True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 vs. S300 | Golf Shaft Comparisons

True Temper’s Dynamic Gold shaft is one of the most popular shafts in professional golf. It is a weight-sorted, tour-weighted shaft released for golfers seeking a lower launch for maximum control and accuracy. These shafts are divided into three sub-flexes: S200 (127 grams), S300 (130 grams), and S400 (134 grams). 

The key difference between the S200 and S300 is that the S200 has many flex options while the S300 doesn’t. In contrast, the S300 has more weight options than the S200 shaft. 

So, S200 vs S300 Shaft: Which one should you choose? In this article, we’re going to explore their differences as well as their similarities and specifications. So, keep reading the entire article to determine the best shaft for your game. 

Overview Of The True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Shaft

Dynamic Gold Shafts are defined by their weight. The lighter shafts, weighing less than 130 grams, are named S200.

The key feature of this gold shaft is that it has three different flex options. These options include regular, stiff, and extra stiff.

The S200 shafts offer a lower launch angle. This feature allows you to get more distance between the shots.

Besides, the S200 shafts come in exact length options. They never exceed 46 inches, according to the rules of the USGA. 

However, these shafts are really lightweight, and you can get them at a reasonable price. The only downside to this shaft is that it doesn’t have many weight options. 

An Overview Of The True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 Shaft

Dynamic Gold Steel Shafts, also known as S300 shafts, weigh 130 grams. They are also known as the standard stiff flex. Unlike the S200 shaft, there are many weight options on the S300 shaft. 

However, it doesn’t have as many flex options as the S200. The S300 shaft consists of only one flex option, which is stiff. The key feature of this shaft includes a higher launch angle.

It helps to keep the ball higher in the air. So, using this shaft, you can get the maximum height while hitting your golf ball. It is also a legal golf shaft as the S200.

S200 vs S300 Shaft: Comparison Chart

If you want to compare the S200 and S300 shafts with each other, you must know their specifications.

That is why we’ve attached a comparison chart of the specs of S200 and S300 shafts in this part of the article. 

Criteria S200 S300 
Brand True TemperTrue Temper
Flex R,S,XS
Launch Low High 
Weight 127 – 130 grams124 – 137 grams
Legality Yes Yes 
Length 37 – 41 inches 36.5 – 40 inches
Material Steel Steel 
Series Dynamic GoldDynamic Gold 

What Are The Differences Between The S200 And S300 Shaft?

Though there are many similarities between the S200 and S300 golf shafts, they have some differences too. The major differences between these two shafts include:


One of the major differences between the S200 and S300 shafts is their flex option. The S200 shaft offers multiple flex options, such as regular, stiff, and extra stiff. On the other hand, the S300 shaft is only meant to have a stiff flex. 

Flex S200 gold shaftS300 gold shaft
Extra Stiff/X 


In terms of weight, the S300 shaft provides more weight options than the S200 shaft. It has a variety of lighter and heavier shaft options to choose from.

The S300 shafts have a weight range of 124 – 137 grams, while the S200 shafts offer 127 – 130 grams of shaft weight. 


The other key difference between the S200 and S300 shafts is the launch angle. The S200 shafts deliver a low launch angle, while the S300 shafts offer a slightly higher launch angle. 

The lower launch angle allows you to keep the ball lower in the air, so you can get a long distance with every shot.

On the other hand, a higher launch angle is crucial to getting the optimum height of the ball in the air. 

So, basically, the S200 shafts will offer you more distance than the S300. On the other hand, the S300 will give you more height on your ball than the S200. 


In terms of legality, both of them are considered legal. Both of these shafts are dominated by the rules of golf. Neither of them exceeds 46 inches in length.

Control and Accuracy 

Fortunately, both of these shafts have enough control and accuracy. Therefore, the S300 shaft requires slightly more control and accuracy over the shots.

Because the Dynamic Gold S300 features  Variable Wall Technology, which allows more control and accuracy for the golfers looking for it.    

S200 vs S300: Which Shaft to Choose?

Both of these shafts are excellent choices for all skilled players. More specifically, the S200 shafts are the best choices for players seeking a long distance. Moreover, if you want more flex options, you have to go with the S200 shaft.

On the other hand, if you want to achieve more height over the shots, the S300 shafts are more suitable for you.

Moreover, it will give you every single weight option you want to choose. Besides, it’s a good choice for mid and low handicappers who have enough clubhead speed.  

By now, the S200 vs S300 shaft may seem very clear to you. So, you may have a better understanding of which shaft would be the best choice for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (fAQs)

Hopefully, you understand the differences between the S200 and S300 shafts. But still, there may be some common questions to compare these two shafts with each other, which are going to be answered below: 

Which Shaft Is The More Expensive Between The S200 And S300 Shafts?

The S300 shaft is more expensive than the S200 shaft. because it requires high-quality materials and a longer process of manufacturing than the S200 shaft.  

Which Shaft Has More Flex Between The S300 And S200?

The S200 shaft has more flex than the S300. As mentioned above, the S300 shaft has one shaft option, while the S200 shafts have three different shaft options.  

Is The S300 Better Than The S200?

It is very difficult to say that one of these two shafts is better than the other. But in terms of weight, control, and accuracy, the S300 shaft is meant to be a better and smarter choice for any golfer. 

Which Shaft Is More Suitable For Low Handicappers Between The S200 And S300 Shafts?

The S300 shaft is more suitable for mid and low handicappers because it has a relatively high launching angle and excellent control and accuracy. It also requires several weight options, including both lighter and heavier ones.  

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