Are Project X Wedge Shafts Right For You? Find Out Here

The new Project x wedge shafts addition can be an ideal choice for both newbies and pro golfers. But its features and technology are different from the regular shafts. So, players can often get confused while choosing the best fit!

Wedge shafts from the Project X series are ideal to experiment with different ball flights. Their features tend to reduce or promote the spin of the ball so that it can maintain its flight or path without hooks and slices. 

Don’t get into the store by just noting down their advantages. Rather, go through the considerations to list in order to find your ideal wedge shaft model! So, are you ready?

Are Project X Wedge Shafts Right For You

Specifications of Project X Wedge Shaft 

Project X Wedge shafts have variable flex profiles based on their measurements. Besides, depending on the flex, their spin rates also change. 

And they mostly come in black color with steel material. Here are the specifications we’ve listed in numbers:

Weight (grams)Length (inches)FlexSpin

In case you want to understand how these specifications mold your performance, watch it right away:

What Are The Advantages of Project X Wedge Shaft?

The build quality and technology of the Project X wedge shaft are such that different golfers can benefit from it. Here are the advantages of it as listed:

  • In order to control the ball flight in a windy situation, wedge shafts provide full support.
  • Inexperienced or novice golfers can strike the pitch run-shot easily.
  • Able to provide versatile ball flights such as lower, higher, and straight. 
  • This one right here comes in different length options to choose from.
  • Lasts usually longer than the X shafts due to durability. 

Why Are Project X Wedge Shafts Right for You? 

It can get overwhelming to choose between Project X iron and wedge shafts. Because both of them have features meant to aid in different playing mechanisms. 

However, the wedge shaft is a wee bit better for you due to these given factors:

Ideal for Approach Shot

Ideal for Approach Shot

In order to hit an approach shot, accuracy is a must to send the ball as close to the target as possible.

So, from a newbie to an expert that prefers precision and accuracy, the wedge shaft is the ultimate go-to!

Because such a shaft can help to hit accurate shots regardless of the spin rate of the ball.



Not all shafts deliver better performance after customization. But the tip of the wedge shaft is customizable in a way that it can provide both flexibility and stiffness. 

So, whenever you want to change the old wedge, just customize it and feel the difference!

Wedge Flexes

Wedge Flexes

For golfers, the shafts need to be in alignment with the type of shot they play. It increases their chance of a versatile yet accurate strike.

And with wedge flexes or flexible to stiffer shafts, it is possible with Project X wedge, unlike other regular flex shafts. 

How to Find the Ideal Project X Wedge Shaft for You? 

Based on the varying playing mechanisms and preferences, not all types of Project X wedge shafts will suit every golfer!

As a result, it’s better to contact a professional fitter. If that isn’t an option, consider the following factors to find your desired shaft: 

Overall Weight

Overall Weight

The weight of the shaft has a correlation with the flight of the ball. To exemplify, if the distance between you and the target is larger, high flight and more spin are necessary.

And hitting with a lighter X wedge shaft promotes the ball to spin more and fly up in the air!

Conversely, in order to produce less spin, a low strike is a core factor. That means you’ll need a heavier wedge shaft as its heaviness limits the spin, and the ball tends to land with a low flight. 

If you’re prone to lose distance often, it is likely that you’re using a lighter shaft. These shafts produce much rotation of the ball.

Consequently, beginners hit hooks and slices. In other words, the ball goes too left or right. So, to maintain a straight flight, consider a heavier shaft.    



With more flex and stiffness, a wedge shaft tends to reduce the spin. With little spin, you won’t be able to send the ball high enough.

So, golfers that prefer to stop the ball quickly on firm courses should go for high strike. And only a less stiff Project X wedge can help you to do so. 

However, if you hit a shot with a shaft that is too flexible or has weak flex, the ball will go too high. Wind will deviate it from its path.

In such a case, you’ll need a moderately stiffer Project X wedge. For slow swingers, softer flex around 5.00 to 5.5 is ideal.

If you have a high swing speed mechanism, a stiffer wedge of 6.00-7.00 is a good fit for your club. And you can find the flex on the shaft itself as shown here:

Torque Level 

Try different types of wedge shafts and find out what are the low and high-torque shafts. The low-torque ones will feel comparatively stiffer than the flexible high-torque ones. 

If you cannot build a grip on the club properly, use a low torque shaft to prevent the club from twisting too much. 

For keeping the clubface aligned with the target line, the lower swingers need higher torque.

On the other hand, players with the high-speed swing can perform better with low–torque ones.

Kick Point and Length 

The wedge shafts from Project X come in high and low bends or kick points. If you want to reduce hitting too high, a high kick point model is the correct choice.

Because they lower the flight so that the ball remains as close to the grass tips as possible. 

And choose a low bend one to raise the flight. Some club fitters can show you the bend with golf equipment.

To play consistent strike patterns, use a shorter shaft. But if you can compromise on the consistency, go for the lengthy shaft to hit closer to the heel. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

Project X wedge shaft is comparatively a recent launch in the golf industry. So, it’s usual to have doubts about it. To clear your queries as much as possible, here are some answers: 

Does Project X Wedge Shaft Have Graphite Body?

No, Project X wedge shafts consist of a steel body as of now. Even if they’re different in length, weight, and flex, their building material is steel. To keep the shafts more durable and cheaper in price, manufacturers use steel. 

Do The Project X And X Wedge Shafts Weigh The Same?

 The Project X shaft weight class ranges from 100 to more than 125 grams. And the wedge shaft weighs from 115 to 130 grams. Their heavy weight makes them withstand tear and last longer for your convenience. 

How Can You Customize The Project X Wedge Shaft?

To enjoy flexibility and stiffness in the same wedge shaft, customize the tip or top edge of a softer flex. It makes the edge stiffer, yet the shaft remains flexible. For this, it is better to contact a professional club fitter.

Final Words

Just because Project x wedge shafts are high in features doesn’t mean only professionals can use them!

The manufacturers have kept them moderately lighter and within the low-mid spin so that new golf enthusiasts can also practice with these. 

And guess what? They require less of your investment as there is no need for frequent maintenance!

Having said that, it’s a bit tricky to choose the best one for you. So, I’d suggest you contact a club fitter and discuss your preferences and needs.

They can guide you through an outline to use a wedge shaft that’ll aid you in practicing and performing.

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