A Comprehensive Analysis of Wilson Dynapower Irons: Are They Worth the Investment?

Wilson have been launching their Dynapower golf iron series since 1956. In these 67 years, Dynapower irons blessed the golfers many times but the major surprise came on 17 January, 2023. 

In 2023, Wilson came back with the new addition of Dynapower irons which is equipped with a rich collection of modern technologies. At present, these are the longest game improvement irons in the market. 

But, if you are thinking about purchasing a Wilson Dynapower iron, there are many things you should know about. Their features, their specialties, prices and specs are the basics that you must know.

For this, we will evaluate all of these basic parameters of Wilson Dynapower irons in the following review. So, let’s learn! 

Wilson Dynapower Irons

Overview of Wilson Dynapower Irons

Wilson’s new Dynapower irons are the high-quality game-improvement irons. They are extremely long irons and the extra height makes these clubs more consistent and impactful. 

Also, the Wilson Dynapower irons feature lower CG (Center of Gravity) and higher MOI (Moment of Inertia). These characteristics allow golfers to get higher launch and carry distances.   

But the key feature of Dynapower irons will be the A.I. (Artificial Technology) computer technology. 

It helps makers to analyze variable face thickness and shape throughout the club face to ensure maximum forgiveness and ball speed. 

Noticeably, the Dynapower golf clubs are now one of the most user-friendly and mid-handicap clubs in the market. 

Wilson Dynapower Irons: Features, Specs and Price

Wilson Dynapower Irons

While considering a new Dynapower iron, knowing its features and specs is mandatory.

So, let’s take a look at each and every significant features of Wilson Dynapower irons along with their price and specs: 

A.I. Design 

Wilson has proved how old inventions can be brought back in new forms in this modern era with the use of A.I. methods.

The use of advanced Artificial Intelligence allows the engineers to analyze the club head data variations and produce an aesthetic design for the irons. 

It also allows the engineers to combine the variable face thickness and power hole 3.0 technology to make the center and toe faster. Because this is the place of the club where 10+ handicap players strike their 85 percent of shots. 

Variable Face Thickness Technology

Wilson Dynapower Irons

Variable Face Thickness technology is another advancement being added to the newest version of Wilson Dynapower irons.

This is generally a face design in which a specific area of the center of the club face is slightly thicker than the outer perimeter. 

It allows a larger bounce off the center of the face and increases the amount of flex. The VTF design of Wilson Dynapower irons reduces the distance loss and increases the ball flight. 

High MOI 

Two of the best characteristics of Wilson’s Dynapower irons are their forgiveness and resistance to twisting while swinging. The main reason behind these features is high MOI or Moment of Inertia. 

Wilson designed these irons with larger club heads so that more mass can move to the outside of the club head. It allows the irons to twist less, increase the ball speed and provide straighter shots. 

Thus, high MOI makes the Dynapower irons more resistant and more forgiving during hitting from off center of the face. 

Low CG 

Wilson Dynapower irons are always good with distance. They ensure easy launching and longer distance. 

So, another improvement being used in Dynapower irons is low Center of Gravity (CG). It will reduce the spin but increase distance. 

Longer Hosels

Another important feature of Wilson Dynapower irons is that they still have longer hosel as the old golf iron models had. The “hosel” is essentially the part of an iron where the shaft is attached to the club head. 

In the past, the hosels in golf irons were designed to be longer than present. But Wilson still uses this feature for Dynapower irons.

Because, the longer the hosels are, the stronger and smoother the connection between shaft and club head. 

The 6-way adjustable hosels in Dynapower irons also lead to easy spin adjustments and loft.  

Power Holes

Wilson is well-known for the use of Power Holes in their different golf club’s models. They also used three different power holes in their latest Dynapower irons. 

The purposes of using these power holes are to increase the ball speed, maximize the distance, launch and spin rate.

However, the three power holes in Dynapower irons are placed close to the toe, heel, and trailing edge. 

