KBS C-Taper Lite vs. Nippon Modus 105: Which Shaft Will Improve Your Game?

Golf is one of the most popular games worldwide. A Golf shaft is a long metal cylinder that connects the golf club to the handle. C-Taper Lite and Modus are both manufacturers of golf shafts that make premium quality golf shafts. 

The first distinction between C-taper Lite and Modus is their weight, flexibility, and length. C-taper Lite is lighter and is made for people with moderate swings. The Modus fits best for people with high swings because of its weight. 

Both of the shafts are of good quality and popular among players. We will discuss some noteworthy differences to help you decide the best shaft for you. 

Overview Of C-Taper Lite

C-taper Lite is a production branch of the KBS corporation. KBS tour shafts were established in 2008 and, since then, have grown popular among golfers. 

It is the fastest-growing shaft production company in the casual and professional scene. Many well-recognized professional players prefer KBS C-taper and C-taper Lite as their golf shafts. 

According to most reviews, this shaft provides a perfect mix of comfort and performance for the players. 

Pros And Cons Of C-Taper Lite

Because this has a firm tip compared to the Modus and a less stiff butt, you can expect greater arc and trajectory when using the C-taper Lite. 

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Overview Of Modus

The Modus is a release lineup of Nippon, a Japanese shaft manufacturer recognized worldwide. It is the most popular shaft manufacturing industry in Asia. 

They have been producing shafts since 1959. They make stiff, metal, and lightweight shafts and are pretty popular in the professional scene of golf. This has been the uncontested most popular shaft on LPGA tours. 

Pros And Cons Of Modus

Nippon uses high-quality materials for Modus and promises superb durability in most weather conditions. This shaft can also handle the strongest players. 

The best part about Modus, though, is the consistency. Each shaft carries the same performance and builds quality. The players also reported feeling great when using a Modus shaft on their iron. 

C-Taper Lite Vs Modus: Comparison Chart

The features which stand out the most regarding the shaft of a golf club are its flexibility, feel, weight and length. The International golf federation has some strict standards set for these characteristics. 

Nippon Modus is one of the earliest manufacturers of golf shafts. They make the highly popular Modus golf shaft. On the other hand, KBS, maker of the C-taper Lite, is relatively new but is the fastest-growing metal shaft manufacturer worldwide. 

The Modus is lighter. It has a stiffer butt to allow high-trajectory shots. On the other hand, the C-taper Lite is perfect for mid-high swing golfers. 

Here’s a comparison chart showcasing these factors about both shafts to help you make your decision better. 

FactorsC-taper LiteModus
Weight105-115 gm103 gm
Length 37.5 – 41 inches37 – 41 inches
FlexSoft buttStiff butt
Trajectory Mid-highHigh trajectory 
Torque.355 inches 1.6 – 1.9 inches

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What Are The Differences Between C-Taper Lite And Modus?

There are some apparent differences between the two popular golf shafts. But these little differences in features change how the club feels about different players with different strengths and playstyles. 


Even though the KBS tour C-taper Lite is one of the most popular and top three premium brands that produce club shafts, they might not be suited for everybody. 

The first notable difference is flex. The original C-taper was meant for less flexible people. The new C-taper Lite retains this quality of the original. But on top of it, the C-taper Lite removes the excess weight on the shaft while maintaining the same backswing speed you get from the club. 

The C-taper Lite has a softer butt compared to the Modus. A more delicate butt is perfect for players with an average speed and a mid-high swing. 

On the other hand, for players who have a high-speed swing, the Modus is a better option. Modus’s shafts are premium quality and made chiefly for players with a medium swing. 

But the subsequent lineups in the Modus series have a very stiff butt and can give a lower lift, making it perfect for the strongest players. 

Build Material

The C-taper Lite is a lightweight version of the original C-taper that uses hollow light metals to reduce weight. C-taper is the best option for people who have a high swing and want more lift on their shot and more spin to their ball. 

Credit to the flexibility and wedge on the steel bar, this shaft gives the user more control over the ball’s trajectory. The shaft itself feels very smooth for the user. 

Due to technological advancement, C-taper shafts are robot tested before release. The tests ensure energy transfer stays at maximum efficiency when the golfers take a shot every time. 

The standout feature of Modus shafts is that they have a customized wedge on a steel shaft. This modified feature allows players to add more spin to their shots, which helps the ball to glide against the wind better. This also allows a more incredible trajectory for the ball.

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Another feature that needs to be mentioned is how this shaft’s design allows the players to sustain no damage to their elbows. Swinging the club, especially for stronger players, can cause a lot of traumas if the shaft is too stiff. 

A mid-kink point gives the shaft and the club almost perfect aiming independence. You will have a better time landing the ball where you intend to without exerting tremendous pressure or hurting your elbows. 

Players can execute these shots and reduce their chances of hurting themselves. It is manufactured with precision and aims for players with a medium swing. These features are prominent in the Modus, but The Lite has some lackings considering the safety of aggressive players. 


Both of these shafts come in similar sizes. But the prime difference is that the Modus can be customized to have a little more length than the C-taper Lite. This can help you in choosing the breaking point you want to hit. 

One thing to remember is the permitted limit of the shaft’s length. The highest size one can have is 46 inches. Beyond that, it becomes illegal. 


The Modus is lighter compared to the C-taper Lite. But beyond that, you can also get more weight options for the Modus. The later versions of the Modus have lighter weight. 

USGA also has a permitted limit for a golf club’s weight, including the shaft. But, according to USGA, Modus and C-taper Lite versions are both legal so you can choose either.

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Regarding the C-taper Lite, thanks to the increased spin on the golf ball, you can position your shot better and aim it, so it lands properly on the grass. It is perfect for people who have an aggressive tempo because of the higher lift you get. 

The Modus has some of the lightest shafts ever produced and is lighter than the C-taper Lite. This lighter weight allows dimensions like higher speed, trajectory, and straighter shots.


The C-taper Lite is the best shaft for mid-swing players who want more trajectory and spin on their shots. This shaft is light, tested, and promises peak performance. 

If you have used KBS tour C-taper before and like its feel but want to add a little swing to get the club around more effortlessly, you might want to check out the C-taper Lite. 


Modus has an availability issue. It’s often unavailable in small retail shops, which increases its price. But Modus remains a premium quality shaft, well accepted by many professional players.

C-Taper Lite Or Modus: Which One Should You Choose?

Can you make your decision regarding C-taper Lite vs Modus yet? They are both incredibly well-built shafts with a combination of feel, performance, and durability. 

Depending on your playstyle and how you like your trajectory, you can choose one of these shafts. For mid-high swings, you should go for C-taper Lite, and anything above, Modus is perfect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The C-taper lite and Modus are excellent shafts to revamp your golfing style. But while choosing one, you might need clarification about some tidbits. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding C-taper Lite and Modus.

What is a C-taper Lite shaft?

C-taper Lite is a lightweight version of the C-taper series golf shafts. These are perfect for having a great spin and a mid-high trajectory on your shots. 

How many grams is the C-taper Lite?

The weight of the C-Taper Lite varies based on flex. Parallel tips and taper tips decide the difference in the shaft’s weight. For taper, it’s 115 grams, and for average tips, it’s 105.

What material is C-taper Lite?

The shaft itself is made with brushed steel. Because of this, they have a premium look that stays permanent and rust-proof. 

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