Ultimate Guide on EZGo TXT 36V Controller Upgrade

Has your EZGO TXT 36V golf cart been acting slow recently and is taking quite some time to move around from one place to another? Then we believe it is high time that you needed an EZGO TXT Controller Upgrade.

Why should you upgrade the ezgo txt 36v controller? In simple words, you should upgrade the controller of the ezgo txt 36v golf cart to increase its speed. Thus, The increase in speed will draw more amperage, and thus more amperage will be used to flow throughout the entire system.

Therefore, you will be able to move around the course more quickly. We advise you to read the article if you want to know more about your golf cart and how to upgrade it.

EZGO TXT 36V Controller Upgrade Drive your Golf Cart faster

What Is An Ezgo TXT 36v Controller Upgrade?

An EZGO TXT 36V Controller is more or less the sole of the golf cart. An upgrade of the controller means that you are changing or replacing your old controller with a new one/ better performing one.

Why is this important? The controller of the EZGO TXT Cart controls multiple parameters of the cart.

This ranges from the speed of the cart to battery health maintenance to parameter setup and much more.

How Can You Tell If Your Ezgo TXT 36v Controller Needs An Upgrade?

A vehicle will not constantly run in a tip-top position, and such is the case for your EZGO TXT 36V golf cart.

While you own this cart, you will face certain issues that will require a controller upgrade. Here we have arranged some symptoms for you to check.

Not reaching the top speeds

This is a very common occurrence that you will find if you are facing a controller issue. The controller draws in more voltage and channels it for more speed for the cart.

An issue with the controller will eventually lead to a failure to achieve top speeds.

A way you can check this is by going through the settings of your cart and checking if you are reaching your desired speed.

If you do not find yourself reaching the threshold speed in particular modes, you might check your controller for an upgrade.

Sudden drop in speed

Another common occurrence to notice is the sudden drop in speed of your EZGO TXT cart.

This is as a result of the decreased electrical surge that your current controller produces.

Your cart’s power eventually decreases as a result of this. The way you can check this is by taking your cart on a small test drive.

If your cart shows a drop only once, this might not be an issue with the controller. However, multiple or prolonged drops can signal a problem with the controller.

Sudden boost in speed

Much like the one mentioned above, a surge in speed can also be a very big symptom of a faulty/ bad controller in your cart system.

Owners often mistake this problem as electrical surges and leave it without any repair.

We advise you to look into your controller if you see this problem recurring. This boost can come without any prior warning and take you by surprise.

Idling of your cart

Something you should look out for is whether your cart seems to shake or idle while driving. This is due to the inefficient flow of electricity by the controller.

Therefore, the controller usually confuses the signals of the speed sensors and creates a mess.

If you notice this issue while riding your cart, it is best to move out of your cart immediately and get it checked.

Riding your cart while idling might be unsafe for you, as it can cause injuries/ harm to your body.

Stalling of the cart

You may notice that your EZGO golf cart refuses to start or rev up. Many tend to ignore this problem, thinking it to be a trivial issue. But we believe ignorance can eventually cause further harm to your cart.

This can happen due to the controller mixing up the signals or interpreting false signals. We advise you to check your controller when you find this issue re-happening. 

How To Perform The Ezgo TXT 36v Controller Upgrade

Now that you know the symptoms of a faulty controller in your EZGO golf cart, let us proceed to the upgrading section. We will show you the methods that a professional would follow.

Firstly, we need to diagnose the problem. Therefore, before we completely indulge ourselves in that section, let us briefly go through the troubleshooting procedure.

Troubleshooting to find the exact problem in the speed controller

We have mentioned above in the symptoms section the things to watch out for. Here is a proper way of determining whether the symptoms were recurring and needed to be checked for.

  • Place the TXT 36V cart in tow maintenance mode. 
  • Unplug the negative terminal of the battery. This will prevent you from getting shocked.
  • Check out all the wiring in the controller. Look out for any corrosion or wear or tear in the wiring. This can be a problem for your issues.
  • Test the solenoid of the controller. You will need a voltage meter to check the solenoid. Attach it to the solenoid and compare the readings with the one written on the battery.
  • Lastly, test out the power output of your speed controller. Connect the negative probe to the M terminal and the positive probe to the B+ terminal. Check the readings as you press down on the accelerator. This should be able to tell you much about the problem with your speed connector on your TXT 36V cart.

