Snell MTB Black Vs MTB X: Find the Perfect Golf Ball For You

When the Snell MTB Black vs MTB X first came out, wasn’t it difficult to choose which one to purchase? You must have thought about the specs for a while before making your decision. Still, making a choice might be challenging. Let’s start with their core differences.

The core difference between the Snell MTB Black and the MTB X is their feel and spin rates. MTB X gives a firmer feel and lower spin rate than MTB Black. Difference also lies in distance and control. MTB Black offers more control over flight whereas MTB X crosses a longer distance. 

No worries; we will explain their difference in detail so you can make a decision. Keep reading to find out more!

Snell MTB Black Vs MTB X

Overview Of Snell MTB Black Golf Ball 

The Snell MTB Black is designed to provide a low compression core and to give you a softer feel. The compressor core is 7% lower than average which creates low spin rate.

Thanks to the mantle layer, it flies at a fast speed. And that also makes it easy to have more control over and attain accuracy.  

This ball has a 3-piece construction that masters in providing the best experience. The outer cover is made of urethane and it aims to generate short game control.

And it also helps with durability and gives you a softer feel. You can notice the 360 dimple pattern all over the ball.

The goal of this feature is to provide low lift and low drag aerodynamics which gives you a better control over the flight. That means there will be no chance of ballooning on windy days. 

For the performance, its main goal is to give you more accuracy and more spin control.

And because of the design, it is meant to provide lower spin rate and fly on a straight track. At the same time, it’s also capable of crossing a longer distance. 

The Snell MTB Black is one of the most affordable balls in the market. For $34.99, you’ll get 1 dozen balls. 

Overview Of Snell MTB X Golf Ball 

The Snell MTB X has a smaller core and the compression rate of this ball is higher. And its mantle layer is much thicker which is designed to give you a firmer feel. The purpose of it is to create mid iron spin and approach shot spin. 

This ball also has a 3-piece construction with synthetic core, mantle layer and a cast urethane cover.

The cover gives you a soft feel on short irons and around the green too. At the same time, it offers great durability as well. 

MTB X comes with refined aerodynamics. This one also has 360 dimple patterns all over the ball aiming for low lift and low drag. That will prevent it from ballooning in the wind and give you enough control. 

When it comes to performance, its primary goal is to cross the longest distance. As it has a higher compression rate, it also gives you higher ball speed and faster swing speed. And the smaller core generates even lower driver spins. 

Despite the slight differences in different aspects, the price for the Snell MTB X is the same as the Snell MTB Black. You’ll get 1 dozen of MTB X for just $34.99. 

Snell MTB Black Vs MTB X Golf Ball: Quick Comparison Table

Snell MTB Black and MTB X both of these golf balls are intended to give you the taste of a premium feel while playing.

There are a few minute variations between them, and those will determine which one is best for you. Have a look at this chart to compare the two models:

Criteria   Snell MTB Black       Snell MTB X
Construction         3 Piece           3 Piece   
Distance     Long Distance Maximum Distance    
Feel           Softer             Firmer    
Spin          Low              Lower    
Compression           70-80           85-90   
Price/Dozen          $34.99           $34.99    

What Are The Differences Between Snell MTB Black and MTB X Golf Balls?

Snell MTB Black and MTB X both are quite similar in specifications. But the differences between them can have an unexpected impact on your whole performance. That’s why it’s important to learn how their differences impact your performance. 



The Snell MTB Black and MTB X are slightly different in terms of design. Both of them have 3-piece construction where they have a synthetic core, a mantle layer, and a cast urethane cover. 

The mantle layer on MTB Black is comparatively softer than the one on MTB X. This soft layer helps you have more control and create more spin on short game shots. 

On the other hand, the firm layer of the MTB X helps you achieve higher ball speed, but it causes less spin. But that means it can cross a long distance. 


Because of its construction, MTB Black aims to help golfers achieve more control and be more precise around the green. 

MTB Black also performs well on windy days. It’s because the low driver spin makes sure the shots are flying on a straight track. 

MTB X is designed to cross longer distances with its firm mantle layer and bigger smaller core. Its high compression rate helps you achieve high ball speed and faster swing speed. 


The compression rate of the MTB Black 70-80. This range of compression makes it possible for you to create more spin. Even at a slower swing speed, it feels quite responsive and can cross a good distance.

On the other hand, MTV X has a compression rating of 95. This firm and high compression helps your ball cross maximum distance. If your main goal is to achieve the longest distance, MTB X is for you. 


The MTB Black has low driver speed. Because of its softer mantle layer, it can help you produce more spin and control over approach shots and around the green.

If you’re a player with a high swing speed, you can make your ball fly a long distance. 

The primary intention of MTB Black is to give players more control over their performance and to achieve precision. 

When it comes to spin, MTB X has an even lower driver speed. The firm mantle layer helps generate less spin and provides a straight ball flight. 

MTB X is designed to achieve maximum distance. So, if you’re a player with high swing speed, less spin will let your ball cross the longest distance. 

Launch Angle and Speed

Launch Angle and Speed
FactorsMTB Black MTB X
Launch Angle (degrees)29.729.1
Speed (mph)8585 

In the test, MTB Black and MTB X showed a slight difference in launch angle. Though, their speed remained the same. 

The launch angle of MTB X is lower than MTB Black. And that’s why MTB X can fly a longer distance than MTB Black. 

Snell MTB Black or MTB X: Which Golf Ball To choose?

To make the right decision, you need to take a few things into consideration, such as your swing speed, spin preferences, and other factors. 

If you play with a faster swing speed and want your ball to achieve maximum distance, MTB X is going to be the better option for you. Because it creates less spin, and this ball will also make sure you don’t lose the entire control around the green. 

However, when you’re more concerned about the feel and want your ball to generate more spin, MTB Black will be a better choice for you. This ball will let you have full control over the green and help you to be precise with shots. 

Your preference and performance should be the two driving factors behind choosing either MTB Black or MTB X. The balls have subtle differences that will be noticeable due to your playing style and performance. 


You may have been pondering over a few questions regarding whether you should buy MTB Black or MTB X. We tried to answer a few frequently asked questions to make the decision process a bit easy for you. 

Are Snell MTB Black And MTB X Beginner-Friendly Golf Balls?   

Yes, both MTB Black and MTB X are beginner-friendly golf balls. They can help you improve your performance. Since both of them have a comparatively low compression core, they’ll achieve great distance even with slower swings. 

Is Snell MTB Black Or MTB X Better For Players With High Swing Speeds? 

As MTB X has a firmer compression and low spin design, it’ll be better for players with high swing speed. MTB Black is not going to disappoint you, but MTB X is designed to perform better with high swing speed. 

Is MTB X More Durable Than MTB Black?  

Both of these balls have very similar construction. As a result, their durability level is also of the same level. Though, you might find a few more scratches on MTB Black than on MTB X after a couple of shots. It’s because MTB is designed to give you a softer feel. 

Should I Buy The MTB Black Or MTB X?  

This decision totally depends on your preferences. But if you’re having a hard time choosing one, we recommend you buy the test pack. Snell sells a test pack that has two sleeves for each model. You can play with both of them to determine which one is best for you. 

Can MTB Black And MTB X Provide A Premium Experience? 

Yes, absolutely! Both MTB Black and MTB X are manufactured with high-quality materials and well-thought-out designs. They are aimed at giving you the best experience and the best performance. They are often compared to much more expensive golf balls, such as TaylorMadeTP5,  Titleist Pro V1, etc. 

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