TaylorMade M1 vs PSi Irons: Which One Is Right For You?

TaylorMade M1 vs PSi Irons, Which one is right for you? According to our in-depth research, the PSi irons are comparatively better than the M1. But, in the case of golf, it always depends on your choice, budget & comfort.   

The M1 irons and PSi irons have captured a large market. Why wouldn’t they? Each has their specialties & gives the best experiences with Golf. But between the two, which one is better? Which one will provide better ball speed forgiveness? What about the looks & accuracy? Which will produce better distance results?  

Calm Down! We got all your answers here. In this article we will give you an in detail comparison between TaylorMade M1 and PSi Irons. We will show you a comparison chart between the two, talk about their differences in detail and share tips & information along the way. 

If you read the article top to bottom, we guarantee that you’ll be able to make the right choice.Let’s Go!

TaylorMade M1 vs PSi Irons

TaylorMade M1 Irons

The M1 irons were introduced back in 2017. And since then, it has created quite a name in the market. 

It came with better control & more accurate forgiveness than the M2 Iron. It has Face Slots and Speed Pocket technologies.

It has comparatively shorter blade lengths and the head size is comparatively smaller. Not only that, it also has thin toplines as well. 

With all these features, they offer us accuracy, flexibility & comfortness. They help us produce higher & longer shots as well.

Another thing which might surprise you is that a Gold medal was won by the M1 back in 2017 in The Golf Digest Hot List. 

TaylorMade PSi Irons

The TaylorMAde PSi iron is currently one of the best irons out there right now. Ask for anything. Distance, forgiveness, workability, good looks or anything. They come with all these things & provide you with great experiences.

A newly designed Speed Pocket and ultra thin face has been used in it. There is a dampening HYBRAR compound & multi-material badge.

It is known as “Dynamic Feel System” named by TaylorMade. The Dynamic Feel System helps to reduce vibration & the speed pocket helps to create a midsize head. 

There is a thin sub-2mm face, it helps to increase COR. The looks are stylish & sound is also really good. KBS C-Taper 105 steel shafts are offered in it.

Although it might be a bit costly but with all these features it will provide you amazing experiences. 

TaylorMade M1 vs PSi Irons: Comparison Table

Here is a quick brief comparison between the two based on their different features & performance. Hope this will help you to understand them more deeply. 

          Topic              M1 Iron              PSi  Iron
Distance Good Better
Forgiveness GoodBetter
Recommended For Mainly  Mid-handicappersFrom Low to Mid Handicaps
Stock Grip Lamkin UTX-P .580 Round 47g.  TM LAmkin UTX REC
Stock Shaft True Temper XP 95Mitsubishi Kuro Kage SilverKBS C-Taper 105, MRC Kuro Kage 80-100
Ball Flights Produced Straight High LaunchingStraight Mid to High Launching 
Workability LessMore
Sound Bad Good
Cost LowHigh

Difference Between TaylorMade M1 Irons and TaylorMade PSi Irons

Here we have broadly discussed & compared the important features, performance & other important stuff between the two. Let’s see how they go head to head & help you out in making the right decision.  


The distant results or the distance controls in the M1 irons are usually good. If we compare it with the M2, it has a stronger loft with higher launch angle. Although comparatively it is marginally a bit shorter. It also has a good carry & rollout ratio too. 

The M1 irons might have good distance results, but the PSi Irons provide us way better results. The high-COR face helps in producing excellent distance results. Although, at the end of the day the distancing results depend on the individuals.


The forgiveness in M1 is good. As we said earlier, it has face slots & speed pockets. It improves forgiveness. Although when compared to the PSi, the forgiveness is marginally less but most people won’t have any problems with it. 

The ball speed forgiveness of PSi in one word is exceptional. According to our research, we found the irons providing really good forgiveness in both direction and distance. We would rank it slightly higher than the M1 irons.


You already know that the PSi irons are best suited for low to mid handicaps. But it is suited for higher handicaps as well. So if you want to benefit from a higher ball flight, these are recommended for you. 

However, the M1 Irons are recommended for the mid-handicappers. Though it depends on individuals, who wouldn’t want the best for himself. Aspiring better players can use it as well. 

Ball Flights

The TaylorMade M1 & PSi irons produce different ball flights. The M1 irons mostly produce high-launching & straight ball flights. On the other hand, with short & long irons the PSi produces straight & mid to high ball flight.

TaylorMade M1 vs PSi Irons: Which one is right for you? We hope you are on the way to making the right choice. 

