TaylorMade TP5 vs Titleist Pro V1: Which Golf Ball To Choose?

Many players often believe that only golf clubs, shafts, and drivers matter. But, golf balls also play an essential role in the overall gameplay performance, especially for professional players. Two of the most popular choices among players are TP5 and Titleist Pro V1.

The main differences between the TaylorMade TP5 and Titleist Pro V1 golf balls lie in their characteristics. One notable difference is that the TP5 offers a higher spin compared to the Pro V1. Additionally, the Pro V1 tends to feel slightly lighter due to its three-piece construction, while the TP5 may seem heavier due to its five-piece structure.

Thus, if you are confused about which is the better ball, you are in the correct place. Today we will discuss all the differences between these balls and help you find the most suitable version for you.

Overview of TaylorMade TP5 golf ball 

TaylorMade TP5 is a solid five-layer golf ball from TaylorMade. It feels a bit heavier and solid due to its extra construction layers. This ball features better backside spinning and contact and a greater initial velocity.

TaylorMade TP5 golf ball

So, whatever your game style is, the TP5 golf ball has you covered. It also has a substance called HFM, or High-Flex Material, which has a larger paradoxical effect and hence delivers faster projectile velocities.

Overview of Titleist Pro V1 golf ball 

The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is a full package, with the most notable feature being its great distance, owing to the redesigned 2.0 ZG Processing Inner. It also has the best speed, spin, and feel of any ball in the competition.

Titleist Pro V1 golf ball

The spherically patterned 388 tetragonal groove design, in addition, contributes to maximum range and also a very high and consistent ball flight.

TaylorMade TP5 vs Titleist Pro V1 golf ball: Comparison Chart

TaylorMade TP5 vs Titleist Pro V1

Down below, we will look into a comparison chart of TaylorMade TP5 Vs Pro V1 golf balls.

We will make a quick comparison between these products to make your decision easier in selecting the ideal golf ball.

FactorsTaylorMade TP5Titleist Pro V1
Construction5 layer3 layers
FlightMid HighMid
Spin Mid HighMid
Weight1 ounces1.46 ounces

What Are The Differences Between TaylorMade Tp5 And Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball? 

So far, we have seen the primary differences between the TaylorMade TP5 and Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.

Many aspects play a part when choosing the ideal golf ball. Thus, now we will look into the depth comparison between these two golf balls. 


The first difference we will see when touching both balls is the feel. Right out of the box, the TP5 seems firmer and more durable than the Pro V1, and the V1 has a kind of softer feel.

The main reason for this distinction is the 5 part construction of the TP5 vs the 3 part construction of the V1.

However, feel doesn’t affect your game performance in any way, and it’s more for the feedback sound.

How players like their sound depends entirely on themselves; if you like loud feedback, a TP5 golf ball is a perfect choice.


Flight determines many things like how far your ball will go and also how high it will rise up.

These two golf balls show quite a difference when it comes to flight. In overall comparison, the TP5 has a mid-high flight compared to the mid-flight of Pro V1


When playing with iron, the average flight is nearly the same with both of these golf balls, as we can see from the chart above.

However, the Pro V1 has a slightly higher carry distance along with a peak height. Also, the launching angle is somewhat higher for the Pro V1.

FactorsTaylorMade TP5Titleist Pro V1
Launch angle20 degrees20.5 degrees
Peak Height36 yards37 yards
Carry distance161 yards162 yards


While playing with a wedge, we can see that TP5 has a greater launching angle than Pro V1. Hence, the carry distance will be longer than the V1 as we know a greater launching angle means more carry distance.

FactorsTaylorMade TP5Titleist Pro V1
Launch angle25.5 degrees24.9 degrees
Carry distance122 yards119 yards


The driver has the somewhat same performance for both of these golf balls. Even though the Pro V1 has a higher launching angle than the TP5, the overall carry distance is the same for them.

FactorsTaylorMade TP5Titleist Pro V1
Launch angle12.7 degrees13.4 degrees
Carry distance265 yards265 yards


As a golfer, understanding the spin of the ball is a crucial skill, and many things depend on the spinning ability of the ball. 

Factors7 Iron (RPM)Driver (RPM)
TaylorMade TP570982450
Titleist Pro V168932412

The spin performance of these golf balls varies between iron, driver, and wedge. We will talk about the driver spin first. 

A quicker downward stroke creates more backspin. Higher swing players frequently reduce backspin. Higher swinging players with a minimum speed of 90 mph will prefer these golf balls.

Both the Pro V1 and the TP5 have a swing of over 2400. The TP5 does, however, have a greater swing than the Pro V1.

Pro V1 is a wonderful pick if you have a strong swing. However, TP5 is suited to you if you have a little less swing.

Now talking about the Iron spin. High spin irons naturally promote increased backspin and sidespin rpm.

As a consequence, it’s easier to shape your strokes and gently drop your golf ball on the greens. 7000 rpm is the optimal spin frequency for a 7 iron.

The TP5 has a faster iron spin rate than the Pro V1, which is above the 7000 thresholds. As a result, the TP5 is a superior choice for 7 iron spin.

TaylorMade TP5 or Titleist Pro V1: Which Golf Ball Should You Choose? 

Both TaylorMadeTP5 and Pro V1 are excellent high, performing golf balls. But, which one should you really choose between them?

To conclude this debate, we need to understand what type of player you are and what you are actually looking for.

When comparing performance, the TP5 golf ball is better than the Pro V1. If you want a perfect spin and a harder ball with a loud feedback sound, the TP5 is the way to go.

It offers a more rough feel and a greater spin on the 7 iron. However, the Pro V1 is a fantastic alternative if you desire a lower spin with a gentler feel.

Regardless of which of these two golf balls you pick, their performance thresholds are pretty comparable in many ways, and they will ensure you have the finest golfing experience possible.


Here we will talk about all the FAQs related to today’s discussion. This section will further help to resolve your queries.

Does TP5 Have More Spin Than A Pro V1 Golf Ball?

Yes, TP5 has more spin than the Pro V1 golf ball. Both for iron and drivers, the average spin of TP5 is slightly more than the V1. So, overall The TP5 has a faster spin rate than the Pro V1, which has a lower spin rate. TP5 offers over 7000 rpm spin for 7 iron and nearly 2450 rpm spin for drivers.

Which Golf Feels Stiffer: TP5 Or Pro V1?

The TP5 golf balls feel stiffer, whereas the Pro V1 feels a bit softer. As the TP5 has 5 unique layer construction, it is made to be harder and rugged compared to the 3-layer construction for the Pro V1 golf ball.

Does The Pro V1 Have A Higher Carry Distance Than The TP5?

In comparison to the mid-flight of the Pro V1, the TP5 has a mid-high flight. As a result, the carry distance in Pro V1 is less than in TP5. When playing with iron, though, the average flight of both of these golf balls is practically identical.

Among Pro V1 And TP5, Which Golf Ball Is Better?

Despite the fact that both of these golf balls function similarly. When hit against the wind, however, the TP5 outperforms the Pro V1 by a wide margin. Because of the wind, TP5 has a higher impact, although the somewhat lower launch offsets this.

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