7 Most Common Club Car Subaru Engine Problems [Easy Solution]

In golf, the Club car is an inevitable inclusion that most golfers use. A gas-driven club car has similar problems as any other vehicle. After a long quest, we’ve found several problems with a club car Subaru engine. 

Form them, You may have already faced some, and some you haven’t yet in your club car subaru, Like EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection system) problems or O2 issues. 

In this article, we will try to discuss the most common 5 issues related to Club Car Subaru Engine that you may find helpful with your Subaru golf cart.

Club Car Subaru Engine Problems
Club Car Subaru Engine Problems

What Are The Common Problems With Club Car Subaru’s Engine?

A club car containing a Subaru engine is well known for its longevity and high mileage. These small and powerful engines eventually face some difficulties, but they are preventable. 

Here we will discuss 5 problems that most frequently appear in a gas-driven club car Subaru engine.  

  1. EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection system) problem
  2. The O2 (Oxygen) sensor doesn’t work properly 
  3. Damaged Spark Plug
  4. Fuel Pump Issue
  5. Speed controlling issue
  6. Radiator issue
  7. Battery Issues

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Club Car Subaru’s Engine Problems?

A club car Subaru is not a rugged vehicle and is vulnerable in many situations. So users must be careful and have to inspect it more frequently to detect the smaller problems. 

An in-depth inspection may give you some insight into the nature of the problem and help you find a solution.

We will provide you with 5 engine-related issues with some easy fixes that may help you with your Subaru club car engine difficulties.  

Problem 1: EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection system) Issues

EFI-based Subaru club car engine is designed to rapidly input the fuel to the engine in a highly proficient manner.

An ECU (Electric Control Unit) controls the whole Fuel injection process. Which depends on data from O2 and other sensors.  

Despite their performance and reliability, a non-functional EFI can cause the problems below. 

  • Sediment build-up and EFI get clogged 
  • Inadequate fuel supply
  • Wrong Air to fuel Ratio in combustion
  • Diminish fuel efficiency
  • Uneven engine power
  • The unusual smell from the exhaust 

What Causes EFI Issue on Club Car Subaru’s Engine?

There are some reasons behind all EFI problems. Sometimes, EFI problems can be relatively simple, and Sometimes, the problem lies well hidden, deep within the highly sophisticated ECU. We are going to discuss the most prominent few below.

  1. Clogged fuel injector: Build-up rust due to long rest without servicing can cause this kind of problem. 
  2. Dirty fuel injector: When fuel additives are not spayed properly on the friction-heated EFIs, they will deposit residue and get dirty. 
  3. Stagnated EFI: Because of built-up rust, faulty winding, or fuel additives, EFIs may get stuck and cause petrol leaks. 
  4. Leaking Fuel injector: An O ring situated between the injector and fuel rail gets brittle and cracked due to engine heat. O ring failure is the main reason behind this. 
  5. Software Problem: EFI software problems can cause performance issues due to false timing and instruction. Which causes the wrong air-to-fuel ratio.
  6. Others: Clogged air and fuel filter, Damaged sensor, leaked or stuck fuel line, Damaged fuel pump, etc. 

How to fix EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection system) Issue on Club Car Subaru’s Engine?

The fuel injection system is highly sophisticated and takes some skills and special equipment to solve its issue.

Usually, they check the EFI with special computer-diagnosed equipment. The EFIs can also be self-diagnosed and generate special fault codes. 

Computer-diagnosed equipment can read and interpret that fault code and provide some repair instructions. The repairing process is discussed chronologically below. 

  • Clean the Clogged fuel injector: Only way to solve it is to remove the EFI and send it to a professional to clean it for you. 
  • Clean Dirty fuel injector: Using fuel additives and replacing them regularly can keep your EFI clean and give it a longer life. If EFI gets dirty, you also remove and clean it with a cleaning kit.
  • Stagnated EFI solution: If your EFI gets stuck or cannot open and cause oil leakage. It is best to replace it. 
  • Repair the leak: For internal leakage of EFI, you must replace it. If O-ring causes that problem, you can change it by a fraction of the cost of an EFI replacement.
  • Reprogramming EFI: Reprogramming EFI can solve the software issue. 
  • Secondary Problems: Sometimes, other parts-related problems cause the EFI to send you a false reading. Solving those problems like replacing or repairing clogged filters, lines, valves, and faulty sensors may solve the EFI issue. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection system)?

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection system) fixation cost may vary due to the size and sophistication of the engine. Based on the vehicle, you can expect to pay between 350$-800$. 

Problem 2: The O2 (Oxygen) sensor issue

The O2 sensor is positioned in the exhaust and monitors the unburned oxygen level. Which provides the means to the computer about the appropriate fuel mixture. That increases fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.  

