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According to an old saying, the most important golf shot is the next one, pointing out how complicated and future-oriented the sport is as there is always a possibility for improvement.

This constant process of improvement evolved the game in many ways, such as the arrival of the Stack and Tilt golf swing. The Stack and Tilt golf swing came as an unorthodox method countering the conventional swinging methods and rejuvenated the sport with a breath of fresh air.

With time, it gained popularity for the original characteristics. Yet the question comes regarding the universality of the method. And this article will measure the pros and cons of the Stack and Tilt golf swing to help beginners with their choices.

Pros And Cons Of Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

What is a Stack and Tilt Golf Swing?

The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing is an unorthodox swinging method formulated by Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer. 

As the name suggests, in this procedure, the spine tilts throughout the swing to keep the upper body center or the center of the shoulders in one place during the swing.

Thus it is claimed that the Stack and Tilt method presents a simpler way of swinging than the conventional approach mechanically.

The traditional or orthodox swing comes with a big shift away from the target on the backswing, with the upper part of the body moving behind the ball and a corresponding shift toward the target on the downswing.

But such traditional methods come with their limitations. For example, as the player does shifts and throws, the player must find the ball somewhere down the middle.

But if the person misses timing the shifts perfectly, then the chances of a solid contact lessens.

This is where the Stack and Tilt method comes to the rescue, as in this approach, the body is centered over the ball during both the backswing and through the shot. And this is why the player no longer needs to rely on guesswork regarding the place of impact, and also, the locating of the ball with proper timing becomes irrelevant.

Pros of Stack and Tilt Golf Swing 

There are many pros of the Stack and Tilt Swing which ensures its popularity and practicality in the field of golf to this day. 

Solid Contact

Solid Contact

The first among the many advantages of this method is its surety of providing solid contact. It is widely known that solid contact is the first and most fundamental requirement of being a good golfer.

And the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing guarantees it by equipping with proper control of the body weight during a swing.



Secondly, the position of the club head during a shot is very important. And the mechanism of this method assures the club head to be on an accurate level during the swings.

Smooth Transition

Smooth Transition 

Thirdly, it secures a smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing generating more power for the hit.

Less Lateral Movement

Less Lateral Movement

Fourthly, it is regarding the lateral motion in the backswing or the lateral movement which can easily murder a golf shot.

And the mechanism of this method keeps that in mind while supporting more consistency in the swing.

Lastly, it is also claimed that the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing approach creates a more flat flight of the ball that is advantageous in windy conditions.

More Flat Flight

More Flat Flight

Cons of Stack and Tilt Golf Swing 

 It is true that the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing has opened a new dimension in the domain of swing methods. But it is also true that this method comes with certain limitations and criticisms.

Flat Shots

The major problem or disadvantage that comes forward is the production of flat shots. And this happens when too much weight is transferred to the front of the swing from the back, causing a reverse pivot.

Not for Everybody

Another drawback is that this Stack and tilt approach is only for some. It is true that those who are suited for this method excel in their game, but the problem is that it does more harm to those who do not need the method but use it.

More Demanding 

A very common allegation that the critics charge against this method is that the Stack and Tilt method requires a lot of flexibility and physical prowess.

Thus this method particularly becomes difficult and challenging for seniors and golfers who have restricted mobility and can even cause injuries if this method is handled carefully. 

Power Vs. Accuracy 

Another complaint against this technique is regarding power vs. Accuracy. It is said that players tend to lose power when they focus on accuracy. Thus this method creates a strange dilemma for the player.

Is the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Right for You?

It is evident that the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing revolutionized swinging techniques with its originality and practicality, but it is also evident that the method is only for some. 

For example, this method is known to be very demanding of its participants as it requires a lot of dedication and practice. Thus if you are looking for an easy way out, then this method is not for you. 

Also, this method is particularly designed to suit all types of playing styles. For example, there is a story about Sean Foley trying to teach Tiger Woods the Stack and Tilt swinging method for some years. But this approach needed to suit Tiger Woods’s playing style.

Another characteristic of this method is that it needs a lot of athleticism and strength. Thus this method is not for the senior players and also the players with less mobility.


There are a few questions people tend to ask quite a lot, and I will answer all of them down  below.

Do Any Pros Use The Stack And Tilt Golf Swing? 

This method is not very popular among professional players because the pros have already mastered the art of swinging. But yet players like Aaron Baddeley and Mike Weir have used this technique at a certain point in their careers. 

Is The Stack And Tilt Method Ideal For Senior Players?

This method is both famous and infamous for being particularly demanding, as it requires athletic flexibility and physical strength. And this is why this technique is particularly challenging for senior players.

Can A Player Just Take Some Elements Of The Stack And Tilt The Golf Swing?

Yes, a player can either choose to follow the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing method wholly, or one can rather take the elements from the method that suits him more and make his own technique. 

Final Words

The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing is a pathbreaking unorthodox swinging technique.  This method came as the chef-d’oeuvre of Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer to add a new alternative to the conventional swinging approach. 

This approach particularly came with its distinct qualities and became popular among the instructors. Its deviation from the orthodox swinging method is more solid contact and consistency. 

It is true that this method came with certain advantages that evolved the game, but it is also true that it appeared with other challenges and disadvantages.

And this article particularly analyzes such pros and cons of the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing method and helps you to get more clarity.

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