5 Wood Vs. 3 Iron: Which One Is the Perfect Club for You?

5 Wood or 3 Iron, the choice can always be difficult for golfers. Finding the perfect club between these two is challenging as there are many similarities in terms of performance between them. So, what are the differences between 5 Wood Vs 3 Iron?

The main difference between them is that 5 Wood has a longer shaft, Whereas 3 Iron has a shorter shaft and, as a result, produces less distance. In addition, a 3 iron has a narrow and compressed head as opposed to a 5 wood’s broad, round head.

This is just a brief difference between them, and there are many other factors we need to talk about. So, keep on reading to know more about these differences.

5 Wood vs 3 iron
5 Wood vs 3 iron

5 Wood Vs 3 Iron: Comparison Table

Our comparison table below will list out all the common differences between 5 Wood and 3 Iron which will make your decision making much easier.

Criteria 5 Wood3 Iron
DesignBroad and round headCompressed and narrow head
Shaft LengthLongerShorter
Clubhead Speed103 mph98 mph
Distance 230 yards212 yards
Launch Angle18-20 degree14-16 degree

What Are The Differences Between 5 Wood And 3 Iron?

Now we will look at all the differences between 5 wood and 3 iron in full detail. Understanding how each golf club performs in different categories will help you determine whether it is perfect for you or not.


The First difference you will notice right away is the design of these clubs. With 3 iron, you will find a compressed and narrow head design; for 5 wood, you will see a broad and round head design.

Thus, with 3 iron, less spin is produced due to the thinner, more compact head, which leads to a lower ball flight.

As opposed to this, a broad round head of the 5 wood has greater bulk down on the club head. This causes the center of gravity to be lower and frequently deeper, which aids in propelling the ball higher and further.

Shaft Length

These two clubs have a little difference in shaft length. But cutting an inch off your shaft affects where your ball will be at contact. The 3 iron and 5 wood might have different sizes overall. 

However, 5-woods with steel shafts typically range in length from 41.5 to 42 inches. On the other hand, a 3-iron usually has a length of around 39 inches. 

As a result, the 5 Wood may extend the distance by 15-20 yards further than the 3 Iron because of the larger shaft since the longest shafts can make the ball travel the furthest distances.

Clubhead speed

Another crucial difference between them is the clubhead speed. The 5 Wood takes the upper hand here with a higher speed of 103 mph, and the 3 Iron has a speed of 98 mph on average.

Having a faster club speed is beneficial since it increases your maximum distance. In fact, increasing your club speed by one mph can extend your driving range by up to 3 yards.

Therefore, the ball will fly farther the quicker the club head is moving through impact. 


Design features in some clubs that assist minimize the impact of a faulty swing or poor ball contact are referred to as forgiving.

One of the most important considerations when selecting a golf club, especially for beginners, is high forgiveness.

The 5 Woods are a better option for high handicappers when compared to the 3 Irons, as they are more forgiving.


Distance is another critical consideration when selecting the perfect golf club. The 5 wood has a higher average distance of 230 yards compared to the 212 yards produced by the 3 Iron.

A golf club’s overall distance depends on a number of variables, including swing speed and loft.

Since the 5 Wood has a faster swing speed and a broader launch angle, its total carry distance will undoubtedly be greater than the 3 iron.

However, despite the fact that 3 iron has a shorter carry distance than the other due to its slower speed and shorter length, it still has somewhat superior control.

Launch Angle

The last difference we will talk about between these two golf clubs is the launch angle. Launch angle is a crucial factor in influencing the loft and range of a stroke, along with ball speed.

Loft and launch angle are closely related concepts. In general, clubs with lesser lofts create smaller launch angles, whereas greater loft clubs are intended to have larger launch angles.

5 Wood has a higher launch angle of 18-20 degrees which increases the overall distance compared to a lower launch angle of 14-16 degrees of 3 Iron.

5 Wood or 3 Iron: Which One Is Better Choice For You

5 Wood and 3 Iron are really good golf clubs and perform well. However, they do have quite a lot of differences between them. Which one to choose between them depends on your preferences.

If you want a club to hit the ball further and looking for a beginner friendly club, you can go for the 5 wood.

This will help you to hit the ball to a better distance. Additionally, it also offers more forgiveness which is also a great advantage.

On the other hand, if you want a club with better accuracy, then 3 Iron can be a good choice, as it is easier to control. Moreover, due to the lower launching angle, it works well in breezy environments.


The section below is all about FAQs, we will answer some of the most common questions related to 5 Wood and 3 Iron here.

Is 3 Iron equal to 5 Wood?

Most golfers like using a high-lofted wood rather than a challenging long iron to knock into a fairway.
A fairway wood’s wider clubhead opposed to iron makes it simpler to hit the ball farther without overswinging.
Generally speaking, a 5-wood would equal a 2-iron, and a 7-wood would equal a 3-iron.

Are 5 Wood and 3 Iron beginner friendly clubs?

Both 5 Wood and 3 Iron are beginner friendly clubs and can be easily used by any amateur.
However, beginner golfers would enjoy playing with a 5 Wood better because it offers better distance and is more forgiving. Additionally, it also offers better swinging speed.

Which has a better distance: 5 Wood or 3 Iron?

A professional golfer’s 5-wood travels 230 yards on average. While a 3-iron typically travels 212 yards.
The iron, therefore, goes 18 yards less than its adversary, the 5 wood. Therefore, wood has a greater distance than iron.

Are 5 Wood and 3 Iron the easiest golf driver to hit straight?

The 3 iron is easier to handle and is more precise. The 3 iron is a wonderful club to use if you wish to hit a straight shot onto a green and expect it to stop and remain. While the 5 Wood is a little more challenging to handle

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