Sound and Feel 

The feel and sound produced by Wilson Dynapower golf clubs are extremely pleasing. Here, the feel pairs exceptionally with the sound that can be described as ‘crispy click’ while hitting the ball.

Therefore, the best thing about the sound of Dynapower irons is that they will sound different and let the golfer know if he/she plays a mis-shot. 

Shaft Options 

Like other game-improvement irons, Wilson Dynapower golf clubs have two basic shaft options: steel and graphite. The graphite shafts are lighter, more flexible, and more pricey than steel shafts. 

But the steel shafts will be more durable, more affordable and less torque. They also offer more feedback for the golfers by clicking loudly and exceptionally. 

Cavity Back

Though the Wilson Dynapower clubs have a traditional appearance, they come with moderate cavity backs like modern cavity back irons. This design gives the club head more stability while off-center strikes. 

It also removes the mass from the center and distributes the weight towards the perimeter. Thus, the cavity back design offers more forgiveness and strong lofts to these Dynapower irons. 

For this, the average or less experienced players can also play a game- improve iron and get better launch angle. 


The speciality of Wilson’s new Dynapower irons is their traditional look and legacy. In 2023, they came back with the same black classical look with red accents. 

Wilson’s retro logo is also inscribed in each Dynapower irons. The moderate top line, optimal offset, and a smoother long hosel are designed to give each club a sleek and powerful vibe.  



Wilson’s Dynapower irons have a strong loft and the length helps to generate enough club head speed over the shots. But the lie angle can cause a flat ball flight which will limit the stopping power. 

The overall specifications of Wilson Dynapower irons are listed in the chart below: 


The price of Wilson’s latest Dynapower irons will depend on the shaft’s materials. In that case, the Dynapower irons with graphite shafts will cost more than the irons with steel shafts. 

On average, the Dynapower irons with graphite shafts will cost $899.99, while steel shaft Dynapower irons are priced around $799.99. 

Who Should Choose Wilson Dynapower Irons?

Wilson Dynapower irons would be a perfect choice for mid to high handicap players. They are made for the game improvement category.

These irons are not only playable but also impressively forgiving that can deliver excellent distance on long shots. 

So, the golfers who are looking to add some extra yards to their game should go with Dynapower irons.

As some extra weight is transmitted to the toe area, it will help to launch the ball straighter and gain more yards. 

Wilson’s new Dynapower irons are also engineered with lower Center of Gravity to produce fastest ball speed and launch.

So, the golfers who need lower spin but have fast swing speed, should definitely go with Dynapower clubs. 


We have already reviewed the basic things about Wilson Dynapower clubs. In this FAQ section, we have listed some more questions and answers for your better understanding regarding Dynapower clubs:  

Does A Wilson Dynapower Iron Worth Money? 

Yes, a Wilson Dynapower iron will definitely be worth money. A Wilson Dynapower golf club has an excellent combination of forgiveness and playability. The club heads made from carbon or titanium and the shafts of steel or graphite also make them durable and user-friendly. 

Do Any PGA Golfers Play Wilson Dynapower Irons? 

Yes, there are many golfers from the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) who play Wilson’s Dynapower irons or other equipment. Some of the most important names to mention will include Kevin Streelman, Gary Woodland, Paul Laurie, Kevin Tway and others. 

What Handicap Range Should Play Wilson Dynapower Irons?

The players with the handicap range of 10-19 should play Wilson Dynapower irons. These are excellent for the average golf player. But it is also designed aesthetically so the lower handicap golfers looking for more distance and forgiveness can also play these irons. 


In the past, Wilson came up with many high performance golf clubs. But their new addition of Dynapower series in 2023 will be the fastest and longest game-improvement iron they ever made. 

Though these Dynamic irons have a premium price tag, they are no less than hybrids and fairway woods. They are long-lasting and high performance clubs made for average and experienced golfers. 

But before buying a Dynapower iron, be sure about your hands range. Otherwise, you may not enjoy your game with this club if you’re not a mid or high handicap golfer.

So, finally, we hope this review has helped you to figure out what you were looking to know about Wilson Dynapower irons. 

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