How To Make EZGO Golf Cart Faster? [Best Ways For Electric + Gas Cart!] 

One of the most efficient ways to make your EZGO golf cart faster is to increase torque for higher RPM and re-programming the speed controller. Using a higher-powered golf cart battery for higher voltage or adding better golf cart tires to reduce friction and go on can make your golf cart faster. 

But wait! We got the feeling that is not all to answer all of your queries regarding making the EZGO golf cart [either electric or gas carts] faster. That’s why, read today’s write-up till the end to go through every detail of the efficient ways.

How To Make EZGO Golf Cart Faster? [Best Ways For Electric + Gas Cart!] 

7 Best Ways To Make The EZGO Electric Golf Cart Faster

To be frank, there are not too many complicated things to make your EZGO golf cart faster. A few simple actions you can take to have a fast, smooth, and efficient ride. 

Depending on the modification of the golf cart, you can expect to increase the speed from 12 mph to 19.5 mph. However, let’s get to know the ways. 

#1- Reprogramming The Speed Controller 

Reprogramming The Speed Controller

It is the most popular, cost-effective, and proven solution for tuning the EZGO golf cart without any extra upgrades. 

You can expect to reprogram the speed controller of EZGO in newer models like TXT or RXV from your dealer. 

Some dealers often offer the service for free if you buy a cart from them or they can charge only $80 for reprogramming.

#2- Upgrading Golf Cart With High-Speed Controller

Upgrading Golf Cart With High-Speed Controller 

You can replace the controller of your EZGO golf cart with an upgraded model for more speed and torque. 

Upgrading the controller also allows for the installation of a solenoid contactor relay of a higher amp. 

Due to this, the EZGO can handle higher amperage loads without causing any damage to the cart. 

#3- Using A High Powered Battery 

Using A High Powered Battery 

In the list of effective ways, replacing the battery comes next.

You can use a high-powered golf cart battery in your certain 36v EZGO golf cart models to 48v. 

It will allow the cart to have the speed of a newer model of EZGO!

But to do the upgrade, you need to know the current battery voltage of your cart before changing it with a high-power one. 

[Additional-Tip: If you are upgrading the battery of your cart, we also recommend you replace the battery cables as well.]

#4- By Adding Extra Torque

By Adding Extra Torque 

Adding torque to your EZGO golf cart will automatically increase the speed of it. More torque by increasing the RPM in the cart means more speed! 

There are two ways to increase the torque in your EZGO golf cart. You can follow any of them.

  • To get more RPM, increase the motor voltage of the cart. 
  • For higher RPM, replace the motor.

#5- Upgrading The Golf Cart Motor 

Upgrading The Golf Cart Motor

Upgrading the existing motor is a good way to increase the performance of the EZGO golf cart. 

You should replace the motor with one that has more torque, and power and has a larger field coil. 

Moreover, installing a speed chip in the controller can also increase speed as it changes the voltage and timing of the motor.

#6- Don’t Haul Extra Load

Don’t Haul Extra Load

We know, the method is likely a “no-brainer”, but still keeping your EZGO golf cart light can definitely increase its speed. 

Just take a minute before you’re taking off for your journey with your cart and consider not taking unnecessary items as well as ensure that the cart is clutter-free.  

#7- Upgrade The Golf Cart With Bigger Tires

Upgrade The Golf Cart With Bigger Tires

Smaller tires in the golf cart cause increased friction in the ground. It makes it hard for the cart to move forward and slows its speed. 

If yours is one like that, upgrading it with larger tires will reduce this friction and will add-up the speed of the cart.  

You know, the larger the tires, the greater the speed!

5 Best Ways To Make The EZGO Gas Golf Cart Faster 

Conversely, to the EZGO electric golf cart, when you are dealing with a gas cart, then you will need to take a different approach to increase the speed of it. 

Let us go through the easiest ways to do this below. 

#1- Adjust The Golf Cart Governor

The governor of the golf cart limits the amount of fuel that enters the engine. 

To increase the speed of this cart, you can adjust the governor. It will allow more fuel entering into the engine as a result more power. 

But you should be cautious while adjusting to the governor. It is because allowing too much fuel to enter the engine causes overheating and seizing up.

So, we recommend you should take the help of the experts rather than trying the adjustment by yourself. 

#2- Cold Air Intake Installation

One of the easiest ways to enhance the speed of the EZGO gas golf carts is to install a cold air intake in the cart. 

Cold air intakes allow to bring more air into the engine that increases the burning of fuel, ultimately more speed in the cart. 

Installing the cold air intake is especially beneficial for the cart which you use frequently under heavy loads or at higher speed.

#3- Upgrade The Clutch

A clutch is a thing that engages and disengages the EZGO golf cart motor from the drivetrain. 

By upgrading the clutch of your golf cart with a high-performance one, you can add-up its speed. Upgraded clutch will engage the motor at a higher RPM allowing more torque. 

It is a great way to enhance the performance of the cart in case you are unwilling to upgrade the motor of it.

#4- Golf Cart Motor Upgrade

When you are hoping for higher speed in your EZGO gas golf cart, one of the many options is to upgrade the motor of it. 

A better motor will increase the torque in the cart. Increased torque will allow the cart to handle more load and run at higher speeds. 

If you frequently travel on hilly terrain or carry more loads, consider upgrading the motor.

#5- Installing New Tires And Keeping The Cart Weight Low

Like an electric EZGO golf cart, installing the bigger golf cart tires is another efficient way to make the gas golf cart running at higher speed. 

Larger golf tires decrease the friction of the ground allowing higher speed than before. 

Moreover, you should not haul extra load in your EZGO gas golf carts so as not to slow its speed.

Fortunately, all these upgrades are relatively simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There might be some more queries regarding making the EZGO golf cart faster. To clear up all those queries, here we covered some common questions that people ask about the matter.

How fast can a 48V EZGO golf cart go?

The 48V EZGO golf cart can travel at the speed of 12 to 14 mph. But if you apply modification and upgrade the parts of the EZGO golf cart, you can expect to increase this average speed to 20 to 24 mph. 

Can I make a 36V EZGO golf cart faster?

Yeah, you can also make your 36v EZGO golf cart faster by upgrading your cart with a larger motor. Moreover, installing new tires or adding some weight on the back for increased traction can also make the golf cart run fast. 

What is the top speed of an electric golf cart?

The average electric golf cart can run at the top speed of 15 mph or 24.1 KMH. But the special modification of the cart also helps to increase the speed of it. You can expect to get 30 MPH or 48.3 KM H in your electric golf cart. 

Why Does My Electric Golf Cart Go Slow Uphill? 

Incorrect tires, weak golf cart batteries, faulty speed sensors, and wear and tear in the motor are the potential causes that can make the electric golf cart go slow uphill. So, when you are having this problem with your golf cart, you can suspect one of the four reasons just mentioned. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, we think it is time to give closure to the whole discussion. 

Lastly, let us recap! 

We should keep in mind that there is no catch-all solution to make your EZGO golf cart faster. 

Whatever, still, these are the best ways by far to achieve the motive that we’ve pointed up.

So, consider any of the ways and make your golf cart faster without spending much money or wasting a lot of time!


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