6 Most Common Tomberlin E-Merge Problems [Easy Solutions]

The Tomberlin E-Merge golf cart is famous for its multipurpose use and smart operations. No matter how smartly the Tomberlin E-Merge functions, as a user you are bound to run into some issues occasionally.

So, what are the most common Tomberlin E-Merge problems? The majority of issues include the e-merge not starting, the cart moving too slowly or quickly, the headlights not working, etc. These problems create quite a bit of trouble while operating the e-merge.

No need to worry about it. This article will help you identify all the root causes of your issues and show you how to solve them.

Tomberlin E-Merge Problems

What Are the Common Problems with Tomberlin E-Merge?

The majority of users typically complain about speed-related issues.  Some other problems include the following:

  1. Vehicle Doesn’t Start
  2. Electric Vehicles Run Too Slow or Too Fast
  3. Battery Doesn’t Charge
  4. Vehicle Only Runs Forward or Backward 
  5. Headlight/Turn Light/ Tail Light Failure
  6. Turn Signal Lamp Failure

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Tomberlin E-Merge Problems?

Though problems in your Tomberlin may seem very complicated, most of the time you can fix them by yourself.

To fix your problems, first, you need to troubleshoot the problem and find out the causes. 

Then you can fix the problem by following instructions. Below we have covered every possible problem that your Tomberlin E-Merge golf cart may encounter.

Problem 1: Tomberlin E-Merge Doesn’t Start

Sometimes you may see that your Tomberlin E-Merge isn’t starting at all which can be very frustrating during playing time.

Usually, there occurs some minor wiring problem or simple malfunction which creates this starting problem. 

What Causes Starting Problem On Tomberlin E-Merge?

Generally when the golf cart doesn’t start, possibly the cart is not receiving the required electricity. There can also be problems in the circuit. The following reasons can cause problems to the vehicle while starting:

  • Dead battery
  • Key switch failure
  • Accelerator pedal switch failure
  • Controller overheated
  • Speed sensor disconnection
  • Forward/reverse gear switch
  • Motor failure
  • Controller failure

How To Fix Tomberlin E-Merge Starting Problem?

Check your battery. If it is dead then charge it. The problem will be solved. Check the circuit for the key switch and accelerator pedal switch. For checking the key switch, first, remove the middle instrument. 

Then use a multimeter set at 200 ohms and connect the red probe to the terminal connected with a red wire. Connect the black probe with the other terminal.

When the key switch is on Position OFF, the multimeter would show an open circuit. The multimeter would show a conducting state if the key switch is ON. 

Receiving any other signal indicates that the switch is damaged. In this case, replace the key switch. Your problem would be solved. If the key switch functions properly, then check the accelerator pedal switch. 

If still not fixed, disconnect the battery and check the forward gear switch. Use a multimeter set at 200 ohms. Connect the black probe to position 7 and the red probe to position 3.

When the switch is on FORWARD, you should see continuity. If you don’t then change the switch. Also, check out if the motor is working properly or not. 

Problem 2: Tomberlin E-Merge Runs Too Slow or Too Fast

Sometimes you may notice that your Tomberlin E-Merge is running slower or faster than normal speed. E-Merge has a certain limit in speed.

If the speed is automatically decreasing or increasing surely there has been a problem. This problem needs to be addressed immediately as speed trouble can result in accidents.

What Causes Tomberlin E-Merge Runs Too Slow or Too Fast Problem?

The speed of your e-merge is controlled by a speed sensor. If there occurs any problem in the circuit, the sensor doesn’t receive the necessary signal to operate. The probable causes of the Tomberlin E-Merge speed problem are given below:

  • Wrong Speed Setting
  • Incorrect Circuit Wiring 
  • Controller Failure
  • Brake or Accelerator Problem

How To Fix Tomberlin E-Merge Runs Too Slow or Too Fast Problem?

If your speed is set wrong then contact the service center to change it. Properly check all the circuit wiring. Fix any broken or twisted wire. The problem is likely to be solved.

