Scotty Cameron Newport Vs Newport 2 | Comparing Golf Putter

A right golf putter is crucial for having accuracy in short distances. But often, newbie golfers struggle with having the putter that is required for them due to vague ideas. These things are also evident when choosing between Newport and Newport 2 putters.

The prime difference between Newport and Newport 2 putters is in their outlook. Newport 2 gives a mechanical feel and has sharper angles, whereas Newport comes with more rounded ones.

With that being said, after reading this article, you’ll get to know the aspects that set both these putters apart. You’ll also get enough information to help you choose between these two.

Therefore, let’s get started. 

Overview of Scotty Cameron Newport Putter 

The Scotty Cameron Newport putter is one of the most iconic putters in the market. It comes with a class-leading quality and has a design that allows the golfers to ease. The classic shape and the thinner topline make it look much more refined.

In addition, the four-way balanced sole design enables the golfers to have perfect alignment while addressing. Its construction has a multi-material element that increases responsiveness and reduces vibration. 

Overview of Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter

The Newport 2 putter has been the choice of many golfers for leveling up their putting game. It is well-weighted and allows consistency while putting a stroke.

In addition, it comes with a shaft length that provides flexibility to anyone using it. Besides this, it has a superb grip that allows more control, and the outlook of this putter is simply outstanding. 

Scotty Cameron Newport Vs. Newport 2 Putter Comparison Chart

The Newport and Newport 2 putters have specific traits that make them a top choice for golfers. That said, between these two, one has a slight edge over the other. 

But let’s keep that discussion for the latter part of the write-up. Before concluding, let us compare these putters based on some parameters.

FactorsNewportNewport 2
GripPistolini PlusPistolini Plus
Head typeBladeBlade
Shafted styleFull ShaftFull Shaft
Weight30, 35, 40 gm30, 35, 40 gm
Length33”, 34”, 35.”33”, 34”, 35.”

What are the differences between Scotty Cameron Newport and Newport 2?

Both the Newport and Newport 2 putters come with similar construction material, grip type, and length.

The scope of differentiation is less, but still, some differences are crucial to most golfers. Some of the notable differences are mentioned below:


The Scotty Cameron Newport comes with a custom car design. Its head is smaller and catered towards the people who prefer fewer distractions.

On the other hand, Newport has a longer and bigger head. It comes with square edges instead of round, and it’s aimed at people who like it angular.

Ball Sight

The ball sight greatly matters for many golfers as it allows them to aim ideally. With the special select Newport putter, they won’t be distracted as the rounded edges offer clearer sight.

However, some people like it angular, so they go for square edges. The problem with putters having square edges is that they often can be distracting, which is the case for Newport 2.


The consistency for puts is higher in Newport than in Newport 2. Newport 2 tends to be less forgiving because it focuses more on the toe or heel.

In comparison, the special select Newport putter is more traditional and depends on the putter head for distance control and alignment.

Also, the sweet spot production is higher for this putter, making it more forgiving than Newport 2.

Ball Speed

Regarding ball speed, Newport 2 has the edge over the Newport puter. Newport 2 focuses more on the ball’s impact, making it race fast. 

In contrast, the special select Newport is more focused on longer puts. Hence, the impact on the golf ball isn’t that focused, making the speed slightly lower.

Scotty Cameron Newport or Newport 2 : Which Golf Putter should you choose?

When perfecting your putting game, choosing the right putter is always essential. Between Newport and Newport 2 putters, there are a lot of similarities. Their grip, construction material, and even their shafted styles are similar.

But the main difference that sets them apart is the approach one golfer will take with them. Newport 2 putters are expensive and are focused on serious golfers.

But the Newport putters are more traditional and provide a superb feel to all golfers. Moreover, the choice depends on what type of golfer you are and what kind of performance you seek.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While selecting the right putter, golfers often have some common questions in their minds. Some of them are listed below:

Does Scotty Cameron Newport Provide A Much Clearer Sight To The Ball Than Newport 2?

Yes, the Newport provides much clearer sight to the ball due to its rounded edges. In contrast, the squared edges in the Newport 2 make it distracting for most players.

Is Newport More Compact Than Scotty Cameron Newport 2?

Between the Newport and Newport 2, the latter tends to be compact. The blade of the Newport 2 is a tad smaller than its counterpart. In contrast, the blade of Newport is much longer.

Does Scotty Cameron Newport Has More Impact On The Ball Than Newport 2?

A reliable golf putter ensures that there is enough consistency in the shots played. And consistency is crucial for producing sweet spots.
Newport 2 is more aligned toward creating an effect on the ball than Newport. One the other hand, the Newport focuses more on producing sweet spots, which means Newport 2 has greater impact.

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