PING i210 vs. i500: Find Out Which Iron is Suited for You?

Which PING iron can turn the game towards you and make you a golf pro? There are two recent innovations from the PING industry- PING i210 and PING i500. You can take your game to a modish level by choosing the right PING iron for you.

The core difference between PING i210 and i500 comes in distance and precision. PING i210 offers additional precision with distance control whereas PING i500 provides faster ball speed with a higher distance.

With deep knowledge about these two magical tools in different aspects, you can make the correct choice. PING i210 vs i500, which one is for you depends on your ability and requirement. After reading this article, you can make your choice in a jiffy.

Let’s dig deeper into it.

PING i210 vs. i500

Overview of PING i210 Iron

PING presented the most appealing, clean, and softer-to-touch i210 golf iron model in 2018.

If you are a mid to low handicapper, you will like this golf iron to make the best distance control with a sharper design and balancing shape.

Recently, the popularity of this golf iron is increasing to cavity back players for its precision patented movement.

To play around the field with superior control, golfers love this handy equipment on the club. Now, let’s learn some specific facts in short.

Overview of PING i210 Iron

Overview of PING i500 Iron

PING revealed their i500 golf iron model for fast-faced players who are looking for a distance iron.

With special iron technology, players can boost their precision-paced power by playing with the i500 golf iron.

PING showed up with their metal-wood technology combined with a flexible face and hollow body with this crossover hybrid version.

For advanced players, who like to make some new records with distance and speed, i500 is for them.

Overview of PING i500 Iron

PING i210 vs i500 iron: Quick Comparison Table

There is a strong debate between PING i210 vs i500 for mid to low-handicapper golfers.

Both of them are recent superior innovations for average golf players. So, it needs deep criticism to decide the best one for a player.

Keeping the utmost interest in mind, let’s look over the comparison scheme between these amazing golf irons.

PING i210 vs i500 iron: Quick Comparison Table

What Are the Differences Between PING i210 and i500?

PING is one of the most renowned golf stuff manufacturers. They build the two most popular models i210 and i500 focusing on special purposes. Though they seem similar as they are from the same brand, there are differences.

The key differences come in their material, distance control, loft, head structure, and technology. Let’s find out the prime functional comparison between PING i210 and i500.


PING i210 Material 
PING i210

PING followed multi-material construction for the i210 manufacturing process. For increased consistency and higher precision, this iron’s body is made of casted stainless steel combined with milled grooves.

But the PING i500 iron’s body is made of traditional 17-4 stainless steel which is hard. It can make it stronger and long-lasting but it needs to compromise accuracy in movement a bit. 

Head Structure

PING i210 head is constructed of 431 stainless steel with inserted softer and big elastomer. This elastomer increases the face contact to create an appealing look and precision move.


On the other hand, the PING i500 has a hollow head and a C-300 maraging steel face to support the flexing on this hollow head.

Iron’s face contact is variable in the case of i500 to increase the distance and speed.


PING has focused on player-friendly construction for the i210 model. If we compare the i210 model of PING with i500, the PING i210 comes with precision-making technology, stable construction, and a strong body.

But i500 is for increasing the playability with stronger loft, higher bending ability, and solid facing.

PING i210 is made of 431 stainless steel cast with a grooves structure making a balanced perimeter weighting. The inserted back cavity and wider port increase the stability when it hits on off-center.

The faces of this golf iron are slightly angled using the soft material. It enhances the feeling while hitting the ball.

Though i210 has stable movement construction, PING i500 increases the balancing and enables players to make more distance, faster ball launch, and higher shots.

Actually, all of this comes with the maraging steel hollow face which lets the player bends the iron five times higher to make a stronger impact.

However, this iron is made of metal distributed evenly and that’s why the PING i500 is more balanced and thinner.

Loft Comparison

Loft Comparison

What is the better loft? It depends on the swing speed and shot angle of a player. If the loft is low, the oblique angle will be low and then players can transfer more energy while shooting the ball.

Lower loft enables even average players to make more distance. Let’s know the loft comparison between PING i210 and PING i500.

PING i500 has a lower loft compared to the PING i210 which means that the PING i500 is stronger. So, PING i500 can send the golf ball further.


Distance i200 vs i500

Between PING i210 and i500, the PING i500 is more popular for knowing the player’s distance.

With the stronger loft, higher length, maraging steel face, and hollow head, this golf iron can make a higher distance. Players can send their ball 185 to 194 yards.

On the other hand, the PING i210 is a bit of a short-distance golf iron. The loft angles and the facing create impact for a shorter distance up to 164 yards compared to i500.

Design and Feel

The debate about the PING i210 and i500 define the sleek and buttery feel of the PING i210 and the softer and richer feel of the PING i500.

The inserted activated elastomer in the i210 blooms a soft, and buttery feel even at energetic impact.

Contrarily, the compact designed PING i500 is for producing higher speed at impact even with a softer feel and louder sound. 


PING i210 has an extra tuning port to enhance perimeter weighting. It increases face contact and has a large insert for swing weight.

The lead edge and sole settle turf interaction so that the precision and workability can reach the premium level. 

On the other hand, the i500 model has the muscle back to easily grip the face which adds dynamic loft.

More than precision, the metal wood technology from i500 offers the reliable ball-hitting chances and premium speed.

PING i210 or i500: which golf iron to choose?

PING i210 vs i500, both are premium additions in the PING golf club industry. With extra benefits, these irons come in the line increasing players’ ability and enhancing their fun on the field.

But which one is better? It depends on the player’s needs and preferences. In this battle, the PING i500 is standing slightly ahead for its lower loft, modified club face, increased ball speed, and improved distance.

The high handicappers, who like to play with high with low spin ball launches and make the long distance, prefer PING i500 more.

PING i210 has its own popularity for classic design, improved distance control, extra backspin power, and fair precision patented play.

The low to mid-handicappers like this golf iron the most to get the maximum control over the game.


Do you still have any queries about the PING i210 and i500 models? Here, you will find the answers and clear out even a little confusion in this part to select promptly.

Which one is more forgiving between PING i210 and i500?

PING i210 is more forgiving compared to i500. PING i210 offers average forgiveness for mid-handicappers and more forgiveness for low-handicappers.
But the PING i500 is not known as a forgiving golf iron, rather it is responsible for making the longest distance.

What makes PING i210 popular?

PING i210 is popular among players because it offers the most distance control and accuracy-driven performance.
Players can enhance their ability while plating with this magical golf iron by turning the iron to their desired reach.

How are the PING i500 blades?

The PING i500 is made of forged blades with a maraging steel face. So, this golf iron is actually unforgiving but it is popular for offering incredible power for maximum distance control. By hitting on the club face center, golfers can get an exceptionally powerful feel.

What handicap plays the best with PING i210?

From mid handicap to low handicaps players can play the best with PING i210. Using stronger swing control and backed faces, a golfer can make a perfect distance and target as they desire. It increases playability and also workability.

Who can play the best with the PING i500?

PING i500 is better for single-digit handicap to mid-handicap golfers. This golf iron is popular among players with up to 15 handicaps.
For those who love to make long distances with a higher trajectory and super speed, the PING i500 is a perfect match for them.

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