Signs You Need A Stiffer Shaft! Are Stiffer Shaft Really Helpful

If you feel like your shots are not getting sufficient power or maybe the ball is getting too much loft are all signs that you need a stiffer shaft. Additionally less accuracy is also a sign for moving to  stiffer shafts.

The shaft flexibility plays a huge role in golf and it determines how accurately you play your shots. So, it is extremely important to find the correct shaft stiffness to have the best performance.

These are just a few of the signs and before you decide on whether or not you need stiffer shafts will depend on a few other factors too.

What Are Stiffer Shafts?

Golf shafts are offered in many different flex options and stiffer shafts are less flexible. Additionally, they are harder to bend and are quite heavy compared to flexible options.

Due to their design language, these shafts produce more resistance during swing which can lead to greater distances.

Generally speaking, these characteristics will be advantageous to golfers who hit the ball further and quicker. 

Signs you need a stiffer shaft?

Stiffer shafts are not always the best option for all golfers, however if you are unable to produce your required distance, loft etc., you might need a stiffer shaft. There are also few other signs which you need to focus on.

Less Distance On Shots

Less Distance On Shots

Finding the accurate distance on shots during golf is very important and often players lose the game due to that. Flexibility of the shafts and distance are highly correlated.
Thus if your swing speeds are high and you tend to hit the ball on the upper end you will need a stiffer shaft to have the perfect control and more distance. 

Higher Loft

Higher Loft

You might think that a higher loft is always a good thing for golf and generally speaking it is.

But technically, if the ball gets too high and balloons up in the air you can lose distance which can be quite annoying for any golfer.

Higher ball flight is beneficial for club strokes when you want to halt the ball on the green.

However, for driver shots where you want more distance, you will need a controller ball flight and stiffer shafts can help you achieve the shot. 

Not the appropriate spin

Not The Appropriate Spin

Another common reason to shift to a stiffer shift is for finding the appropriate spin on your shots.

If your shafts are too flexible it can lead to too much spin. Too much spin can result in a decrease in roll which in turn will also decrease the distance.

So, if this is the case for you, shifting to a stiffer shaft can be a great option. These shafts will reduce the spin on your balls and increase the roll which will also lead to greater distances. 

Faster Swing Speeds

Faster Swing Speeds

When you begin playing golf, your swing speeds will be lower and for players with slower swing speeds flexible shafts will be okay.

However, as your game improves and your swing speeds also increase you will also need to upgrade your shaft to a more stiffer one.

Flexible shafts will not be able to take the force of your higher swing speeds resulting in inaccurate shots. Whereas a stiff shaft will bend much less and be able to cope up with the higher swing speeds.

Less Accuracy 

Less Accuracy 

Golf is all about accuracy and if you notice that your shots are not going on target instead the shots have too much dispersion, the flexibility of the shaft is to blame.

So, a stiffer shaft can solve this issue as these shafts provide more control and stability in the shots which also reduces side-to-side movement. This will help you to hit the shots more accurately towards your target.

What happens if your golf shaft has too much flex or is too stiff?

What happens if your golf shaft has too much flex or is too stiff?

One thing to keep in mind while choosing the right flex for your golf shafts is the accurate flex.

If you end up using a shaft with too much stiffness or too much flex you won’t be able to play accurate shots. So, it is important to find the perfect balance.

If your golf shaft is too stiff

  • You won’t be able to produce high loft shots
  • The shaft can feel too harsh and unresponsive 
  • There will be too much hook and slice 
  • Stiffer shafts can reduce the distance 

If your golf shaft have too much flex

  • Golf ball can have too much loft
  • The shaft can bend too much under force from higher swing speeds
  • There will be high chances for the ball to balloon up in the air 

How important is the stiffness of a shaft for your golf club?

As you already know how much your game can be affected when you have a shaft that has too much flex or is too stiff. So finding the accurate shaft stiffness is important for any golfer.

Bending of the shaft

If your golf shaft bends too much during impact, it can seriously affect the distance, trajectory and control of your golf ball.

Additionally, shaft flexing too much can break down under pressure of higher swing speeds. 

Too much loft

Another problem with not having the right stiffness is your balls can have too much loft in the air which can lead to reducing distance. 

Inconsistent shots

If you are unable to play consistent shots and end up with playing inaccurate shots then it could be due to your shaft flex. So it is important to use the shaft with proper stiffness.

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Are stiffer shafts always better?

Stiffer shafts are not always better and not meant for every golfer and it mostly depends on personal choices and preferences. Generally if you have a high swing speed and you get too much loft you should go for stiffer shafts. 

How can I determine the right shaft stiffness for me?

Generally golfers who have a faster swing speed use stiffer shafts whereas players with slower swing speed use flex shafts. Based on your playing style you should choose the stiffness; you can either use a shot tracking device or work with a professional club fitter. 

Is a stiffer shaft better for a slice?

When you are playing with a shaft which is too stiff you might struggle with the slice. So, instead of going for a stiffer shaft you should try playing with a flexible on and it will help you play a better slice. 


Finding the right shaft stiffness is important for playing accurate and consistent shots.

Stiffer shafts might always seem a better option but the exact stiffness which is appropriate for you will depend on your playing style and skills. 

So, always try different shaft stiffness before making your final choice and keep a mix of different shafts on your bag.


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