What Is the Yamaha drive gas golf cart battery size?

Most of the gas golf carts have between 12 and 16 Volts batteries which is the average. But Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart requires 12 Volts batteries to operate.

You will need four 12 Volts, so the output power matches at least 1800 Amps at 48 Volts. Per 12 Volts delivers a maximum of 600 Amps.

Let’s look at voltage and power draw requirements for your Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart Battery.

Yamaha Drive (Gas) Golf Cart Batteries Voltage

Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart has two models. One is made for 36 Volts, and another one is 48 Volts.

But both have the same battery capacity, a maximum of 6 batteries with 8 volts. Using a 12-volt battery, you will need four for 48V models and three for 36V models.

But we never recommend using 8-volt batteries. The Ideal size is 12-volt batteries. Many of you can ask why 12 volts batteries instead of 24 volts. We will discuss it below now.

Reasons for Using 12 Volt Battery instead of others

Durability is something everyone looks for in terms of extended usage. If we compare 6V or 8V battery with 12V, 12 Volt battery has the most moderate amperage.

24V is on the higher side, so a 24V battery might discharge faster. Another positive side of 12 Volt batteries is that they have slightly smaller dimensions.

So, they are easy to carry while replacing. 12 Volt batteries have six lids, whereas others have three and sometimes four caps.

Yamaha Gas Golf Cart is a powerful machine that requires medium voltage and high power delivery.

Six and Eight Volt batteries cannot deliver that correctly, and 24V is expensive for one battery. Besides, you cannot use two 24V batteries on 36 Volt models.

12 Volt batteries are expensive, but there is a plus point. Two 12-volt batteries will cost the same as one 24-volt. So, when one 24V needs replacement, you will need to spend a lot of money.

But if only one 12V battery is terrible, you will pay only half. Also, 12V battery wires are cost-efficient.

What Batteries Are Compatible With Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart Battery?

Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart is compatible with almost every battery as long as it matches the voltage and power delivery.

However, there are some recommendations for performance and longer usability. Here are some battery options (different Voltage) that you can use with your Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart. 

  • Trojan T875 8V / T-105 6V
  • UPG UB12350 U1 12V
  • VMax ML35 12V
  • Lifeline GPL 8DL 12V
  • ExtraPower 12V

These batteries will cost you between $45 to $80 max. But if you want premium quality batteries and you have a higher budget, then you can buy Duracell 6-12V batteries for your Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart.

Does it matter what size battery you put in the Yamaha drive Gas Golf Cart?

There are many factors in choosing the correct battery size for your Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart. Because lower voltage will affect performance and higher voltage will drain the battery faster. 

So, the battery capacity should be moderate to maintain a balanced performance which will eventually help your Yamaha Drive (GAS) Golf Cart’s battery last longer.

A 48 Volt system can deliver a maximum of 1800 Amps. Your Yamaha Gas Golf Cart’s mileage will depend on the battery configuration.

If you want better mileage, use lower voltage; higher voltage is preferred if you need more carry power.

Size doesn’t matter, but performance does. We will discuss different-sized batteries for Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart so you can understand better.

6V Battery Facts

The lowest voltage will provide the highest mileage because the battery drains slower. You will need eight 6 Volt batteries for that.

You can never combine batteries. You have to use a specific voltage for all batteries. Eight 6 Volt batteries will deliver the lowest power output that will drain the battery slower.

The Gas Golf Cart will accelerate slower, but the mileage will be extended. To recognize a 6V battery, you will notice three lids on top containing 6-volt cells.

8V Battery Facts

If you use 8 Volt batteries, you will require Six of them to maintain performance. As voltage increases, the output power draw also goes higher.

As a result, you will get slightly better acceleration than 6 Volt batteries, but a charge will also drain faster in comparison.

These batteries have four lids on top, each containing 2-volt cells, making up 8-volt batteries.

