Tour Flex Vs Stiff Flex: A Precise Way to See the Difference

The proper shaft flex should be one of your top priorities when selecting a golf club for yourself. This is because the shaft flex affects the swing and will change the distance and trajectory. Thus, which should you choose in the argument between tour flex and stiff flex?

The main difference between these two is that the tour flex is stiffer and better suited to golfers with lower handicaps. On the other hand, the stiff flex is easier for players with a mid-low handicap because it is more flexible than the tour flex. 

Anyway, it is absolutely necessary to find the right flex for your shaft. In this article, we’ll explore everything that will be needed to differentiate between these two. 

An Overview of Tour Flex

Tour flex is an ideal choice for the most experienced golf players. In this way, it is suitable for golfers who have a swing speed above 105 mph.

The shafts with tour flex will also provide the lowest spin with extra distance. It will carry more than 275 yards. 

But with this flex, you may face problems releasing the club and controlling your shots. The shafts with the tour flex will also seem heavier and stiffer than the stiff flex shafts. 

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An Overview of Stiff Flex

Stiff flex is a great choice for golfers with a swing speed closer to 95 mph and not more than 105 mph. It is more flexible but less durable than the tour flex. But it will seem lighter than a tour flex shaft. 

With the driver of a stiff flex, you will be able to drive 275-plus yards. So, this flex will be a good choice for mid to low-handicap golf players. Besides, the stiff flex shafts will also give you low spin and launch. 

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Tour Flex Vs Stiff Flex: Comparison Chart

Without having the correct knowledge, finding the right flex for your shaft may seem very difficult. So, it’s essential to know the tour flex and stiff flex specifications.

Here is a comparison chart highlighting the differences between the stiff and tour flex specs. 

Criteria Tour Flex Stiff Flex
Swing speed105 plus mph95-105 mph
Distance 275 plus yards 250-275 yards
Material Steel  Steel 
Flex Less flexible More flexible 
Durability More  Less  
Feel Heavier Lighter 
Launch Lowest Lower 

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What Are the Differences Between Tour Flex and Stiff Flex?

Though the tour flex and the stiff flex are very similar in some ways, they can also differ in many ways. 

Swing Speed

Swing speed is the first and foremost way to choose a perfect flex for your golf club shaft. The stiff flex is ideal for golfers with a swing speed between 95 and 105 mph, while the tour flex is for players with 105 plus swing speed. 


One of the major differences between tour flex and stiff flex is their carry distance. You must consider a tour flex if you want to get an extra distance. 

Tour Flex can give you a carry distance of 275 plus yards, while stiff flex will cover between 250 and 275 yards. 


A tour flex shaft produces the lowest launch and ball flight than a stiff flex shaft. It’s because if the flex is too stiffer, the shaft will gain extra weight and lose the ball flight and the launch. 

Material: Graphite or Steel

Both the tour flex and stiff flex are available in graphite and steel materials. These two different materials create a very keen difference between them.

Graphite shafts with the tour or stiff flex are lighter and easier to handle than steel shafts. But the steel can make a tour or stiff flex more durable and accurate as well.

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The spin rate of your golf ball will also depend on the flex of the shaft you’re using. Stiff flex can produce more spin than the tour flex. 

So, if you like to generate high-launching shots in the field, stiff flex is the right. Conversely, tour flex will be the best choice for getting lower ball flight. 


Stiff flex shafts will give you a more flexible and comfortable feel than the tour flex shafts. Tour flex irons are harder to manage because of their extra stiffness, weight, and strength.    

Tour Flex vs Stiff Flex: Which Flex to Choose?

Tour flex irons will be a good choice for low-handicap golfers, while the stiff flex irons are great for mid-to-low handicap golf players. Besides, you will probably go with the stiff flex if you have faster swing speeds, around 95 mph to 105 mph.

On the contrary, if you have the fastest swing speed, which is up to 105 mph, you are probably thinking of a tour flex. Moreover, you must go with the tour flex irons to get more resistance and accuracy between the shots. 

So, to choose the right one from these two, you should determine your swing speed. Now that you know all the differences between a stiff flex and a tour flex, it will probably be very easy for you to understand tour vs stiff flex.

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Now you know which flex between the tour and stiff flex is more perfect for you. Here is some additional information about these two flexes to assist you in making your decision.

Are stiff flex shafts good for beginners?

The beginners in the golf world usually come with slower swing speeds. So, the shafts with regular flex will be more perfect than the stiff flex shafts. But if any beginner has a swing speed up to 91 mph, he/she can simply use a stiff flex shaft.

Do tour flex shafts go further?

Yes, the tour flex shafts go further than other golf shaft flexes. But the flex won’t directly affect the clubhead speed. The more you can generate power in your legs and arms, the more clubhead speed you’ll get. 

Which swing speed requires a tour flex?

Tour flex irons are made for the fastest swing speed producers. A tour flex requires up to 105 mph of swing speed. Under 105 mph, I will probably use a stiff flex.

Tour flex vs stiff flex: which one is stiffer?

Between the tour flex and stiff flex, the tour flex is stiffer than the stiff flex. So, it can provide more swings but also reduces control over the shots.

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