Titleist Velocity vs Pro V1: Which Golf Ball to Choose?

Have you been thinking of purchasing some golf balls from this renowned brand, notably the Titleist velocity and Pro V1 series? Do you want to know the differences between them? 

The major differences between the Titleist velocity and the pro v1 golf balls are the distances and the launch height. According to this category, Titleist velocity is much better than the Titleist Pro V1 series. Also, Titleist Pro V1 feels much softer at squaring impact than Titleist Velocity golf balls.

These categories aren’t the only defining factors of this debate between two Titleist golf balls. If you wish to know more about them, we advise you to read this article.

Titleist Velocity vs Pro V1

Overview Of Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

More curated toward the newer golf players and the high handicappers, Titleist Velocity balls ensure maximum distance and flight.

Velocity balls are made up of two layers, the outer octahedral dimple design, and the LSX inner core.

LSX inner core helps generate more power with each impact, thus enabling the ball to reach further distances.

In terms of feel and spin, both are pretty low to help players correct their projectile shots.

Overview of Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1 is more performance-centric as its design and feel benefit the player experience. If you want a ball that would boost your game experience, Pro V1 golf balls might do the trick.

The Pro V1 comes with the “Drop-and-Stop” technology, allowing the golfers to control their trajectories more precisely and land on the greens.

Plus, the balls come with an extra soft feel at squaring impact, which is just the cherry on top.

Titleist Velocity vs Pro V1: Comparison Table

Before we proceed to explain the differences and debate about these two Titleist balls, let us quickly take a glance at this comparison table. This table has all the essential data you will require to know about these golf balls.

Titleist Velocity vs Pro V1: Comparison Table

What Are The Differences Between Titleist Velocity vs Pro V1 golf ball?

In this section, we will move forward to explain to you the major differences between them.

Titleist balls are quite similar, but there are subtle differences between them that make them unique, like the Titleist Velocity and Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.

We will be presenting you with some categories in which we have seen that there is a clear winner between the Titleist balls.

After reading this, we believe you will be able to make a sound decision about which ball to purchase for your golfing sessions.

Aerodynamic design

Titleist Velocity vs Pro V1: Aerodynamic Design

Both Titleist Velocity and Titleist Pro V1 golf balls come with an aerodynamic design to benefit the ball’s movement through the air.

Velocity balls have 350 octahedral dimples whereas Pro V1 balls have 388 tetrahedral dimples.

Having more dimples allows lower air pressure behind the golf ball as it compresses the airflow. From this, we can easily deduce that Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are more aerodynamic in nature.

Layers of the golf balls

Layers of the golf balls

Having layers in the golf ball leads to more spin of the ball during its projectile motion.

The Velocity balls are made up of 2 layers. On the other hand, the Pro V1 golf balls seem to be made up of 3 layers.

In this regard, we can say the Titleist Velocity balls are more curated toward high handicappers who have less control over their shots.

They are also designed for players who want to enjoy the game of golf. Pro V1 balls allow the golfers more control over their shots.

Cost of the golf balls

There is a clear winner when it comes to this section. Titleist Velocity golf balls cost 20 dollars less per dozen than Titleist pro v1 golf balls. One reason for the lower cost could be due to their targeted audience.

The velocity golf balls are made for high handicappers who are trying to improve their play or for beginners.

Whereas, Pro V1 golf balls are more well-tuned and are designed for low-handicapper golf players.

customizability of the Titleist golf balls

customizability of the Titleist golf balls

Titleist considers the player’s opinions and allows customizability to the 

Titleist golf balls. However, the customizability is only limited to changing the colors of the balls and imprinting numbers and texts onto the balls.

The Titleist Velocity provides four different ball colors: White, Matte Orange, Matte Blue, and Matte Green. On the other hand, Titleist Pro V1 only provides two colors: White and Yellow.

In terms of this, Titleist Velocity is much better than Titleist Pro V1 as it allows more decorative options for the golf players, increasing the satisfaction factor of the golfers when they purchase the golf balls.

Flight and spin

If you are a new or a highly handicapped golfer, you should purchase the Titleist Velocity golf balls rather than Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.

The reason why we believe Velocity balls are better is that the low spin and high flight of the ball allow more distance and stabilization to the shot.

The verdict changes when the audience changes to the professional golfers. For them, it is best to purchase the Pro V1 balls as they allow the golfer more control over the projectile. 

However, if we had to decide, we would say that Titleist Velocity is much better than Titleist Pro V1 balls, in terms of flight and spin of the ball.

Titleist Velocity or Titleist Pro V1: Which Golf Balls To Choose?

We have reached the conclusion section where we say our last concluding words. We firmly believe that Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are better than Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.

There are multiple reasons for which we believe this. We have discussed multiple factors above that helped us to reach our conclusion.

Certain factors such as customizability, pricing, flight and spin were the most notable ones.

However, this does not mean that Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are bad, at all! They are equally good like the Velocity balls.

But they are more pricey and harder to control. Therefore, we did not choose it over Titleist Velocity Golf Balls.


Even though you have read and understood the full article, there might be some questions lingering in your mind. So, we have prepared frequently asked questions (FAQs) for you. These FAQs will surely clear all your doubts.

How does Titleist Velocity Golf Balls low spin help in improving the shots of highly handicapped golfers?

Low spin in the Velocity Golf Balls means that they will rotate less during their flight. This causes low air pressure to put force on the golf balls, and the golf balls get more lift.
Therefore, we see an increased height in flight, and the ball covers more distance. Lower spin stabilizes the projectile motion, allowing the ball to land on the tee more.

Where can we find the Titleist Velocity and Titleist Pro V1 at a lower price?

There is no particular answer to this. You can look into your local sports shop in the neighborhood and ask them if they are selling it with any discount.
You can also check out the official website of Titleist to see if they availed you of any cut from the original price of the Titleist Golf Balls.

Are the Titleist Golf Balls: Titleist Velocity and Titleist Pro V1 beginner-friendly?

They sure are! However, Titleist Velocity golf balls are more beginner-friendly than Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.
The company, Titleist, has put more effort into making the Velocity balls for high-handicapper players and beginners. Therefore, if you are starting golfing, Velocity Golf balls are a great choice!

Which Titleist Golf Ball has a higher review: Titleist Velocity or Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls?

According to popular websites like Amazon, Titleist Pro V1 has more reviews than Titleist Velocity golf balls. Plus, the percentage of Pro V1 is 10% greater than the Velocity ball ones.
From this, we can deduce that Pro V1 is more appreciated by golf players than Titleist Velocity golf balls.

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