12V Battery Facts

Some of us look for performance, and some look for mileage depending on usage category. But most of us search for moderate performance and balanced mileage as it’s more convenient.

And experts suggest that the best suitable battery for Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart is a 12 Volt.

12 Volt batteries will provide almost 1800 amps that match your Gas Golf Cart’s requirements, making the maintenance easy.

Also, the wiring cost is much more efficient. It takes less space and is easy to replace, so it’s the first choice for regular users.

24V Battery Facts

We never prefer a 24 Volt battery for Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart unless you are using it for fast pace work like going from one corner to another on a golf court.

It is okay for 72 Volt Carts, but Yamaha Drive supports a  maximum of 48 Volts. So, using a 24 Volt battery will drain your battery faster, and the lifespan will be shorter than average.

And when any maintenance is required, it becomes challenging because of the cost. Besides, 24 Volt batteries are not as durable as 12 Volt.

What happens if I use the wrong battery in the car?

As we discussed, a wrong-sized battery between 6-12 or 24 Volts won’t damage your Yamaha Gas Golf Cart.

But it will affect the battery’s health and performance. Here are some consequences of using the wrong-sized battery:

  • If you use lower voltage batteries, then the performance will be slower. Lower voltage with high amperage will drain the battery faster, even with low performance.
  • High voltage batteries will give you more performance but at a higher power consumption cost.
  • Repair and maintenance are easier on 12V batteries. So, if you use other batteries, it might become more complicated.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Even though we tried our best to answer all your questions, some of your common questions relating to Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Carts are given below.

How do You know what battery is needed for a Yamaha drive gas golf cart?

You can determine your Yamaha Gas Golf Cart’s battery size or type in many ways. For instance, you can go to a local expert who will tell you what battery you need depending on the model.
There is also a manual that comes with your Gas Golf Cart. You can find battery type in that manual.

How many batteries are in a Yamaha Drive golf cart?

Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart doesn’t have a specific number for battery space. It is more like how you are going to use that space.
The maximum capacity is eight 6 Volt batteries, and higher voltage batteries take more space than smaller ones. Usually, Two 12V batteries are enough.

How long do Yamaha Drive golf cart batteries last?

The time will depend on the output power of your battery. Higher voltage batteries deliver more power output (amps), resulting in more powerful acceleration but reduced mileage or less time.
But the average mileage is 12-35 miles depending on your Yamaha Drive Golf Cart’s battery efficiency.

Is a Yamaha Drive battery the same as a car battery?

Only 12V batteries are the same as car batteries. Cars require more power than a Gas Golf Cart.
You can use a lower voltage battery on a Yamaha Drive Golf Cart, but you can’t use a lower than 12V battery on a car. So, there is a common voltage battery, but not all are the same.

How much does a battery for a Yamaha Drive golf cart cost?

The available or regular tier batteries for Yamaha Drive Golf Cart costs around $45 to $80, depending on the voltage. Lower voltage costs are lower in price.
But if you need a certified premium battery, you can buy Duracell 12V, which will cost you about $140.

Do you have to use distilled water in Yamaha Drive golf cart batteries?

Although tap water works just as well, it is advised if distilled water is unavailable. A battery won’t require water to be supplied continuously after loading it. Leaving the golf cart idle for more than two months can shorten the battery life.
But normal water can contain bacteria that are not good for your Yamaha Golf Cart’s battery. So, we always recommend distilled water.


If you are considering replacing or adding new batteries to your Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart, be aware of the size (volt and amps). For example, every 12 Volt battery has the same dimension, so you don’t need to worry about it.

The essential thing you must notice and follow is capacity. That means matching voltage and amps according to your Yamaha Drive Model. We want you to be safe and travel around efficiently.

That’s why we suggested a 12 Volt battery, but if you are going to use it in a different case, then you can configure it by your demand. We hope you found all your answers, and if you didn’t, feel free to ask more or reread the article.

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