Check out the controller. If it is broken or any other problem is found, fix it. Also, check the brake system and the accelerator to ensure they are working properly.

Problem 3: Battery Doesn’t Charge

As Tomberlin E-Merge runs through charge, the vehicle is dead without its battery. If your battery charger is not charging the battery then it means that either your battery is not capable of receiving electricity or the charger is damaged.

What Causes Tomberlin E-Merge Battery Doesn’t Charge Problem?

The battery is an essential part of the golf cart as it delivers power to the cart. A dead battery can cause the cart to stand still. If your battery is not charging there can be two problems:

  • Dead battery
  • Damaged charger
  • Issues with charging circuit

How To Fix Battery Doesn’t Charge Problem on Tomberlin E-Merge?

To solve the battery problem you should check first if the battery is okay or not. Set a multimeter to 200V and connect the ports. If the battery is good then you will receive a voltage signal. 

If you don’t get a voltage signal then replace the battery. If your battery is working properly then replace the battery charger. Also, examine the charging circuit.

Problem 4: Tomberlin E-Merge Only Runs Forward and Backward 

It is necessary to move your e-merge in any direction as per your wish. If you can’t control the movement of your cart then look out for any problems in the steering and controller. This is a major issue as uncontrolled movement may lead to accidents.

What Causes Tomberlin E-Merge Only Runs Forward and Backward Problem?

Tomberlin E-Merge usually provides smooth turning. If the cart is not taking a turn on the right or left, then it can be assumed that the controller is not working.

Running forward and backward can be a problem for gear. The causes for your vehicle’s movement problem can be:

  • Improper controller wiring or controller failure
  • Wiring problems in the Forward or Gear switch 

How To Fix Tomberlin E-Merge Runs Forward and Backward Problem?

Check the controller thoroughly to dictate any broken wire and fix it. If all the wirings are okay. If the controller is not working still, then the controller needs to be replaced.

Also, check forward and gear switch. If this switch is damaged then fix it. The movement problem will be solved.

Problem 5: Headlight Failure/Turn Light Failure/Tail Light Failure

Lights are an important part of a golf cart when you are driving in the dark. Damaged lights need to be fixed soon as they may cause severe risks like an accident or bumping into an unwanted place.

What Causes Headlight/ Taillight/Turn Light Failure Problem on Tomberlin E-Merge?

Lights are important when you are using the cart in less light. The lights may stop working if the fuse gets burned or the bulb needs replacing. Tomberlin’s lights can encounter failure because of the following reasons:

  • DC converter failure
  • Bulb damaged
  • Fuse blowing out
  • Auxiliary contactor failure

How To Fix Headlight/Taillight/Turn Light Failure Problem on Tomberlin E-Merge?

Usually, lights fail to work if their bulb or fuse is damaged. In these cases, replace the bulb with a new one and change the fuse.

Lights also don’t work when the DC converter can’t convert current. If the converter is not working then replace it. If the problem exists even now, then try fixing your auxiliary contactor.

Problem 6: Turn Signal Lamp Failure

Turn signal lamp blinks when you take a turn. If you don’t see any blinking while turning then a problem has occurred in your lamp.

What Causes Turn Signal Lamp Failure on Tomberlin E-Merge?

Turn signal lamps keep blinking to signal you about your turning. If the blinking stops then there is likely a problem with the bulb or the power source. Turn signal lamp may also not work because of:

  • DC converter failure
  • Lamp bulb failure
  • Flasher failure
  • Combination switch failure 

How To Fix Turn Signal Lamp Failure on Tomberlin E-Merge?

If the signal lamp is not working, first check the DC converter and lamp bulb. If any of these are damaged then replace them.

Lamps can also not work when the flasher or combination switch fails to work. Check these things and if needed fix them. The signal lamp will start working again.


Most of the Tomberlin E-Merge problems can be fixed with the tools you have in your toolbox at home. There can still be some other problems bothering you. 

In this case, please read the manual that comes with your golf cart or contact the service center.  Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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