5 Most Common Yardsport YS200 Problems [Easy Solution]

You may often experience some problems while driving your Yardsport YS200 golf cart. When the parts of the car are getting old, various types of problems start spreading. 

Some of the major Yardsport problems include engine issues, battery issues, solenoid breakdown, hard starting, faulty direction switch, speed controller woes, and so on. These issues happen when the parts aren’t properly maintained and monitored. 

Fixing these problems may seem very difficult at first. But it shouldn’t be. Today, we’ll figure out the most common Yardsport YS200 Problems and the ways to fix them. So, let’s get into the article.   

Yardsport YS200 Problems

What Are The Common Problems With Yardsport YS200?

Several problems can be found in a yard sport ys200 golf cart. Some of the most common problems are the following:

  1. Batteries breakdown or lose charge
  2. Engine Hard to Start
  3. Solenoid Breakdowns
  4. Tire Problems
  5. Faulty Direction Switch

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Yardsport YS200 Problems?

Whether you face problems with your Yardsport YS200 golf car, try to troubleshoot the problems yourself before taking the car to a repair shop. The fixing process of golf cart problems is the following: 

Problem 1: Batteries breakdown or lose charge

Battery breakdown or losing charge is one of the most common problems with a YS200 golf cart. Whether you experience this problem, the first thing to consider is the batteries. 

If the batteries are dead and the water level isn’t accurate, it makes the car unable to start. This problem will be very frustrating to face while you’re on the course of your game. So, it’s good to fix the problem asap. 

What Causes Batteries Breakdown On Yardsport YS200?

Blown batteries and lack of maintenance are the common causes of battery breakdown. The other potential reasons may include:

  • Not using the car for a long time
  • Lack of enough power
  • Dead battery
  • Dust and debris in the battery terminals
  • Improper water level
  • Older golf cart or battery

How To Fix Batteries Breakdown On Yardsport YS200?

If you want to fix the battery problems on your Yardsport YS200 golf car, go through the following guideline:

First of all, check the battery power using a multimeter or voltmeter. If there is enough power but still doesn’t work, verify the water level. Because improper water levels may cause battery breakdown on the car. 

If the electrical connections or wires are loose or damaged, it can cause battery problems.

So, visually inspect all the electrical connections into the terminals and make sure they’re tightly connected. 

As we mentioned, if the terminals are dirty, battery problems may occur. So, clean all the dust and debris very carefully.

Thus when you’re done, try to start the car. If it still doesn’t work, it means it’s time to install a new battery into the car.  

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Bad Batteries On Yardsport YS200?

The replacement cost of bad batteries on Yardsport YS200 will depend on the area you live in. However, the labor cost may be between $85 and $120 while a brand new battery for YS200 will cost around $900 to $2000. 

Problem 2: Engine Hard to Start 

You may eventually face problems with your YS200 golf cart because of a bad or damaged engine.

The engine works like the heart of a car. So, when the engine is bad, the car will stop working. It may start stuttering or producing unnecessary sounds and smells. 

What Causes Engine Hard to Start On Yardsport YS200?

There are multiple issues why engine problems occur on a Yardsport golf car. Some of the major causes are:

  • Not used for a long time
  • Faulty gas pedal 
  • Corroded battery cables 
  • Broken spark plug wires 
  • Clogged air filter 

How To Fix Engine Hard to Start Problem On Yardsport YS200?

After checking the batteries, examine the engine carefully if there is any issue that may create the problem.

Start by checking the gas pedal if it works well. If there is any issue found in the gas pedal, fix the problem if necessary or replace it.   

Sometimes because of a corroded battery cable, the engine may stop turning over. So, go check the battery cables and make sure that they are nose strongly connected.   

When the spark plug is broken, cracked, burnt, or disconnected, it can also be the reason for a  damaged engine.

So, look for the plug which needs a quick replacement. Don’t forget to check the air filter also. A clogged air filter can also damage the engine.  

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Blown Engine On Yardsport YS200?

The cost of replacing a blown engine depends on the type of engine and the process of fixing and troubleshooting.

The average labor cost will be between $85 to $150. If you install a new engine to replace the old one, it will cost between $1000 to $2,500.  

Problem 3: Solenoid Breakdowns

Most of the time, the solenoids are to blame while you undergo some problems with your YS200 golf car.

