Why Is My EZGo Charger Blinking Red? [Troubleshooting Tips]

The Ezgo charger is an irreplaceable part of the Ezgo Golf Cart battery. And even though Ezgo golf carts have very efficient chargers, it can face many problems. The charger indicates these problems by blinking in different patterns.

That said, Ezgo Charger blinking red means it is sending L.E.D. fault codes. The slow blinking means there is a momentary flash followed by total darkness. The red light on the charger and the external charger will flash continuously when there is a problem with the battery charger.

The charger cannot detect the batteries since there is a connection failure between them. Read the whole article to understand the fault codes, get a proper solution to each problem, and learn about the battery charger. 

Ezgo Charger Flashing Red Light

There are different fault codes for the number of times the charger blinks red. Take a look at the table to get a primary idea about what each number of flashes means.

Number of FlashesMeaning
OneCharge functionality fault
Twovoltage level is too short
ThreeCharger timeout
FourA problem with the battery
SixCharger is damaged

To get a more detailed idea about what each number of flashes means, let’s keep going.

When the Charger Flashes Once?

When the charger flashes for once and stops, one Red Flash signifies Charge Functionality Fault.

Examine the D.C. side connection for faulty contact. Check the plug’s location in the cart’s side socket to make sure it connects. 

There could be a temperature-related problem or defect. Battery Temperature can exceed 122 degrees F or 50 ° C.

Also, verify the connection of the battery cables and tighten them if there are any loose connections.

You should remove any damaged circuits in the in-line fuse panels, and test the restart button (circuit breaker) to get a proper A.C. power supply. If none works, you can always call your service provider for help.

When the Charger Flashes Twice?

Red L.E.D. lights used in the battery charger of the EZGO may have multiple meanings. If the voltage level is too short, the red light flashes twice. It can mean that the charger is trying to charge the battery bank. 

The voltage of the battery bank falls between 36 and 67.2 volts. You could also double-check that the charger is securely attached.

And then you can try cleaning the contacts and re-tightening the connector to see if that fixes the issue. 

Your charger’s red light might blink for several reasons, including a faulty charger. To be sure there is a method of detecting low battery voltage is to measure the current in each battery. 

One of the batteries in the bank may have a very low voltage, dragging down the overall charge level.

To determine if there is any option to increase the power, you can charge this cell by yourself using the correct reduced charger. 

If you want to be certain that your club car will work, you must wait for the affirming green light to appear.

When the Charger Flashes Thrice?

Three Red Flashes on the charger indicate Charger Timeout. It signifies the charging time has surpassed 12 hours. Any type of the following is possible:

  • The battery bank has a D.O.D. It is the short form of Depth of Discharge of above 50%, preventing the charger from charging.
  • Or, the cells are old. Sulfation and building on the lead plates prevent amps and voltage from flowing smoothly. Which results in high resistance and heat generation. In this situation, you may need to change the cells.

Battery charging: three blinks, a pause, then three blinks, and a break again also means timeout. The total charging time was more than 24 hours.

It could be an indication of a battery issue. The battery or the generated voltage from the charger drastically dropped because of the high-temperature setting.

When the Charger Flashes Four Times?

If the charger flashes four times, it means that there is a problem with the battery. And the charge is not fully applied despite leaving it on the charger for its maximum period. It can imply that the batteries may no longer be in good condition.

The battery charger has run out of time if you see four rapid red lights. It signifies the charging time exceeded the Ezgo golf cart pack charger’s manufacturer-recommended maximum. 

An issue with the battery system voltage not reaching the requisite voltage needed to turn the charger out within the allotted time. 

If four rapid flashes followed by a brief pause and four red blinks again occur, then the Battery charging time has exceeded.

An issue has arisen where the rechargeable battery voltage is not achieving the minimum level within the specified time limit.

When the Charger Flashes Six Times?

Six blinks refer to a damaged charger. If the red light blinks six times, it means that the charger circuit has discovered an internal issue.

And if the blinking persists after being disconnected and reconnected once, remove the cords from the plug socket and the cart’s power source. 

Ideally, you should wait around 10 minutes. Reconnect the golf cart’s A.C. part before the D.C. one. If the same blinking persists after reconnecting the D.C. power connection, a new charger or a trip to a repair shop is required.

But if you notice six blinks, a gap, and then another set of six blinks and another pause, it can also mean that the charger has become faulty. The system has identified sources of problems. 

Taking the charger to a repair shop is necessary if this error message appears again after disconnecting and reconnecting the D.C. power adapter.

Ezgo Charger’s Red and Green Lights Are Blinking

A problem with the adapter could cause red and green lights to flash on your EZGO golf cart charger. Follow these instructions:

  • Take out the plug from the D.C. end. Please remove the plug from the A.C. wall outlet where it was getting power.
  • Ensure the battery’s connectors and the charger’s connecting end are spotless.
  • Please give it around 10 minutes.
  • Rejoin the charger by connecting the battery energy cable and the A.C. mains plug socket.
  • Verify that the indicator lights are no longer alternating between red and green.
  • If the problem persists, you should get the charger checked by an expert.

Some users see no reason to concern themselves if the charger is functioning properly and charging the battery. According to one customer, this red/green flash is par for the course using a Powerwise QE charger.


Now you know the reasons and the ways to resolve all kinds of problems related to the Ezgo Charger blinking red. It includes whether the charger is connected properly or not.

Sometimes it might be the charging port that is damaged or loose, so one should be careful about that. The fuse might be burnt, or there might be dust in the charging port and sockets. 

We have tried to cover every possible reason for an Ezgo charger blinking red, and hope you have found the answer you were looking for. And you should also be aware of these small things and take care of them for the well-being of your golf cart battery charger.

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