Torrey Pines North Vs South | Which Golf Course Is Better?

Torrey Pines North and South are two of the most popular golf courses around the world. These courses have hosted innumerable professional tournaments and offer mesmerizing sceneries. 

Even though they are part of the same club, the courses have some major differences. You might be wondering what the differences are.

Well, the main difference between the North and South course is their yardage. Torrey Pines North is 7,258 yards whereas Torrey Pines South is 7,802 yards.

That, however, is not the only difference between the two courses. To get a detailed comparison of Torrey Pines North Vs South, stick around with this article till the end.

Torrey Pines North Vs South

Overview Of Torrey Pines North Golf Course

Newly redesigned by Tom Weiskopf in 2016, the Torrey Pines North Golf Course is the host of the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament. This course is beginner-friendly but it also puts the veterans to a test.

Even though the North course is a little shorter on yardage than the South, it has no shortage of beautiful scenery along the course. It is also a less expensive option which makes it a good choice for new players.

Overview Of Torrey Pines South Golf Course

The Torrey Pines South golf course was originally designed by William Bell Sr. in 1957 and was later renovated in 2001 and again in 2019.

It hosted the 2008 and 2021 U.S. Open Championship and is another home to the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament as well.

This course is longer and more challenging than the North course. The old players will have a better time on this course than the newer ones. Thick rough is the main focus of the golf course.

Torrey Pines North Course Vs South Course: Comparison Chart

A comparison between the Torrey Pines North and South golf course will help you decide which is better for you. The chart below provides a comparison of the two courses.

CriteriaTorrey Pines NorthTorrey Pines South
Total Yardage7,258 yards7,802 yards
Number of Holes18 18
Number of Hazards6355

What Are The Differences Between Torrey Pines North And South Golf Course?

As mentioned earlier, despite being a part of the same club, the North and South course differ from each other.

In this section, we are going a little bit deeper into some of the differences to help you decide the right course for you.


Whether you are an experienced golfer or just starting out, it’s important to know how difficult a course plays in order to get a perfect experience on it.

According to the official website of Torrey Pines, the South course plays more difficult than the North which makes it a better choice for the old players.

So if you’re a new player or just starting out, the north will be a better option for you.


The views a golf course provides is an important variable for a lot of players. Well, in terms of views, the Torrey Pines North course is the winner.

The scenic setting this course provides is sure to refresh anyone’s mind that will play here. Here, the North course has the upper hand.


Yardage is one of the big concerns players have when choosing the right course for them.

Torrey Pines North and South have about 544 yards of difference in total yardage. The chart below shows the yardage for all the holes of both courses.

No. of HoleNorthSouth
1410 yards450 yards
2495 yards389 yards
3241 yards 200 yards
4479 yards488 yards
5525 yards454 yards
6416 yards560 yards
7322  yards462 yards
8214 yards176 yards
9556 yards614 yards
10536 yards416 yards
11339 yards221 yards
12203 yards504 yards
13459 yards540 yards
14451 yards437 yards
15202 yards478 yards
16393 yards227 yards
17520 yards442 yards
18486 yards570 yards


Since Torrey Pines is a municipal golf course, the costs vary for the residents and non-residents. The South course costs $63-$78 for the residents and $202-$252 for the non-residents.

On the other hand, the Torrey Pines North course is cheaper, costing $44-$58 for the locals and $128-$160 for the non-residents.


The area of a golf course that provides difficult obstacles to penalize the players is known as a hazard.

The number of hazards in the North and the South course is different. They are shown in the table below.

HazardsTorrey Pines NorthTorrey Pines South
Bunkers61 54
Water Surface21

Torrey Pines North Or South: Which Golf Course to choose? 

Finally, the biggest debate comes down to which golf course you should be choosing in order to have a good time playing. Both of the courses are world-class and are good for players with certain abilities.

In this comparative guide, we tried to bring up the complete comparison of   Torrey Pines North Vs. South courses to help you decide to choose the right one for you. 

If you are comparatively new to the game of golf and want to have a good time playing on the field, then the North course will be the right choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you are an experienced player looking for a challenge and can afford the extra fees then the South course is for you.


By now, you should have a good idea of the differences between the Torrey Pines North and South courses. We also have got some common questions about the courses covered down below.

Which one between Torrey Pines North and South course is longer?

Of the two courses, the Torrey Pines South course is longer with 7,802 yards of ground. It is also 135 yards and 246 yards longer than the North Course regarding the Front 9 and Back 9 respectively.

Does Torrey Pines North offer better views than the South course?

Yes, having a great scenic setting, the North course provides the players with a better view than the South. But it is not to say that the South does not have good views either.

Which one between Torrey Pines North and South course is easier to play?

The Torrey Pines North course is comparatively easier to play between the two. The North course is designed to play a little easier than the South for everyone to have a good time on the ground.

Which one between Torrey Pines North and South course is more expensive?

Being the home to tournaments like the U.S. Open Championship and little more yardage, the Torrey Pines South course is a bit more expensive than the North.

Was the U.S. Open Championship hosted in both Torrey Pines North and South courses?

No, the U.S. Open Championship was only hosted in the South course once in 2008 and again in 2021. This course is great for such events.

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