TaylorMade P760 vs. P790: Which Golf Irons to Choose?

If we talk about the most demanding and best golf iron sets on the market, TaylorMade p760 and p790 will be at the top of the list. When it comes to performance, looks, and new technology, both golf sets are greatly enhanced. However, which iron set will be the best fit for your game?

The major differences between the TaylorMade P760 and P790 irons are that the P790’s hollow shape and slimmer head are advantageous for greater range and speed, whereas the P760’s cavity back structure and shorter clubhead are huge benefits for having more control over your game.

In this blog, we’ll compare the p760 and p790 head-to-head to select the most suitable golf set according to your needs.

TaylorMade P760 vs. P790

Overview of TaylorMade p760 golf iron:

The P760 set’s longer irons are designed to handle the speed of shafts. As a result, swinging this iron is much more comfortable.

Besides, the short irons are made from a single piece of cast metal, giving you the grip as well as experience to hit the greens in control every time. 

Some who like a far more classic look and feel may find the P760’s small head design and liberal drift to be desirable.

However, because of its excellent quality and expense, the P760 may be out of reach for certain golfers. Again, golfers may struggle initially with the P760 as they get used to its new style and performance.

Overview of TaylorMade p790 golf iron:

The p790 has a crafted Hollow Structure, and the newly developed Speed Foam Air promotes enhanced face flexibility. It also has quick ball speeds for maintaining the excellent feel of the game.

The forged design of the P790, along with its chamber that is filled with urethane foam, can add a soft, satisfying experience at a hit, which in turn provides golfers more self-esteem in the shots. 

While the P790 has a very small club head, it is still intended to be tolerant of off-center shots so that players can produce more accurate results.

However, golfers with greater handicaps who need far more flexibility and comfort of use may not get the most out of the P790. 

TaylorMade p760 vs p790 Irons: Quick Comparison Table

The TaylorMade p760 and p790 irons both are great choices as they provide a good balance of range, speed, and control.

While both sets of irons will improve your game, there still are considerable differences between them.

With the help of this comparison table, you’ll be able to find the best golf kit according to your preferences.

p760 vs p790 Irons: Quick Comparison Table

What is The Difference Between TaylorMade p760 and p790 Irons?

The P760 and P790 irons from TaylorMade are both intended for competent golfers looking for excellent performance. When comparing the TaylorMade P760 and P790 iron kits, keep these distinctions in mind:


The P760’s compact structure and tungsten weighting make it incredibly steady. Alternatively, the P790’s narrow head and hollow body structure provide the fastest possible ball speed.

p760 vs p790 lie angle
Flex OptionsTrue Temper Dynamic Gold 120 (S, X)True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 (R, S, X)
Lie Angle (Degree)60.5-6461.5-62.5
Loft Angle (Degree)20-4519-42

Build Quality

When it comes to materials, the P760 uses a formed 1025 carbon steel frame with a polished tungsten weight, whereas the P790 has quite a hollow design with having 4140 carbon steel frames as well as a high-strength head.


The P760 irons are always the best choice to improve playing accuracy and shot-shaping abilities.

On the other hand, the P790 irons are designed to maximize distance as well as ball speed, and they include an enlarged sweet spot to compensate for overswinging.

P790 irons feature a perfect balance and are far more flexible on off-center hits, whereas P760 irons require better expertise to play well.


P760 vs. P790 Forgiveness

The P790 irons have a more forgiving shape, so even slightly off-center shots still go a long way.

Players who fail to regularly spot the middle of the clubface may find the strokes less accurate while using the P760 irons due to the narrower clubface.


When compared to the P790, the P760 appears more compact and trendier. The P760 comes with a classic design intended for experienced golfers who value heritage.

The P790 seems more contemporary and bulkier because of its wider club head as well as the heavier body.

Iron KitOffset(mm)Weight

Sound Feedback

Many experienced golfers want a more conventional hit sound, which is something the P760 irons offer.

Since the P790 irons feature a hollow contact point and are filled with foam, they make a slightly odd sound and feel on hit and that may turn off players who like a more traditional sound and feel.

Shot Control

For competent golfers who place a premium on reliability, the P760 is a great option because of the club’s excellent shot control.

The P790 is optimized for ordinary players who value consistency or even the comfort of use by providing high range rather than greater control.


Neither the P760 nor the P790 are cheap iron sets. However, the P790 often costs a little more than the p760 because of its cutting-edge features and a generous amount of forgiveness.

TaylorMade p760 or p790: Which Golf Irons To choose?

Whether you go with the TaylorMade P760 or P790 golf irons depends on your individual preferences and playing ability.

The P760 irons are ideal for the expert player who focuses heavily on accuracy and shot selection. But they may need the golfer to be more consistent with their approach for the best results.

The P790 iron is the best option if you’re seeking an even more forgiving model that mostly provides you with plenty of distance and better accuracy.

They have a bigger perfect spot as well as a more considerate clubface, allowing for more quality play no matter where the ball is struck.

But, this may not be the best option for expert golfers who rely heavily on the feel and also feedback of their irons.

In short, either set of irons would be a great choice, as each has benefits and drawbacks that set it apart. Pick the best golf kit according to your gaming style and requirements.


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you to get some more information related to these iron sets.

Does the P790 use the same stock shafts as the P760?

No, the stock shaft selections for the P790 & P760 iron pairs are different. The Dynamic Gold 105 shafts are included in the standard package of the P790 set, whereas the Dynamic Gold 120 shafts are included in the standard package of the P760 set.

Are P790 and even P760 golf kits suitable for beginner golfers? 

The P790 and also P760 aren’t perfect for beginners because the club heads are tiny and the styles are focused on control.
These pairs are better for golfers with a mid-to low-handicap who already have a stable swing and can hit the ball well.
Beginners should usually start with golf sets that are easier to use and improve their game before moving on to more advanced sets.

Can a player get a P790 or P760 iron customized to their specific swing?

Depending on the swing as well as the personal preferences of any player, the P790 or P760 irons can always be customized to fit perfectly.
To improve performance and minimize the risk of injury, a professional custom fit is strongly suggested for golfers.
The size, lie angles, loft, or shaft types as well as flex of a player’s clubs can all be adjusted through this custom fitting.

Which of the P790 and P760 iron sets is ideal for golfers with a low handicap?

The P760 iron set is more suitable for low-handicap golfers because of its smaller cutting system, slimmer topline, and far less offset.
Professional golfers who can make continuous strong contact also with the ball can benefit greatly from these criteria, as they allow for greater control as well as consistency when making shots.

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