Non-functional O2 sensor causes some issues in the engine given blow.  

  • Poor combustion
  • Reduce engine function
  • Fuel wastage
  • Rough idling

What Causes O2 sensor Issue on Club Car Subaru’s Engine?

The O2 sensor is as important as EFI in modern cars. There are a few reasons behind bad O2 sensors.

  1. Due to combustion Byproduct: Lead, sulfur, and fuel additives from combustion become caked on the sensor. This debris prevents the sensor from sending the appropriate signal. 
  2. Low Maintenance: Low maintenance, like not replacing the filter or spark plug, can speed up the damage of O2. 
  3. Low-Quality Fuel: Low-quality fuel can damage O2 sensors. 

How to fix the O2 sensor on Club Car Subaru’s Engine?

A non-functional or damaged oxygen sensor is not repairable. The only solution to this problem is to replace the entire O2 sensor as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to fix an O2 sensor?

Replacement of an O2 sensor is affordable. The probable cost of an O2 sensor is between 50$ – 300$. And that can vary based on the model, category of your vehicle, and service charge.

Problem 3: Damaged Spark Plug Issues

When a spark plug can not generate an arc at the precise moment, the engine can not function properly. If your spark plug gets damaged, you will have the issues given below.

  • Feeble acceleration  
  • Misfiring during acceleration 
  • Hard to start the engine 
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Rough Idling

You can easily identify spark plug damages by observing some particular symptoms like engine misfire, reduced gas mileage, poor acceleration, etc.

What Causes causes Spark Plug Damage?

Spark plug malfunction has some mind-blowing reasons behind it. We are going to discuss the most prominent issues below.

  1. Overheating: Overheating may occur due to a nonfunctional cooling fan or pre-ignition. This overheating can lead to the spark plug’s electrode wearing out faster.
  2. Oil Leaked into Combustion Chamber: Sometimes, engine oil leaks into the combustion chamber and the tip of the plug gets oilier causing premature problems. The lifespan of a spark plug also gets shortened. 
  3. Carbon buildup: Sometimes, carbon base black dry coating insulates the electrode of the spark plug and prevents it from functioning. 

How to fix or Replace a Spark Plug?

For minor problems, you can clean the electrode of your spark plug, but it won’t function as well as a new one. Sooner or later you have to replace it with a new one. 

How much does it cost to repair or replace a faulty spark Plug?

Generally, Subaru engines have a single cylinder, so you have to replace a single spark plug.

For low-cost copper spark plugs, it will cost you between 8$-12$, and for expensive iridium spark plugs, you may have to spend as much as 35$-50$. 

Problem 4: Fuel Pump Issue

The fuel pumps supply fuel into an EFI at precise pressure and accurate amount. Without the fuel pump functioning properly, your engine may face some issues given below. 

  • Increase engine temperature
  • Inadequate gas supply
  • Loud whining sound of the engine
  • Lose power while accelerating 
  • Rough running at idle and low speed
  • Car dies during the uphill drive
  • Decrease fuel efficiency 

What causes fuel pump issue in a Club Car Subaru Engine

Fuel pump issues are relatively common among gas-driven club cars. It may help to know the reason behind it. The most common causes of damaged fuel pumps are discussed below. 

  1. Fuel Starvation: Low fuel level pushes the pump to overwork to maintain particular fuel pressure. Low fuel is not helpful for cooling and lubricating the pump. Overwork, cooling, and lubrication problems altogether damage the Fuel Pump.
  2. Fuel Contamination: Nano debris and particles in contaminated fuel damage the fuel pump.
  3. Clogged Filter: Sediment and suspended particles from the fuel tank are the main reason for clogging. 
  4. Electrical Issue: Lose connection and melted wiring are the most common electrical problems. 

How to fix the Fuel Pump issue in a Club car Subaru Engine

As a temporary solution, you can add a “Fuel Pressure Gauge”, which will make your fuel pump functional. Putting some external pressure can help you restart your engine. 

Change the filter and use clean fuel. Always keep the tank full and not less than 25%. 

Severely damaged fuel pumps are irreparable. If you don’t want to damage other parts of your engine, then changing the fuel pump is the best solution.  

How much Does it cost to fix a Fuel pump problem?

Depending on the brand and model, a fuel pump alone can cost you 200$ to 800$. Excluding service charges that may vary from region to region. Average costs are between 500$-1000$ including service charge. 

Problem 5: Speed controlling issue

Generally, when you have a faulty potentiometer, you will face trouble controlling the speed of your club car. At first, the speed remains normal; the speed goes up and down irregularly after a while. 

What Causes speed control issue on Club car Subaru’s Engine?

There are a few reasons behind the speed control issue, and some of them may be noticeable to you.

