Snell vs Vice Golf Balls: Find the Perfect Golf Ball For You

If you have been playing golf for some time, you already know how a perfect golf ball affects your playing experience. A few characteristics of premium tour quality balls are length, feel, and control. Snell and Vice are undoubtedly at that top grade. But what distinguishes Snell Vs. Vice golf balls from one another?

Snell and Vice are similar in a lot of criteria. But the main difference is the construction; Vice has a four-piece construction compared to 3 piece construction of Snell MTB black. Also, Snell has a better role compared to Vice balls.

So, if you are confused about which golf ball to go for, we are here to help you choose between Snell and Vice.

Overview Of Snell MTB Black Golf Ball

For a golfer with a mid-handicap, the Snell MTB Black is a player-friendly ball that is a terrific option. It is renowned for its extremely long range and little tee-to-green spin.

Because of its urethane cover, which also delivers a superb grip and longevity, this ball has a luxurious appearance and feel.

The urethane cover also makes the ball feel significantly softer than comparable balls in the same price range.

Overview Of Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball

These balls have a matte texture, which you will immediately notice. The Vice Pro balls feature a flattened matte appearance as opposed to the glossy smooth finish of regular balls.

These four-piece balls provide incredible performance from the tee to the green. It employs a very thin cast urethane covering for optimal touch and short game spin.

Snell Vs Vice: Comparison Table

Down below, we will compare Snell and Vice golf balls. Our comparison table will state all the basic differences between them. 

CriteriaSnell MTB BlackVice Pro Plus
Build3 piece4 piece
Aesthetic Glossy finishMatte finish
Spin2550 RPM2526 RPM
Distance260.5 yards275.4 yards
Launch angle15.84 degree10.72 degree
Ball Speed148.72 mph143.42 mph

What Are The Differences Between Snell and Vice?

Now we will break all these differences in full detail, which will help you compare between these two golf balls more easily. So make sure to read each of these differences carefully.

Build and Aesthetic 

The Snell MTB black is made from 3-piece construction and features a cast urethane outermost part.

These balls have a 100 pressure value, which is quite strong for a ball that is soft which makes these balls quite durable and the glossy finish looks appealing to the eyes.

Whereas the Vice pro plus has a 4-layer construction making it more durable than the MTB Black. The exterior covering contains silica grains scattered throughout it and feels quite thin.

Despite its tough construction, the ball feels soft to the touch and has a matte texture as opposed to the glossy appearance of MTB black balls.


FactorsSnell MTB BlackVice pro plus
Compression Rate75-8083-85

Although both of these balls are soft, their rates of compression differ. Simply said, compression is a gauge for the golf ball’s hardness.

The more the ball crushes on the flat part and afterward bounces forward, the less its compression or softness.

The Vice pro plus has a higher compression rate of 83-85, so if you have high and hard swing speed, it is a better choice.

At the same time, the compression rate of Snell MTB black is lower, around 75-80, which makes it better for highly handicapped players.


FactorsSnell MTB BlackVice pro plus
Spin Rate2550 RPM2526 RPM

Spin generally has an impact on a golf ball’s flight characteristics and shot loft. In other words, a ball has a greater chance of spinning backward the greater its spin rate.

Here we can see that Snell has a higher spin rate compared to Vice golf balls. Due to the low spin of vice golf balls, they will go straighter than Snell golf balls.

Snell golf balls have a high rate of spin and are a fantastic option if you smash the ball right to left with a pull.


The Snell MTB Black has a lower distance of 260.5 yards, whereas the distance traveled by Vice pro plus is much higher, around 275.4 yards. This is mostly due to these balls’ loft angle and low spin.

Lower spin and lower launch angle mean your ball will travel further, which is also the case for Vice golf balls. But, for Snell, the travel distance is lower due to the higher loft angle and high spin rate.

Launch angle and ball speed

FactorsSnell MTB BlackVice pro plus
Launch Angle15.84 degree10.72 degree
Ball Speed148.72 mph143.42 mph

The launch angle of Snell golf balls is higher than that of Vice golf balls which is the main reason why Vice balls can travel longer distances than Snell. The lower your launch angle will be, the further your golf ball can travel. 

However, the Snell MTB black surpasses the Vice pro plus when it comes to ball speed. This ball speed covers up for the higher launch angle of this golf ball.

Snell Vs Vice: Which Golf Ball To Choose? 

Now to answer our main debate of today’s comparison, which ball to choose between Snell Vs. Vice? Even though both of these balls have a similar softer feel but they are marketed toward different groups of golfers.

The Snell MTB black golf ball is intended for players with slower swing speeds. It gives full short game control for both beginners and professional players thanks to its high ball speed. 

On the other hand, the Vice pro plus golf balls are intended for players with a high swing speed of over 110 mph. It comes with a low launch angle to increase the ball’s travel distance along with a very low spin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you are comparing MTB black golf balls and Vice pro plus golf balls, you have to look at a lot of things. These faqs below will help to further clear your confusion and help you make a better choice.

Is Snell MTB Black more durable than Vice Pro Plus?

No, Vice pro plus is more durable than the Snell MTB Black. The Vice pro plus is made from 4 layers which ensure extra durability compared to the 3 layer construction of the MTB Black. Nonetheless, both of these golf balls are extremely durable.

Does the Vice Pro Plus golf ball travel more than the Snell MTB Black?

The Vice pro plus has a lower launch angle and low spin, which means it can travel further distance under proper hit compared to the Snell MTB black, which has a higher spin as well as a higher launch angle.

Are Snell MTB Black and Vice Pro Plus beginner friendly?

Yes, both of these golf balls are beginner friendly. A great alternative for beginners, Vice Pro Plus, is a very sensitive ball that offers good feedback on striking quality.
The Snell MTB Black has a core that is 7% lower in compression and has minimal spin, making it a good choice for beginners.

Are Snell MTB Black and Vice Pro Plus perfect for players with high swing speeds?

The Snell MTB black targets players with a low swinging speed and is mostly for high handicapped players.
But, the Vice Pro Plus golf balls are perfect for players with a high swinging speed of over 110 mph.

Can you personalize both Snell MTB Black and Vice Pro Plus Golf balls?

No, you cannot personalize both of these balls. Only Vice Pro plus allows customization and you either add a logo or image pretty easily while ordering.
But, the only rule is you will need to buy at least a dozen of these balls. They don’t allow customization below a dozen balls.

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