Now that you have finally identified that the problem is with your speed controller. It is time to upgrade it to a new one.

How to upgrade your EZGO TXT 36V controller?

We will go through the procedure that you need to follow to upgrade your speed controller. After you upgrade your controller, we believe all your problems will be solved. 

Step 1: Safety Precautions

Remember to wear your safety goggles and gloves before you even start handling the procedure. The procedure involves close contact with electricity. Therefore, you should use caution.

Step 2: Remove the batteries

Carefully remove the negative terminals of the batteries. Once you do that, you should be able to safely remove some other bolts and cables to safely remove the batteries. 

Step 3: Remove the speed controller

After removing the batteries, unscrew the bolts holding the speed controller. There should be a couple of them, so after unscrewing them, keep them safely.

Right after doing it, you should be able to get your hands on the speed controller.

Step 4: Taking a picture/ Get the speed controller manual

The speed controller is connected with a lot of wiring, which can look quite messy. Therefore, before you start unplugging each of the wires individually, remember to take a picture or get the manual near your peripheral.

This will save you much time in reinstalling the new upgraded controller into your 36V cart. One piece of advice that we would give is to mark the plugs with markers if needed.

Step 5: Remount the new speed controller

It is time to replace the stock/ old controller with the newer one that you have bought.

While you are taking the old controller off its place, please if it has left any sort of corrosion on the space it was placed in. 

If it has, you might need to cover it off or replace it with a newer steel panel. This must be done before remounting the new controller in its place.

Step 6: Re-attach the wiring

This is a section that we decided to place in the procedure list since many tend to ignore this section.

The unplugging sequence of the plugs is not equal to the reattachment of the plugs.

Be sure to look back into the user manual provided by the TXT 36V golf cart or contact a professional for this section.

Once you are done with this part, you can safely place everything back into its place.

Step 7: Contact a professional if necessary

Handling such mechanical tasks can be daunting for some. If you feel hesitant about handling the upgrading process by yourself, you can always rely on a professional to do the job for you.

For you to do this, you need to head to your local garage and consult a professional. He/ she should be able to handle the rest for you.

Advantages to upgrading your EZGO TXT 36V Controller

Upgrading your cart will bring a lot more upgrades to your 36V cart. Here is a short list of the advantages you will notice once you upgrade your controller.

  • An increase in maximum speed
  • Greater efficiency of the overall system
  • Smoother driving experience
  • Less to no halts during driving

Disadvantages of upgrading your EZGO TXT 36V Controller

Much like the advantages, there are going to be some drawbacks that you are going to face once you upgrade your speed controller.

Here is a quick list of the disadvantages that you will notice once you upgrade your controller.

  • Upgrading your requirements can overclock the system
  • The engine/ controller may overheat
  • More speed than expected

Ezgo TXT 36v Controller Upgrade Installation Tips

Now that you know about the ways you can diagnose and upgrade your speed controller, it is time to sprinkle some installation tips for you. These tips can be quite crucial and save you time too. Here they are:

  • Look into the specifications of your stock controller before you purchase a newer one.
  • Always contact a professional for advice.
  • Remember to wear safety gear such as goggles, gloves, etc when you start working.
  • Do not carry out the procedure in a moist environment/ where the humidity is high. This can cause moisture to enter your system and cause further damage.
  • You can also try changing the solenoid with a newer one to give yourself a more significant speed boost than earlier.


Before we finish, we would like to reiterate what we have mentioned above. If you find yourself uncomfortable doing the whole procedure by yourself, contact a professional.

If you head to the local garage, you might need to spend around 700 dollars to get your desired upgrade. We hope that this article was informative and gave you the knowledge that you were seeking.

After reading this article, we are confident that you will be able to make a wise choice. We wish you all the best for your upgrade and in your future golf career. Have a great day!

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