The most usual two of these problems, regarding speed control of a club car Subaru engine are;

  1. Dysfunctional potentiometer: Your club car engine’s speed control problem primarily occurs when you have a dysfunctional potentiometer. 
  2. Loose Connection: A crack in the connection of the potentiometer may also cause speed control malfunction.

How to fix speed control issue on Club car Subaru’s Engine?

Loose connections or cracks are easy to repair. All you have to do is find the loose connection or cracks and tighten it. The only solution for a faulty potentiometer is to replace it. 

How much does it cost to fix the speed control issue on Club car Subaru’s Engine?

A potentiometer will cost you roughly 200$. With the MCOR upgrade, it can increase up to 300$. A Key Switch’s price is currently 20$. So the whole repair could cost you nearly 320-350$ based on the current market. 

Problem 6: Engine Radiator issue

For the temperature management of an internal combustion engine, a radiator is inevitable. A damaged or non-functional radiator may cause the following issue in a car engine. 

  • Overheating the engine
  • Temperature gauge fluctuations
  • Leaking coolant and Low coolant level
  • Stream coming out from the front
  • Contaminant build-up and fluid discoloration 
  • Blocked external radiator fin

What causes Radiator issue in a Club Car Subaru Engine?

Radiator issues are more visible and easy to find. These issues have some reasons of their own. A brief discussion has been included below. 

  1.  Rust Build-up: Inside the radiator, metal and water get oxidized, which causes rust buildup. Rusty interior is one of the reasons behind leakage and low coolant level that leads to overheating. 
  2.  Gunk and Other Obstruction: Mineral deposit or Gunk Build-up causes overheating and clogging in the cooling system.
  3. Bad water Pump and Thermostat: With a bad water pump and damaged thermostat, your radiator can not release coolant when necessary or circulate it properly.
  4. Non-functional Radiator Fin: It can get blocked due to dust buildup. Sometimes external hits bent the fin and made it non-functional. Which causes leakage and overheating. 

How to fix the Radiator issue in a Club car Subaru Engine

The radiator is a complicated part of an engine with several parts of its own. Most of them are replaceable. You can replace the whole radiator if necessary. 

For leakage, you can repair it by replacing hoses. You can replace the water pump, thermostat, and fin as well.

For clogging and sediment build-up, you have to clean the radiator. For the severe problem, you must change the entire radiator. 

How much Does it cost to fix a Radiator problem?

A radiator hose replacement costs between $150 and $200. A water pump is costly and costs you between $300 to $750 depending on labor.

A damaged thermostat replacement can cost you between $200 and $250. A radiator fin replacement can cost as much as $500 to $750.

For severe problems, the whole radiator can cost between 1000$-3500$, and average cost is close to 1500$  

Problem 7: Battery issue

Every engine needs a battery or two to auto-ignite or keep the other electric part and sensor functional.

It’s not situated in the engine, but without it, your car engine may crank or refuse to start. The most common battery issues are given below.

  • Premature battery drainage 
  • The engine can not auto-ignite
  • Battery is swollen 
  • Battery is leaking
  • The battery doesn’t charge 

What Causes Battery Issue on Club Car Subaru’s Engine?

There are some reasons behind underperformed or dead batteries. Common battery issues you may face are:

  1. Low Water Level in Battery:  For the dry cell, you need to maintain a certain water level. Without it, your battery may get damaged.
  2. Worsened Charger: A charger can be damaged through a voltage imbalance, loose cable connection, or factory malfunction.
  3. Damaged Battery: Battery damage occurs for various reasons, such as irregular temperature, overcharge, and so on.

How to fix Battery Issue on Club Car Subaru’s Engine?

A certain level of problems like the charging issues and backup shortage with the battery is sometimes repairable. To recover your battery, you may follow the steps below. 

Chemical Accumulation solution

Long deposited layer on the battery plate can prevent your battery from charging. To solve this, first, you have to clean it with caustic soda and water.

Adding some Epsom salt solution will prevent chemicals from depositing on your battery. 

After fully charging, you have to take the car on a long drive. If it doesn’t work, then replace it with a new one.    

Damaged Charger

Voltmeter can easily find out problematic chargers. Changing the charger is the common solution. But repairing it is less expensive.

Low water Level

Check the water level regularly. In case there is not enough water, wait until the battery is fully charged. Then you may pour some battery water into it. 

How much does it cost to fix or replace the battery and charger?

Based on the model of the vehicle, you have to pay around 50$ to 120$, and for premium quality, the cost may rise as high as 200$


A new generation of club cars is not about the basics anymore. With the advancement of the engine and other parts, sometimes it’s as good and costly as a regular car.

Since their first appearance, Club cars like Subaru have gotten through numerous changes and improvements.

Technology is getting more advanced and convenient, but more complex problems with the engine are coming along with it. It is like a double-edged sword.

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