How to Bring Golf Cart Batteries Back to Life? 2 Effective Hacks!

Who would want to invest money on new golf cart batteries if the dead cells are easily revivable? At least I would not!

But the question is how to bring golf cart batteries back to life. Well, it is possible to do so with pulse charging techniques and distilled water solution. 

These DIY hacks can either be a hit or miss, depending on how you carry out these methods. Fortunately, the failure is avoidable with some easy-to-follow tips. What are those? Let’s find out!

How to Bring Golf Cart Batteries Back to Life

How to Bring Golf Cart Batteries Back to Life? 

Dead golf cart batteries do not necessarily mean they will not work at all. Sometimes, dead cells refer to when they stop delivering their full capacity of power and do not take charge properly. 

Fortunately, I have got some tweaks to keep these issues at bay and revive dead batteries. Here are the methods as follows: 

Method-1: Pulse Charging    

If your cart batteries are low on power and fail to recharge correctly, chances are there is a build-up of sulfate crystal debris on the cell.

And to revive such sulfated batteries, pulse charging can be a way out of this issue! Here is all you need to do: 

  • Take a pulse charger with an equalizing charge mode for deep-cycle lead acid golf cart batteries. 
  • Every month for once, use the equalizing mode to charge the cart cells. Thus, you can maximize their capacity. 
  • Isn’t there an equalizing mode feature available on your charger? Well, ensure to charge the batteries as per the required charging hour mentioned in the battery manual. 
  • Once the required charging hour ends, disconnect the AC power and restart to charge the golf cart cells again. 
  • After one to three hours of additional charging, the cart batteries should get back to their functioning mode!

Method-2: Use Distilled Water Solution  

Electrolyte solution made with distilled water and Epsom salt can recondition or refill the dead cart cells.

Furthermore, it helps to restore the battery to its potential capacity. To try it out, let’s get into the following steps:  

Step 1: Preparation 

First off, wear an apron, safety goggles, and gloves.  Then, detach the batteries from the cart carefully with a wrench. Make sure the tool does not damage any unit of the cart or cells. 

Now, add 2 cups of baking soda to 1 cup of distilled water. Mix the solution until a thick paste forms that is not runny.

Step 2: Clean the Terminals 

Rub the baking soda paste over the rust and corrosion of the cell terminals. I am afraid that sandpaper might remove the layer or texture of the cells. So, using a soft brush to remove the corrosion is your best bet!

Once the cells are clean, let them dry for a moment. Then, unscrew the cell caps and empty the cells of the electrolyte solution. It is better to drain the solution into a bowl or bucket. 

Step 3: Add Solution and Recharge 

Mix 12 to 15% of Epsom salt and 1000 ml distilled water in a boiling flask. It is better to boil the solution for a few seconds to a minute.

Then, pour the solution into all the dead and empty cells. And screw the caps back to the batteries. Now, it is time for charging.

Connect the red wire of the charger to the positive terminal of the cell. Afterward, attach the black wire with the negative port.

At a slow amp, ensure to charge the cells for approximately 12 hours to revive their performance. 

Tips to Follow to Successfully Bring Golf Cart Batteries Back to Life? 

Reconditioning cart batteries is not a no–brainer. It requires meticulous efforts and strategies to bring life to them.

And I guess following these tips can prevent hazardous scenarios and maximize the success ratio:

  • Inspect the battery to identify sulfate crystals and corrosion. It will help to choose which restoration method to follow. 
  • Go through the battery manufacturer’s website or manual to check its required voltage for activation.
  •  Avoid working near flammable objects.
  • Choose to recondition in a place that has good ventilation. 
  • Do not use a faulty charger or plugs to recharge the cells.

Is It Worth Reviving the Golf Cart Batteries?  

When it comes to DIY hacks for battery restoration, people want the best output, especially if money and effort are the concerns!

So yes, restoring dead cart batteries is worth the shot for the following benefits that I’ve listed here: 

Cost Efficient 

Not only golf carts are pricey, but their accessories are also expensive, including the cells. And replacing the dead batteries can cost you around $800 to $1500. 

On the contrary, reconditioning the batteries at home takes you nothing but some available tools and ingredients from the local store.

And it can cost you less than $50 or so! So, in my opinion, it is definitely a good deal to restore cells as long as you can. 


The more you replace cart batteries, the more it tends to produce chemical waste. As these cells contain chemicals, discarding them in nature releases toxic elements. 

However, by reconditioning the old batteries, you can reduce the disposal of these units.

And it is not detrimental to the environment. Additionally, it takes away the effort to discard these cells frequently.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s) 

Many concerns and queries may still arise in your mind regarding the reviving process, especially if you are hesitant to start the process. And to answer the probable queries, I have listed some frequently asked questions:

Is it safe to bring golf cart batteries back to life? 

As long as you use the correct proportion of distilled water solution and the proper pulsing charging method, you are good to go. Also, wearing safety gear reduces the risks involved. And following the battery manual guidelines can prevent some hazardous situations.

How many years can a revived golf cart battery last? 

The lifespan of revived golf cart batteries depends on their age and remaining capacity. Generally, the restored lead cells should be able to withstand the reviving process several times. And usually, the lead cart batteries last up to 2 to 5 years.  

What reduces the lifespan and capacity of golf cart batteries? 

Golf cart batteries can be dead and lose their performance capacity earlier before reaching their usual lifespan. And it happens due to overcharging the cell. Also, not charging the cell up to the optimal limit mentioned in the manual reduces the lifespan. 


Some golf cart owners want to get the best of their dying cells. Therefore, I have walked you through how to bring Golf Cart batteries back to life with distilled water and pulse charging. 

Before you move on to the process, it is better to know whether the cell is lead or Lithium based. Also, following the manual helps to adapt to hacks that do not lead to fatal damage.


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