How to Fix EZGo Golf Cart Won’t Move Problem? (Understanding and Resolving)

EZGO is one of those names on which people reply regarding getting a golf cart. It’s convenient and has a place of credibility. Despite having a good name and state of the game, it can create issues that can be the cause of your headache.

One of the most common problems is that the EZGO golf cart won’t move at all. It may run but won’t respond to the commands to move. Don’t worry. Replacing the run/tow switch or the ignition switch or simply checking the battery etc. will easily get you out of this trouble. 

That’s why, here, we will talk about some of the most common problems that cause the EZGO golf cart not to move and the measures you can go with to fix them. Let’s go!

How to Fix EZGo Golf Cart Won’t Move Problem

Why Does The EZGO Golf Cart Won’t Move?

The possible reasons behind the EZGO golf cart not moving are a few in number. The best part is that the problems are pretty basic and easy to deal with.

Though the problems are basic, you must need to know about them in the first place and eventually identify them to go for the solution. So, some of the common reasons behind an EZGO golf cart not moving are- 

  • Switch problem
  • Battery problem
  • Solenoid problem
  • Spark plug problem
  • Controller problem
  • Air filter problem
  • Buzzer problem

All the above-stated problems are the most common reasons why an EZGO golf cart may stop moving. Now that we have come to know about them, let’s get to know how we can fix them.

7 Solutions To Fix The EZGO Golf Cart Not Moving Problem:

We have shed some light on some of the reasons for an EZGO golf cart not moving in the previous section. Below, we will see what we can do so that we can solve these problems eventually making the golf cart move.

1. Check The Switches

This is one of the first measures that you should take if you find your golf cart not moving. There are quite a few types of switches. Let’s discuss them separately. 

  • The Run/Tow Switch

The run/tow switch in the EZGO golf cart determines the action of the cart whether it will just run or tow based on the option you go with.

If this switch gets stuck or gets damaged for some reason, the golf cart won’t move. So, check if the switch is okay or not.

If not, you will have to replace it. Hire a mechanic or expert for doing that if you can’t or don’t want to do that by yourself. 

  • Forward/Backward Switch

Well, the next thing is the forward/backward switch. You already know the functions of this switch and that’s why there is no point in telling you that.

Just like the run/tow switch, if this switch gets stuck or in a state that, the situation isn’t on the positive side and it will cause the EZGO golf cart won’t move. Thus you’re left with nothing but the option of replacing it with a new one. 

  • The Ignition Switch

The next up is the ignition switch. If your EZGO golf cart isn’t moving then maybe it’s because the ignition switch somehow malfunctioned.

To check it, get an ohmmeter, open the dash of the golf cart, connect the leads of the ohmmeter with the wires of the ohmmeter and turn the ignition switch on. If you get reading, it’s working.

It may work even if it shows a small reading number. But if you don’t see any reading, maybe the ignition switch isn’t working properly anymore and you will have to get a new one.

However, there can be another possible situation and that is maybe the ignition switch is perfectly fine but it’s the loose wire connections or any other problem with the connection causing the EZGO golf cart not to move.

So, don’t forget to check the state of the wires that connect the ignition switch to the other part of the cart. If the wires are loose, tighten them and secure a better connection.

If the wires are quite old and corroded, change them. You can use the user manual to get directions about changing the wires by yourself.

2. Check The State Of The Battery


Any sort of problem with the batteries of the EZGO golf cart may become the reason behind it not moving at all.

The very first thing that you need to check regarding the battery is whether the batteries have enough power or not. If they don’t have enough charge, plug them in for charging.

But if the batteries of your EZGO cart are quite old, they won’t serve the way they used to and in a situation like this, you don’t have anything else to do other than replacing them. But do talk to an expert before making any move. 

3. Checking The Solenoid 


Solenoid is the element that moves electricity around the whole golf cart. This is one of those things that keeps the cart powered. And if anything happens to this beast of a tool, your EZGO won’t move.

If the solenoid gets worn out or gets damaged for any other reason, it will cause the cart to come to a standstill.

While functioning, the solenoid gets in touch with the contact plate making an electric pressure preventing the solenoid to flow electricity around the cart. 

This problem eventually leads to the corrosion of both the contact plate and the solenoid.

To prevent this, check the condition of the solenoid and the contact plate quite often and if you see any sign of corrosion, go with a replacement. 

4. Look At The Spark Plug

Spark Plug

Spark plugs are yet another vital element of a golf cart. This is the thing that keeps a golf cart running pretty smoothly.

If there is anything wrong with the spark plugs, the cart won’t be able to function properly and eventually won’t be able to move.

To examine the overall condition of the spark plugs, open the engines and see if there is anything wrong with them or not.

Oftentimes, there is actually nothing wrong with the spark plugs. It’s just the wire connections that got a bit weak. So, tightening the wire connections will do the job.

But if you witness corrosion or any other kind of damage with the spark plugs, you will have to replace them with new ones.

5. Examine The Controller


The controller is the thing that controls the overall speed of your golf cart. One of the most common reasons behind this not working properly is the controller getting old.

So, if the controller of your EZGO golf cart gets old, it will hamper the overall functionality of the cart making it unable to move.

Replacing it with a new one is the only available solution. It’s highly recommended when you replace the controller, you replace the solenoid and vice versa.  

6. Clean The Air Filter

Air Filter
Air Filter

The EZGO golf cart won’t move after starting if the air filter of the EZGO golf cart somehow got clogged with debris or some other thing. Make sure to check the air filter of your golf cart. If it’s actually clogged with debris, clean up the mess.

7. Connect The Buzzer


There is a buzzer in the EZGO Golf cart. If this thing somehow gets disconnected the cart will determine this as a system failure and stop moving.

If suddenly your EZGO golf cart stops moving, see if the buzzer got disconnected or not. If yes, connect it properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We believe that you have received all the technical knowledge you require to do the fixes easily. However, there might be some questions lingering in your mind. So we have prepared some FAQs for you to clear your doubts further.

What are some safety precautions to take before doing the fixes?

Always disconnect the negative terminal of the battery before you do any fixes/ repairs/ replacements/ installations.
One more tip is to wear rubber shoes/ gloves or have a piece of cardboard underneath your footing while working on the fixes.

What should you do if I cannot fix the EZGO golf cart alone?

The answer is pretty simple! Head to your local automotive garage and ask for help from a professional. This will ensure two things. One, you will get the job done by someone who knows how to fix it.
Two, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong with your cart. Even if it does, he/ she can fix it easily.

What are the prices of the replacement for the EZGO cart not moving?

For the accelerator, it should cost you around $150 if you are buying some high-end products. Solenoids are cheaper, and you can get them replaced within 100 dollars.
On the other hand, ignition switch replacements are a bit pricey and cost around 300 dollars.

How should you take care of your EZGO cart, so the not moving issue does not appear again?

Remember to take your EZGO cart out regularly for a drive and avoid bumpy/ off-road tracks.
The vibrations felt from these drives can eventually affect the internal parts of the cart. Also, take your cart out for a maintenance check every 2-3 months.


Man-made things can never be free of defects. And EZGO golf carts are no exception in this regard.

The EZGO golf cart won’t move is quite a common issue. The reasons behind this problem are mostly surface-level reasons and fixing them is also pretty easy as well.

You may be wondering why the common solution behind these reasons is simply replacing the damaged parts. Well, there is no other solution than going with replacement.

But always consult with an expert before making any move. Hire a mechanic to do the replacements. If you have the expertise of doing that by yourself, you can also do that. So, that’s it from our side. Wishing you all the very best. 

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