Callaway MD5 vs. MD4: Which Wedge Will Help You Win It?

If you are a golfer, you know how the smallest of things matter in golf. You have to be absolutely spot-on when it comes to hitting a golf ball to perfection. So, it’s obvious that you must choose your wedges wisely. 

The core difference between MD5 vs. MD4 is that MD5 has a much sharper radius with a sidewall of 37° whereas MD4 has a more round-shaped radius with a sidewall of 5°. This is why MD5 can create a better spin than MD4.

But that’s not it. This article will investigate MD5 vs MD4 and why you should choose one over another. Let’s start!

Callaway MD5 vs. MD4

Overview Of Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedges

Callaway jaws MD5 is an incredibly designed wedge with cutting-edge features. It can be considered a wedge with an all-rounder performance. This promising wedge is supposed to overcome the shortcomings of the previous models.

Its latest groove technology can create a consistent spin that can be super effective for short-distance shots. Users reported this wedge is very effective around the greens. 

This wedge provides a soft impact that makes the experience comfortable. With its classic look and available variations, MD5 is among the top wedges in the market. 

Overview Of Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedges

Good Sides

  • Consistent spin. 
  • The impact feels soft.
  • Classic look.
  • The different options of loft, grind, bounce, and finish.
  • It’s super effective around the greens.

Bad Sides

  • It may not be suitable for beginners. 
  • It Feels a bit heavier when having a full swing.

Overview Of Callaway MD4 Wedges

Callaway MD4 is the predecessor of MD5, which first introduced groove-in-groove technology. With useful features and a practical design, it easily caught the eye of golfers. 

The innovative groove-in-groove technology provides more control over the spin of shots. Its firm grip makes it more desirable among golfers. This wedge’s shaft is lighter, making it easier to swing.

Being beginner-friendly and providing an enhanced feeling, MD4 quickly captured the eye of the golfers. This wedge has twenty-one loft-bounce combinations to choose from.

Good Sides

  • It has a firm grip. 
  • Twenty-one loft-bounce combinations. 
  • On full shots, this wedge can provide extra spin.
  • Relatively easier to swing.
  • 4 different grind options.  

Bad Sides

  • It feels too light when swinging.
  • It can not provide spin at the level of MD5.

Callaway MD5 vs MD4 Comparison Table

These two wedges are very similar in many attributes; That’s why comparing them is not easy. Some different attributes of these two wedges are listed below to get a clearer picture.

Callaway MD5 vs MD4 Comparison Table

What Are The Differences Between Callaway MD5 and MD4 Wedges?

It’s obvious that the new MD5 has improved features than MD4. But what actually are the differences between these two popular wedges?

We need to investigate further to understand the core differences between MD5 and MD4.



The MD5 came out with major design improvements after the MD4. The shape of the head is refined in the MD5. The MD5 has a sharper radius, whereas the MD4 has a much more round-shaped radius. 

If we compare MD4 and MD5, it’s quite obvious that MD5 is the winner in terms of looks. MD5 is offering two finishes- Platinum chrome and Tour grey.

Although the platinum chrome finish is the same as the MD4, the tour grey finish gives a glossier look which was absent in the MD4.


Callaway’s groove-in-groove technology is updated in MD5. The wall angle in MD5 is 37°, whereas the wall angle of MD4 is only 5°.

This aggressive groove design can generate up to 500 rpm more spin than MD4 and decrease the launch angle by 1°.

Both wedges can create 84 different contact points based on the grooves and the micro-grooves within the wedges.

But the updated design of MD5 not only makes the spin higher but also makes it more consistent. 

Build Quality

The MD5 wedge is made of 8620 carbon steel. This particular material has a good surface hardness because of the chromium and molybdenum involved. And the nickel helps increase the toughness of the material. 

There isn’t much difference in terms of building material between MD5 and MD4. The MD4 is also made of 8620 carbon steel which makes it durable and strong like the MD5.

Variations Offered

Both wedges are available in different variations based on loft, bounce, and grinds. The available variations can be shown in a comparison table. 

Loft46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60,6446, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60,64
Bounce8°, 10°, 12°8°, 10°, 12°
GrindC-grind, Low bounce W-grind, S-grind, X-grind, W-grindC-grind, S-grind, X-grind, W-grind

The MD4 had 21 loft-bounce combinations, and the new MD5 had 23 loft-bounce combinations. These different combinations make it really easy to choose a wedge based on the preference of the golfer. 


The performance of both wedges is quite similar, actually. But the spin rate seems to be better on the MD5. This is why MD5 can be more effective for shots from closer distances. 

Some may argue that MD5 is not the best option for beginners as a sand wage because it can be a bit challenging to swing for beginners. That is why MD4 can be a better option for absolute beginners. 

Callaway MD5 or MD4: Which Golf Wedge To choose?

Callaway MD5 or MD4: Which Golf Wedge To choose?

If we compare the wedges closely, we will surely agree that both the wedges are very well-designed and high-performing golf clubs. Choosing between these two wedges may depend on the preference of the users. 

As general advice about the MD5 vs MD4 debate, choosing MD5 may be the wiser option for you if you are a dedicated golfer.

The MD5 is the newer version of MD4, which is meant to overcome the shortcomings of the MD4. 

If you get the chance to try both wedges before buying, It will help you decide which one is suitable for you. One last piece of advice, choose wisely. Happily golfing!


We tried to cover the details as much as possible. If there is still any query, take a look at the frequently asked question section for the answers.

Which wedge is more durable?

Both wedges are made of high-duty carbon steel. The material makes the wedges strong and gives them a good surface hardness. That’s why both wedges are durable. 

Do I get any warranty on the wedges?

You will get two years of warranty on both wedges. But still check with the seller before buying and ensure the warranty is a part of the deal. It never hurts to be safe.

Which wedge has premium looks?

Although both the wedges have quite beautiful looks, the mack daddy five may seem more premium with the glossier tour grey finish.

How to know which grind suits me the most?

There is no particular rule regarding choosing the best grind for yourself. You must try to analyze how your technique is compatible with the grind.

What kind of shaft is used in the wedges?

Both the wedges use true temper s200 flex steel on the shaft. The shaft is strong and durable. The shaft also feels comfortable to use.

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