The solenoid is an electromagnetic coil of wire which carries electric current to the motor. When you put pressure on the accelerator, it creates a clicking sound and ensures that it’s working. 

If somehow the solenoid stops producing the sound, it means it is in trouble and has to be diagnosed.

When the solenoid gets into trouble, the car will stop working and the solenoid valve won’t open or close accurately.  

What Causes Solenoid Breakdowns On Yardsport YS200?

Some of the possible causes of battery breakdown will include:

  • Loose wires
  • Broken electrical connections
  • Torn or cracked coils
  • Dirt or corrosion in the solenoid
  • Inaccurate power supply  

How To Fix Solenoid Problems On Yardsport YS200?

As the solenoid problems are very irritating, they must be fixed very soon. To do so, follow the following step-by-step guideline:

Simple Fix-1:

The most common reason for solenoid breakdown is broken wire or broken coils. So, start by checking the wires and coils if they are broken or worn out. 

If yes, fix the broken wire and coil or replace it as required. Also, make sure that the power supply is accurate

Simple Fix-2:

When there is any corrosion, worn seals, membranes, or o-rings, it can cause solenoid problems. So, check it and repair or replace them as required. Also, remember to clean dust and debris over there.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Bad Solenoids On Yardsport YS200?

The average replacement cost for a bad solenoid will be around $700. A single one requires only $15 to $100 while a solenoid pack will cost between $50 to $400. The rest is the labor cost while the labor will take between 2-4 hours.  

Problem 4: Tire Problems

If there is any leakage into the tires, the Yardsport YS200 golf cart problems may occur. It won’t let your car run. Moreover, it makes the car imbalanced while running. 

What Causes Tire Problems On Yardsport YS200?

The possible causes of getting the tires into trouble are the following: 

  • Damaged tire bread
  • Puncture in sidewalls
  • Defective valve stem or leaks
  • No valve caps

How To Fix Tire Problems On Yardsport YS200?

You can diagnose and replace a flat tire yourself by following some simple steps which are: 

Simple Fix-1: 

Begin by checking if there is any leakage or holes in the tires. To do so, inflate the tire with an air pump and listen to if there is any hissing sound.

Or attempt to immerse the tire completely in soapy water and check if you see any bubbles coming through the tire.

To replace the tire, remove the nuts with a ratchet wrench. Then, remove the flat tire and install the newer one. Then plug in all the nuts and screw them. Make sure that the nuts are tightened enough.  

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Flat Tire On Yardsport YS200?

The replacement cost for a flat tire will be around $80 to $120. The labor cost will be between $30 to $60 while a brand new tire will consume $50-$60.  

Problem 5: Faulty Direction Switch

The direction switch is one of the most frequently used parts of a golf car. It is also called a forward or reverse switch. This switch allows you to move the car forward or backward. 

When the direction switch is faulty, the car may move forward but cannot reverse. Or it can reverse while it cannot move forward. Moreover, the car can get stuck and cannot move in either direction. 

What Causes Direction Switch Issues On Yardsport YS200?

Multiple issues can damage the direction switch on the Yardsport car. Some of the possible causes are: 

  • The switch is used very much 
  • Did not maintain properly
  • The selector is unable to move the switch pin 

How To Fix a Bad Direction Switch On Yardsport YS200?

If you want to fix the direction of which problem, follow the complete instructions given below: 

Step-1: Look for the Broken Switch pin

Direction may stop working when the switch pin is broken. So, visually inspect if there is any broken switch pin found.

Make sure that the lugs are properly connected by the pin. When you’re done, repair the pin if necessary. 

Step-2: Check the Selector

Check the selectors if they are properly moving the switch pin. If not, repair it or install a new switch if necessary. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Direction Switch Problems On Yardsport YS200?

The fixing cost of a direction switch will be not more than $30. Fortunately, the labor time will be around 5-10 minutes. 


The Yardsport YS200 golf car problems are very common when there is a lack of maintenance guidelines and regular check-ups. Never overload the car with too much stuff. 

Always follow the owner’s manual and be careful about the maximum weight. Besides, don’t attempt to drive your car, while there are some symptoms of issues. By doing that, the problem will get worse day by day.

However, hopefully, you have got all the necessary instructions to troubleshoot and fix the problems on your Yardsport YS200 golf cart.

You may eventually face the problems. But it doesn’t mean that you should always haul your car to a repair shop. You can try it yourself and save money.

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