Mizuno MP-20 MMC vs. Taylormade P790: Which Iron Reigns Supreme?

Mizuno and Taylormade are both industry leaders regarding traditional and play-specific type irons. Both have a consistent track record and have gathered a decent loyalists among pro and amateur golfers. However, when it comes to choosing between MP-20 MMC vs P790, which one do you want to choose? Let’s get to their differences first.

The main difference between the two is that the MMC has a forged iron head with a strategic titanium face and tungsten toe support. In contrast, the P790 has a solid forged iron build all around, with slight titanium and tungsten used as inlays.

While the difference might not seem much, the golfing impact is still pretty high. Read along to find out more.

Overview of Mizuno MP-20 MMC

The MP-20 MMC sits right between the MB and the HMB variant of the same line. Golf clubs are designed with several factors in mind. 

While the MB is the ideal choice for low handicappers and the HMB performs well with high forgiveness, the MMC somewhat sits in a precarious position between the two.

While MMC offers greater distance and high spin, it doesn’t allow that much forgiveness. And that puts MMC between the HMB and MB

The MMC seems to be the one iron that rules them all, whereas others may be more specialized clubs.

Overview of Taylormade P790

The Taylormade P790 has been a gold standard for high handicappers. it can get the distance and maintain a high level of forgiveness. Part of the control and trajectory travel comes from the solid build of the club itself.

 Additionally, TaylorMade has specifically introduced SpeedFoam Air on the back of the blade to ease the club’s launch. 

As a result, the club somewhat corrects the line and brings spin back on the shot, even if you miss-hit the ball.

The company has also increased the size of its “sweet spot” by over 15%, making it easier than ever to get a perfect shot with the club

Mizuno MP-20 MMC vs Taylormade P790: Comparison Chart

Take a look at the comparison chart. It will help you differentiate between these two types and give you a clear picture.

FactorsMizuno MP-20 MMCTaylormade P790 
DistanceLonger travel Longer travel 
ForgivenessMid-range forgivenessHigh forgiveness
TrajectoryHigh trajectoryMid-high trajectory
Shaft ChoiceSeveral optionsSingle choice
ConstructionForged iron head with mixed material buildSingular forged iron all around
ControlLower controlHigher control

What are the Differences Between Mizuno MP-20 MMC And Taylormade P790?

It’s easy to look at the factors at a glance, right? However, they don’t actually tell you the whole story.

While one aspect might look like a direct advantage over the other, there’s no guarantee that it might actually make a better overall package for certain users. So here’s a detailed take on the comparison factors.


The distance on both the MMC and the P790 is high. Meaning the ball will easily cover a lot of ground as both are built with distance in mind. However, in testing, it is seen that the P790 holds a slight edge over the MMC as it can cover better ground compared to the latter.

But where the MMC shines is the precise positioning of the shot. It can consistently travel long, and every shot falls under a perfect range.

The complete forged iron build may sometimes lead to a less controlled shot on the P790. The control doesn’t affect the range much but it impacts the line and spin.


We already mentioned how MMC has lower forgiveness. As a result, shots and subsequent results are far more consistent on the MMC compared to the P790. The P790 can easily correct a bad swing compared to the MMC.

This doesn’t mean that the MMC doesn’t forgive enough. The MMC falls short of the P790 by a very thin margin. For beginners, the P790 is still the better choice.


The MMC has a comparatively higher trajectory than the P790. It doesn’t reach the level of MB, but it brings a perfect balance between forgiveness and control.

But compared to the MMC, the P790 has a mid-range trajectory. The trajectory doesn’t affect the distance of the P790, mainly because of the initial impact speed of the club and not the trajectory.

Shaft Choice

The MMC has a total of 16 stock shafts to choose from. The one that comes pre-fitted might be short for many players. So it’s better to get refitted.

On the other hand, the P790 features True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 as its stock shaft. This is the only stock shaft choice you get.


The MMC is made from forged iron. But only the face of the club features the forged iron structure, with the back and part of the head featuring titanium and tungsten compounds. This allows for a comparatively lighter head which helps in launching the ball.

On the other hand, the P790 is completely made with forged iron, with the back featuring a slight titanium compound. It adds a bit of heft to the club and creates a muted trajectory in every shot.


The MMC provides better control for the professionals compared to the P790. The spin and forgiveness of the P790 slightly fall short compared to the MMC.

In that sense, the MMC edges out over the P790, allowing better workability over the shot.

Mizuno MP-20 MMC vs Taylormade P790: Which One Should You Choose?

Perhaps the most confusing thing about both these clubs is who is it for? They’re both great clubs on their own accord with some distinct features to attract certain players or playing types. 

But there’s a catch. None of these two offers a direct and complete profile for any specific type of play or player.

However, to generalize, we can draw the difference into two broad categories. If you are a higher handicapped player, it’s better to go with the P790, as it offers better forgiveness. If you want more control and -precision, head for the MMC, as it is better for low-handicapped players.

Both will provide adequate distance, so that won’t be an issue. However, the flight trajectory is better on the MMC compared to the P790.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know the hooks and crooks of both clubs, let’s move on to some frequently asked questions to see whether there’s anything you might’ve missed.

Are Mizuno MP-20 MMC and Taylormade P790 forgiving?

Yes, both the MMC and the P790 are forgiving clubs. But they offer a varied level of forgiveness. In testing, the P790 provided better forgiveness compared to the MMC.

What is their handicap level?

The Mizuno MP-20 MMC has a low to mid handicap level. That is, players need to have better workability on each shot. Compared to the MMC, the P790 has a very high handicap level. This allows for a better overall correction for any shots.

Do the PGA Pros use the P790?

While the P730 was a more common and popular tour club choice, the P790 also made its way to the professional level. Currently, at least two players in the PGA tours use the P790.

Which one will last the longest between the two?

The long-lasting factor has to do with the construction and build material of the shaft. The MMC is partially made of forged iron, whereas the P790 has a completely forged iron build. As a result, the P790 will last longer than the two.

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