What Size Grips Does Tiger Woods Use? [Unraveling Mystery]

Tiger Woods has been a name for inspiration, especially for new golfers. And that’s perhaps for his distinct use of grip length. So, you aren’t the only one to wonder, “What size grips does tiger woods use?

Tiger Woods uses a relatively larger grip than the standard one. But it is not a midsize grip either. Instead, it is a customized grip that is almost 1/32 inches lengthier than a standard grip. 

Just because that specific grip works for Tiger doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow his grip size and style! Because based on your mechanics and ergonomics, grip requirements differ. So, let’s follow this grip-choosing guide!

What Size Grips Does Tiger Woods Use

Why Does Tiger Woods Use 1/32 Inches Larger Standard Grip? [Source] 

In technicality, Tiger Wood neither uses standard or mid-sized grip. He generally plays with a grip that is 1/32 larger than the standard ones.

It is not mid-grip as it is not ⅛ inches larger than the standard type. And he chooses this specifically sized grip to balance out and control his full body. 

He says such grips that are a bit smaller than his hands help to determine which shots he will play. And with this golf grip, he gets to secure the grip and position the club properly. 

Here is a video of how he makes distinct positions of his thumb on such a smaller-sized grip:

What Brand of Grip Does Tiger Wood Use?

Throughout his career, he has used mainly two brands of grips; one is Scotty Cameron, and the other is TaylorMade.

Having said that, in terms of materials or different units of grip, he has sometimes used combined brands models as shown below:

CriteriaBrand Models
Driver 2023TaylorMade Stealth Plus (9°, Fujikura Ventus Black 6 X shaft)
Woods 2023TaylorMade SIM TitaniumTaylorMade M3
Irons 2023TaylorMade P770
Grips 2023Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord 58R
Wedges 2023TaylorMade Milled Grind 3

How to Find the Perfect Golf Size for You? 

What Size Grips Does Tiger Woods Use

Whether you are an amateur or an expert golfer, the wrong grip size can reduce your ability to handle the tricks while playing. So, finding out the ideal length is a must. For that, consider these factors –

Grip Types

Considering grip styles while choosing the undersize, mid, or standard size is a pro move. Grip comes in several types, mainly in corded and rubber varieties. Here is a video for better insights into these types: 

If you want smoothness and degrees while absorbing shock, go for a standard–sized grip with rubber. Because this grip can provide more traction and quick response for both short and long games. 


For golfers who prefer heavy–duty grip, buy the corded one in the mid or standard size. However, the mid-sized with corded thread style can cause slipping. 

Swing Patterns

Swinging from outside to inside can often lead to sidespin, and the ball tends to fade away or turn left to right from the target. 

So, if you want to maintain a straight path or ball flight, switch to smaller-sized grips with an out-in swing pattern. The reduced length can counteract the tendency to hit the sidespin. 

Golfers that prefer inside to outward swing mechanics can hit hooks, and thus the ball curves too far. Increasing the grip size or using a mid to standard-sized grip is better for them. The lengthy grip can promote the ball’s straightened path.

Grip of the Club

If the grip size is too small that you can’t hold it correctly, the club is likely to slip from your hand!

As a result, to build a grip, you’ll securely hold the club. And this tightened grip will lead the ball to hook or fade far away from the target. 

Conversely, too lengthy a grip size won’t allow you to set a tight grip on the club. The club will feel loose toward its edge.

And with such a grip, if you hit the ball, it’ll curve right and left for the right and left-handed golfers respectively.

 To avoid such mistakes in shots, you need to check what type of grip you build with different-sized grips. Once you find out your balance with a grip, buy that one. 

Generally, small-handed golfers should choose smaller to undersized grips. For standard ergonomics, go for mid to standard-sized ones. 

Glove and Hand Size

Choose the standard grip size if your hand is 7 to 8 ¾ inches and the undersized one for hands that measure less than 7 inches.

While buying the undersized or junior grip, make sure it is 1/64 inch smaller than the standard grips. 

If you have hands that are between 8 1⁄4 to 9 1⁄4 inches, a mid-sized grip is ideal for you.

And for larger hands that measure beyond 9 1⁄4 inches, a jumbo grip that is 1⁄8 inch larger than the standard one is preferable. Or else you’ll have a hard time positioning the short or standard-sized grip!

Male golfers that use XL golf gloves, can benefit from midsized or jumbo grips while hitting the ball and straightening its path.

If you use Medium to Large sized gloves, go for standard grips irrespective of your gender. Consider buying undersized grips if your gloves are small to medium-sized.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no doubt that Tiger Woods’s tactics with specific grip sizes amaze most golfers. So, to shape your golfing experience with his techniques and grip info, go through these answers: 

Can Tiger’s grip tactics help me?

If you have smaller hands, using his grip size can provide you with a better grip and control over the club. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce the tendency to hit sidespin and hook shots!

What are the disadvantages of Tiger Woods’ grip?

For newbies, Tiger Woods’ grip length and tactics mightn’t work. Because with his grip, you won’t get proper wrist movement. If you have bad posture, his interlocking grip style isn’t ideal due to the lack of correct positioning of the body. 

What brands of grip did Tiger Woods used to use? 

Tiger Woods used to use the Scotty Cameron Putter until 2016. These grips are lightweight and thin with a Ping PP58 grip. He no longer uses these as a grip, but for putter heads, he sometimes uses Scotty Cameron Pitolini Plus. 


It is pretty obvious to the golfers that Tiger Woods doesn’t use a grip that is ideal according to his height. Instead, he uses an optimized one.

So, if you worry about “what size grips does Tiger Wood use,” the short answer is bigger than standard but smaller than mid-sized grip!

Before trying to imply Tiger’s grip practices, I’d prefer noting down your swing tactics, hand size, and body posture.

Only then you can understand whether his style will suit you or not. And if you are totally new to golf, start with undersized or smaller grips to control the club better. 

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