Newport 2 Vs 2.5: Which Golf Putter Should You Choose?

Finding golf putters can be confusing as there are huge options available. Among these vast options, Scotty Cameron is known for making some of the best putters out there. But, when you select a putter between Newport 2 and 2.5, you can have a hard time deciding. So, what is the difference between Newport 2 Vs. 2.5?

The design of the neck on the club head is what most distinguishes Newport 2.5 putters from Newport 2. The Newport 2.5 putter has a more modern flowing neck style, whereas the Newport 2 putter has a plumber’s neck.

So, if you are searching for the difference between these two putters and are confused about which one you should buy, we are here to guide you through.

Overview Of Newport 2 putter

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is a great-feeling club that is well-balanced and smooth. 

The classic Newport 2 blade has a mid-milled face design, a smoother, narrower topline, a revised plumbing neck for a wider perfect spot, and improved stability. It also has a red dot theme which looks nice and aggressive

Overview Of Newport 2.5 putter

The Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2.5 offers a luxury feel and a traditional design, choosing refinement over significant modifications. 

With a slanted neck and a more prominent sweet spot than most other putters, it delivers a comfortable tri-sole design that is inspired by tour putters. You will also receive fantastic feedback from this putter.

Newport 2 vs 2.5: Comparison Table

Down below, we will compare all the differences between Newport 2 and Newport 2.5. This will help you quickly compare these two putters to find the best one for you.

CriteriaNewport 2Newport 2.5
OffsetFull shaft¾ shaft
MOIMedium HighHigh
Toe FlowMediumHigher
Sweet SpotStandardLarger

What Are The Differences Between Newport 2 vs 2.5?

You have already seen the primary differences between Newport 2 and 2.5. However, it is crucial for you to know these differences in detail before you can make your final decision. So, keep on reading to know more.


Offset putters often assist players in maintaining their hands in front of the ball at contact and encourage less wrist breakage.

The Newport 2 has a full shaft offset, while the 2.5 has a 3/4 shaft offset. An offset putter’s club head is placed further away from the ball’s location than the shaft is. 

This suggests that right-handed people are more likely to strike the ball farther left if their offset is greater. The increased offset will probably cause lefties to smash the ball more to the right. 

A lower offset, on the other hand, suggests that you will strike the ball further in the middle. As a result, your preferred offset will depend on your playing style.

Toe Flow

Another key aspect of putters is toe flow. The putter’s toe flow is determined by the manner in which the neck or shaft connects to the tip.

Generally, golfers with curving strokes will benefit from higher toe flow because these players are likely to spin the face open and close more frequently during the stroke.

The Newport 2.5 has a higher toe flow than the Newport 2. So, if you have more arcing strokes, then the 2.5 putter is better for you. However, Newport 2 putters are a better choice if you have lower arcing strokes.


The MOI of a golf club basically measures how likely it is to twist upon contact. A club with a lower MOI is much more likely to twist, while one with a higher MOI is far less likely to do so. 

In terms of MOI, Newport 2.5 comes with a higher MOI than Newport 2. More MOI translates into more forgiving off-center impacts.

The putter will be more steady the greater the number. Therefore, Newport 2.5 is a better option if you want a more steady and forgiving putter.

Sweet spot

The sweet spot on a putter is the area where your placing stroke is transmitted most efficiently.

Or, to put it another way, the location where your golf ball will be struck cleanly and accurately without any deviation from the putter tip. 

Putters with wider sweet spots can hit the ball better on impact and provide better control.

So if you want a putter with an extra large sweet spot, then Newport 2.5 is an excellent choice.


You will also find a difference in the neck design between these putters from Scotty Cameron. The Newport 2.5 putter has a more modern flow neck style, whereas the Newport 2 putter has a plumber’s neck. 

Both the shaft offsets and toe flow of the putter are determined by the position and design of the neck. Compared to the Newport 2, the 2.5 putter’s slant neck causes the shaft to connect a bit more forward.

In contrast, the Newport 2’s neck design gives the player a great vision of the ball as they line up their stroke.

Newport 2 vs 2.5: Which Golf putter To choose?

When the Newport 2 is compared with the Newport 2.5, the Newport 2.5 will give you much better performance than the regular 2 version putter. With 2.5, you will have more forgiveness, along with an excellent wider sweet spot. 

This will ensure that you get the best control and performance. Moreover, this is the best putter for you if you have a higher swinging arc.

On the other hand, if you have a lower swinging arc and you do not care much about forgiveness, then the Newport 2 can be a good choice for you.


This section is all about Faqs, as after reading our comparison between Newport 2 and 2.5 so far, you might have some questions. Thus, below, we will answer these questions to clarify your confusion further.

Which putter is more forgiving: Newport 2 or Newport 2.5?

The Newport 2 has a medium-high MOI, while the Newport 2.5 has a high MOI for these two clubs.
If you have trouble launching the ball in the middle of the clubs, the Newport 2.5 is a better choice since it will be a little more forgiving.

Are Newport 2 and 2.5 both beginner friendly?

Yes, both of these putters come with a beginner-friendly design. They follow the same overall aesthetics and are easy to control, even for beginners. Beginners, as well as professional golfers, will have a good time playing with them.

Is Newport 2 and 2.5 face balanced?

The Newport 2 blade has a soft tri-sole construction for a simple setup and performance-balanced tungsten bottom weights for a bigger sweet spot and long-term stability.
As a result, it is better balanced than Newport 2.5, which you could perceive to have a little heavier toe.

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