Comparison Based On Loft

In the case of golf, the loft has a big big impact. It decides the trajectory & the distance. So getting a proper idea of the loft is really necessary. The PSI has a bit more loft than the M1. Here is an in-detail comparison between the two:

Club M1 IronPSi Iron
3 Iron18°19°
4 Iron20.5°21.5°
5 Iron23°24.5°
6 Iron26.5°27.5°
7 Iron30.5°31.5°
8 Iron35°35.5°
9 Iron40°40.5°
AW 50°50.5°
SW 55°55°

Comparison Based On Length

Imagine you are carrying a club but it does not have proper height. What will happen? Well, you just won’t be able to make the proper shots. If the length is not fitting with the golfer, then the setup & even the stance from the starting will go wrong. 

So, know the proper length of both TaylorMAde M1 & PSi before making your decision.

Club M1 PSi
3 Iron38.75″38.75″
4 Iron38.25″38.25″
5 Iron37.75″37.75″
6 Iron37.25″36.75″
7 Iron36.75″36.25″
8 Iron36.25″35.75″
9 Iron35.75″35.5″
AW 35.5″35.5″
SW 35.25″35.25″

Comparison Based on Lie

Lie directly affects the direction of the ball. It also has an impact on the flight of the ball. Here is a comparison about the lie of M1 & PSi irons.

Club M1PSi
3 Iron60.5°60.5°
4 Iron61°61°
5 Iron61.561.5
6 Iron62°62°
7 Iron62.5°62.5°
8 Iron6363°
9 Iron63.5°63.5°
AW 64°64°
SW 64.5°64°

Comparison Based on Offset

Many golfers these days use offset 2,3 & 4 irons. Offset is important as it helps to increase the launch angle.So, if you want to get the best experience & result, you should know about the offset. Here is an in-detail comparison between the two,based on their offset:

Club M1PSi
3 Iron4 mm4.8 mm
4 Iron3.8 mm4.4 mm
5 Iron3.5 mm4  mm 
6 Iron3.2 mm3.6 mm
7 Iron2.9 mm3.2 mm 
8 Iron2.6 mm2.8 mm
9 Iron2.6 mm2.4 mm
PW2.3 mm2 mm 
AW 2 mm 1.6 mm 
SW 1.6 mm 1.4 mm


Although both of the irons have good workability, just like the other ones, the PSi irons are a bit ahead. 

The M1 has good workability, in fact it is clearly better than the M2. So if you are good enough, you can easily make different kinds of shots. 

In the case of PSi irons, they provide even better workability. They are great in this part. So just like the M1 irons, you can make many kinds of shots if you are capable enough  as well.


The PSi irons will cost you way more than the M1 ones. If you buy brand new ones, the M1 Irons can easily cost you more than $ 650.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for a PSi iron set, it can cost you more than $1000. So, you have to make a big decision in this case.

Look and Sound

In both of the cases, the PSi irons are ahead. Although it depends on personal choice but in terms of looks, the M1 isn’t so eye-catching.

There is a bit less offset and also the head is comparatively smaller. The badge has a sharp design but the top line is a bit thinner.

On the contrary, the design of PSi irons is quite good. There are good offsets & it has good thin top lines.

The color is also lovely and it has sole widths similar to the RSI 2. So, they are one step ahead of the M1 irons.

In terms of sound & feelings, the PSi is a lot better. Its Dynamic Feel System reduces the vibration & makes experience even better. 

But when it comes to M1 irons, users experience wasn’t that good. To us, it seemed a bit off, not giving us the perfect feel while using it. So both in terms of looks & sound, the PSI irons clearly wins the battle. 

TaylorMade M1 or PSi Irons: Which One is Right For You?

Finally, we come down to the decision part. Which one will be best for you? As from the discussion you have already understood that the PSi irons are leading the race. 

But like we said, it depends on your choice, comfortness & budget. The PSi irons might be better in many terms but it has a relatively higher cost.

If you have a mid level budget, then without any doubt go for the M1 irons. You will have a good experience with them & they are far better than the traditional ones. 

The M1 can be really good for the mid-handicappers as well. So again, if you have a mid level budget you can clearly go for the M1 irons.

They are better than the M2 and you’ll get the best possible distance, forgiveness, feel & overall experience with that budget.

But if you have a good budget, then our suggestion would be to go for the PSi irons.

They are one of the best in the markets right now. They will give you the best experience you can get. So if you can spend that much, close your eyes & get them.  

Last but not the least, it depends on your own choice. Now that you know the strengths and weaknesses, advantages & disadvantages, listen to yourself and we hope you’ll make the right decision.

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