Project X6.5 vs Dynamic Gold X100 | Golf Shaft Comparison

Project X6.5 and X100 are both popular among modern pro golfers. Both the shafts have their differences and similarities. Nonetheless, each offers excellent features that help golfers achieve their perfect shot.

These two shafts favor certain playstyles. One of the many differences between these shafts is their weights. Dynamic Gold X100 weighs 130g, whereas Project X6.5 weighs 125g.

However, these are not the only differences between them. Choosing the right shaft for your driver is crucial to your gameplay. If you want to learn what makes these two shafts distinct, then stick to the end.

Project X6.5 vs X100
Project X6.5 vs X100

Overview of the project X6.5 golf shaft

The Project X6.5 is a shaft that gives you less spin on your shots. Less spin helps maximize ball distance, sending the ball in a straighter path.

The Project X6.5 has a progressive tip section, giving it a smoother feel. Now, this is a stepless shaft, so you can’t really see the tip section.

Conversely, X6.5 is lighter and more rigid than X100. This benefits players whose swing speeds are faster than 105 MPH. Here are some pros and cons of Project X6.5:

Overview of the Dynamic Gold X100 golf shaft

Dynamic gold is slightly heavier than Project X, which weighs about 130g. It’s for players who prefer to feel the shaft load and unload.

Shot makers and feel-oriented players like this shaft. The X100 has a progressively stiff profile. However, the X100’s butt section is relatively soft for how stiff the shaft is.

It gives you a better feel throughout the swing. Following up with a softer but, the X100 has a very stiff tip. Here are the pros and cons of Dynamic Gold X100:

Project X6.5 vs X100 golf shaft: Comparison chart

Both shafts have their advantages and drawbacks. Since their features give you an advantage, choosing the shaft that best suits your abilities is important. Comparing them side by side makes it easy to choose between them.

FactorsProject X6.5Dynamic Gold X100
SpinLow Low 
Length 40.5 inches41 inches
Tip diameter .355 inches.370 inches
Butt diametre.600 inches.600 inches

What Are The Differences Between The Project X6.5 And The X100 Golf Shaft? 

Both the Project X6.5 and the Dynamic Gold X100 are extra stiff shafts with certain similarities. However, several differences set them apart. Here we have found some common differences between Project X6.5 and X100:


Naturally, it is believed that the lighter the shaft weight, the faster your swing speed will be. However, this is not always true. A heavy shaft can give you the same speed with a shorter swing.

Since dynamic gold X100 has a heavy weight of 130g, it offers better shot control with a moderate tempo and fast swing. 

While project X6.5 is slightly lighter [125g] giving you a tighter feeling. Greater ball distance can be obtained with minimum spin and fast tempo.


Maintaining a smooth tempo is essential for your perfect shots. Shafts contribute a great deal to your tempo. 

Project X6.5 is relatively the lighter shaft with a faster tempo. The quicker your tempo, the further your ball goes. A fast tempo takes less than 1 s.

The Dynamic Gold X100 is the heavier iron shaft among these two, which provides a moderate tempo, but a fast swing speed can be generated. A moderate tempo takes a maximum time of 1.4 seconds.


Project X6.5 has a satin non-glare chrome finish giving the shaft a cool different look. It has the Project X logo in the middle.

The X100 shaft, conversely, is a heavy-weight iron shaft that comes with a gray steel color and its golden logo on the middle part.


If we compare the spin of these shafts, the project X6.5 has the lowest spin rate. It spins at 500 rpm less than its previous version. Dynamic Gold also provides its players with an optimum low spin but not as low as X6.5.

These days, many players like to play with a fast swing speed. Well, low spin is for those players. As you lower the spin, the farther you will hit your shot. and the straighter your shot will be.

It is better to test both of them out to pick your preferred spin. Keep in mind that a low spin ball will give less carry. But your ball will go far when it hits the ground when compared to a high spin ball.

Swing speed

If you have a swing speed of 95 mph to 105 mph, the x100 will suit you better. When you like extra stiff shafts, you need an aggressive swing to control your shot. In this case, both the shafts are extra stiff.

The X100’s heavyweight makes the shaft strong and sustains fast movement. Whereas with X6.5 you will be fine with a speed over 95mph. Even though it’s lightweight, it can handle your fast swing speed.

Project X6.5 or X100 golf shaft: Which one should you choose? 

The Project X6.5 is an excellent choice for players who like to swing their clubs hard. This shaft is lightweight and has a nice tight feel to it. Plus, you get the lowest spin rate compared to other golf shafts.

When it comes to X100, it shares some properties with Project X6.5, including lower launch, ball flight, spin, etc. Some features which separate them are their tempo, weight, look, and feel.

For fast-swinging lower handicappers, both of these shafts are good choices. Choose your shaft according to the type of tempo you have.

The X100 will give you a medium tempo, and the Project X6.5 has a fast tempo. We suggest you try them both before choosing one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By now you have an idea of the project X6.5 and x100’s good sides and downfalls. Here are some frequently asked questions about Project x6.5 vs. x100:

Do Professionals Use Project X6.5 And X100 Shafts?

Both of these brands are quite famous among modern professionals. Many current pros, such as Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson, Scottie Scheffler, etc., use Dynamic Gold X100. 
In another instance, Garrick Higo, Sam Burns, John Rahm, etc. are the most recent players to have project X6.5 in their possession.

Are Project X6.5 And X100s Step Less Shaft?

Yes, both of the brands have produced step less shafts. Every step-less shaft is a constant taper. That means from the butt section to the tip section, there is one taper rate.
Project X6.5 is the first step-less shaft with multiple taper rates. The dual taper rates give it unique properties and a bin profile.

Who Can Use Project X6.5 And X100 Shafts? 

Golfers who have a faster tempo would gain an advantage with Project X6.5. Conversely, moderate-tempo players would benefit from Dynamic Gold X100.
Tempo is a great factor when choosing the right shaft. The timing of a fast tempo takes less than a second. While medium tempo requires up to 1.4s.

What Type Of Handicapper Prefers Project X6.5 And X100 Shafts?

These brands dedicate their shafts to lower handicappers. Golfers of that type want the low trajectories and launch features these shafts offer. Thus, the ball flight of both of these shafts is not high.

Which Shaft Is More Expensive Between Project X6.5 And X100?

Shafts are obviously not as expensive as drivers. Project X6.5 costs close to $55. Dynamic Gold X100 is an expensive one, as it would cost you nearly $345.

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