Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow vs. Black: The Better Shaft?

A legitimate golfer requires absolute accuracy from every piece of equipment. This is where the shaft is critical and in this sector, HZRDUS smoke yellow and black share a major difference.

The crucial difference between HZRDUS smoke yellow vs. black is their aggressiveness. If you’re a player who likes to be rough, smoke black suits you, but if you’re more of a smooth operator, then yellow is the way to go.

Both carry unique structures that allow you to play according to your style. This article will aid you in selecting the most suitable option, to avoid confusion. Stay tuned to the end to find out more.

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow vs. Black

Overview Of HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Shaft 

HZRDUS smoke yellow demonstrates a distinctive design concept to ensure a smooth game for players.

This shaft is made out of particular wood with a firmer mid and butt section ensuring additional stability.

The shaft also has an aerodynamic structure that maintains low launch and low spin. It’s a brilliant choice for a recreational golfer because it offers low torque, and for a competitive golfer; it is no less.

The Smoke Yellow comes with an intriguing hand-control design that allows more mass to be added to the club head. However, it can provide a firmer field preferred by stronger players. 

Overview Of HZRDUS Smoke Black Shaft  

The new material, optimized to improve the tactile experience, highlights the new HZRDUS smoke black. Despite its pleasing aesthetics, the performance remains top-notch due to improved steadiness.

With improved playability for the player, the new rigid frame technology allows the player to exert more power than ever before. And that’s why it’s best known among energetic golfers.

The smoke black shaft maintains a stiff mid and stiff tip section like the original HZRDUS black.

Newly optimized materials improve the entire flex curve so that a wide range of players can feel suitable. 

HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Vs Smoke Black Golf Shaft: Quick Comparison Table

These two shafts might seem similar to you, but in terms of specs, it has a slight difference. You will get a full brief after observing the comparison. Let’s find out more in the comparison table.

HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Vs Smoke Black Golf Shaft: Quick Comparison Table

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What Are The Differences Between HZRDUS Smoke Yellow And Black Shaft?

Now that you have a clear overview and a quick comparison, you can ask what the real crucial difference between them is.

Why are they different from each other even though they are shafts? Well, to find out, keep following.


Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow
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HZRDUS smoke yellow and smoke black feature a unique flexible gradient design. HZRDUS smoke black is black, and smoke yellow is black with a touch of yellow.

Hazardous smoke yellow comes with a counterbalance design. These are crafted to be lightweight, with low spin and launch control enabled. Even though HZRDUS smoke black is more aesthetically pleasing than smoke yellow.

Design is the most fundamental part of a shaft. However, some prefer attractive designs, and some don’t, but that still needs to change the fact that design should be appealing. 


HZRDUS smoke yellow comes with technology that maintains low swing speed and higher ball speed increase whereas the HZRDUS smoke black maintains aggressive swings.

HZRDUS smoke yellow provides moderate tempo, low trajectory, and low spin. So this is how the yellow smoke gives the maximum speed. Smoke black provides aggressive swing with its maximum torque Technology.

Though the technology in both of them is arguably the same, it actually depends on the player and how you play it on the field.


In terms of performance they actually perform excellently in the field. However, there is a slight difference in field performance.

With a 3.5-degree torque in smoke yellow and up to 4-degree torque in smoke black creates a huge gap in performance. 

Smoke yellow offers a lower torque performance but smoke black performs a higher torque which signifies an increase in speed. This affects players who are expecting extra forceful swings. 


Shafts like smoke yellow and smoke black are available in various torques, flex ranges, and diameters. Let’s get to know more about the variations in the following variation table.

Flex range
CriteriaHZRDUS Smoke YellowHZRDUS Smoke Black 
Torque3.5 3.5 and 4
Flex range6 and 6.55.5 to 6.5
Butt diameter.600”,.660T”.600”
Tip diameter.335”.335”

Build Quality

Both of them are made out of graphite wood. This wood shaft provides sturdy performance and player playability. They are much more practical ensuring flexible performance.

Apart from the design, build quality is top-notch between these two as they provide premium quality build which is viable on the field and chosen by many professional golfers

HZRDUS Smoke Yellow or Black: Which Golf Shaft To choose?

HZRDUS smoke yellow or smoke black? It depends on what kind of player you are.  If you are a highly aggressive on-field, smoke black is the one for you but if it comes to smooth operator then it is yellow.

These two shafts compare well with each other because the design, technology, performance, and build quality differ a lot.

After all, they are both competitors and they should be chosen upon the type a player prefers. 

Choosing a golf shaft is at least not the hardest thing to do on this planet. However, at this point, you got a correct clear overview between these two. The choice is yours.

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We tried to cover every detail about HZRDUS smoke yellow and smoke black. Ultimately, there still may be some queries in your head but don’t worry I got you. Following are the most asked questions that might be important to you.

Which shaft is best for high Swing speed?

Among the smoke yellow and the smoke black HZRDUS smoke black is the best for high swing speed as it creates maximum stability and the low-speed profile is designed for aggressive swingers. It makes it the highest and superior in swing speed.

Which shaft provides a better torque performance?

Smoke yellow has 3.5-degree torque whereas smoke black has 4-degree torque. According to performance smoke black gives a better torque performance because of its flex progression but smoke yellow also allows you to play a longer length without making the swing way too heavy. 

Is HZRDUS smoke yellow better than smoke black?

HZRDUS smoke yellow is not better than smoke black or vice versa. They both play in different fields with different players.
They provide a different set of playability among different types of players so both of them are really good in terms of performance and technology. You can’t really compare these to better than the other.

Which shaft is right for aggressive swings?

HZRDUS smoke black is the adequate one for aggressive swings because of the technology.
The design that it is made out of, is for players who like to be more forceful with their Golf shafts. So it is pretty clear that HZRDUS smoke black is the right one to be violent.

Which shaft is good for a smooth experience?

In order to gain a smooth experience HZRDUS smoke yellow will provide you with the best. The design that it is made out of allows a maximum ball speed with low launch control.
So you can easily get a firmer field and a smooth experience playing with these shafts. It can allow you to be violent also.
Both of them feature maximum stability in the hand and a newly optimized shaft that is really comfortable in the hand.

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