True Spec Vs Club Champion: Choosing the Best Club Fitters

Club fitting is a crucial aspect of golf that requires special attention. But most golfers are confused about what to choose. That said, both True Spec and club champion might be the perfect choice for you. But, before making the final decision let’s see some differences between these two golf clubs.

The prime difference between these two fitters is that True Spec utilizes GCQuad and Trackman for indoor and outdoor fitting. At the same time, Club Champion relies on Trackman Indoors.

Moreover, these Club fitters have a few other differentiating aspects. In this Tru Spec Vs Club Champion golf writeup, we’ll cover all those aspects thoroughly for your understanding. 

Overview of True Spec Golf Club-fitter

True Spec is identified mainly as a club-fitter with some distinct characteristics. The entire setup they offer is pretty amazing. You’ll find many accessories in any of their studios that will give you ample options. 

Their walls and cabinets are full of a variety of irons and clubs. Almost every tool required to inspect and upgrade a golf club is available. 

The best part is that their stores are located in various locations, mainly in North America and Europe. And each of these stores provides a multi-step process for customizing the golf clubs.

Besides, the technology incorporated with the club head enables capturing data. Using this data, it is easy to determine what type of customer fits a particular golfer’s needs.

Overview of Club Champion Golf Club-fitter

Custom club fits tend to improve your gameplay as it relies on fitting the framework of your body. With the Club Champion golf fitting, you can quickly achieve this objective.

The unique thing about Club Champion is that they enable you to have a careful fitting process. Their process involves getting to know the player first, and they do it through a set of questionnaires or inquiring about the requirements. 

In addition, the process also involves examining techniques through which they get to know better what customization the player requires.

Moreover, this club-fitter is available in various locations and has many brands. This means that finding things won’t be a big hassle.

True Spec Vs Club Champion: Comparison Chart

Before moving on to the differences, you must know that both these club customization brands do have some similarities. The comparison chart below will give a proper idea of how both these brands fare against each other.

FactorsTrue SpecClub Champion
E-mail QuestionnaireNoYes
Brand AgnosticismYesYes

What are the differences between club champion and true spec golf?

The differences in the services and facilities available will help any golfer decide on suitable club fitters. You can’t ignore some noticeable differences between True Spec and Club Champion. Some of the notable ones are mentioned below:


For customizing your golf club, it is crucial to go to a knowledgeable club fitter. Both the True Spec and Club champions have expert individuals who can help you.

They are well aware of the common issues and categorize your needs based on your requirements and traits.

In the case of True Spec, your fitting needs are directly addressed by their experts once you visit their outlets.

These people are professional enough and can figure out your needs within a few minutes of conversation.

But Club Champion takes it to the next level. When you book an appointment, it sends you a questionnaire over mail. This questionnaire includes queries regarding willingness to spend and also other preferences. 

Eventually, it allows the expert fitter to have an idea about the needs of the prospects who want a customized golf club.

Moreover, it breaks the ice between prospects and fitters as the latter already knows about the requirements.


GCQuad is a launch monitor with a photometric camera that gives golfers accurate feedback on their gameplay.  The main point of using such cameras is achieving precision.

Now, the availability of GCQuad is critical in customized fitting in some specific situations.

Because the GCQuad will let the fitter know about measures of different parameters associated with the gameplay. And based on the outcomes, the fitter can suggest necessary accessories.

That said, True Spec golf fittings utilize GCQuad in indoor fittings. It allows the measure of swing speed and other metrics to determine the actual need of a player. 

On the other hand, GCQuad is absent from Club Champion. It relies mainly on Trackman for all its functions.


Regarding the outlet locations for both these club fitters, Club Champion is widely available compared to True Spec.

You will find outlets of True Spec in North America, South America, and a few European cities. The same goes for Club Champion, but the number of outlets is almost triple that of True Spec.


The pricing of both these Club Fitting brands differs to an extent. Club champion is a tad cheaper compared to True Spec.

Sure, here’s a table comparing the fitting services and prices offered by True Spec and Club Champion:

Fitting ServiceTrue Spec PriceClub Champion Price
Full bag$475$400
Full bag (minus putter)$375$325
Woods fitting$275N/A
Iron & wedge$225$175
Short game fitting$225N/A
Putter fitting$150$125
Driver Fitting$175$175
Iron Fitting$175$175
Gap analysis$125N/A
Shaft only$125N/A
Fairway & Hybrid$175$125

True Spec Vs Club Champion: Which one should you choose?

None of the two club-fitting brands has an overall edge over the other. It all depends on what level of service you require from them.

True Spec is more all-around and has many technologically and accessory varieties. In contrast, Club Champion has more outlets and offers a cheaper pricing scheme for the fittings.

At the end of this True Spec Vs Club Champion golf writeup, we can conclude that the right choice should depend upon your requirements. So, that’s a wrap, and for any confusion, do let us know in the comments.


Does Club Champion Have Cheaper Packages Than True Spec?

The lowest package for Club Champion starts from $80, and the highest is $350. For True Spec, this pricing shoots up to $125 and $450, respectively. Therefore, the Club Champion is cheaper than True Spec.

Is GCQuad Available On True Spec And Club Champion?

GCQuad is only available on indoor fittings of True Spec. Other than this, both brands use Trackman for outdoor club fittings.

Are Club Champion And True Spec Brand Agnostic?

Both Club Champion and True Spec are brand agnostic. They ensure that golfers get ample options and access to multiple brands to get their desired customized fittings.

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