EZGo Golf Cart Forward Reverse Switch Troubleshooting Guide

Is your Ezgo golf cart neither moving forward nor reverse? If so, a key reason for this problem may be a faulty forward reverse switch. Now, how to troubleshoot the Ezgo forward reverse switch?

There might be quite few causes to this problem; ranging from faulty ignition switches to loose connections and dysfunctional solenoids. We’ve discussed each of the reasons elaborately.

This is only a short preview of the reasons for which you need to troubleshoot your Ezgo forward reverse switch. You might want to stick along if you don’t want to miss the critical symptoms and fixes, as we’d be discussing more than just troubleshooting.

EZGo Forward Reverse Switch Troubleshooting

What Are The Symptoms Of Ezgo Forward Reverse Switch Problems?

Imagine going on a golf tour when suddenly the golf cart starts showing bizarre symptoms like cart stalling or unpleasant noises.

This wouldn’t be a nice experience for anyone. Hence, here’s a quick list of symptoms!

  • A buzzer sound is produced.
  • The speed is low when in the forwarding position.
  • A burning smell is given off.
  • The cart moves even after switching to neutral mode.

Ezgo Forward Reverse Switch Troubleshooting Guide

There are a number of reasons why the Ezgo forward and reverse switches are indicating these issues. Hence, let’s look into each of the possible causes in detail.

A Faulty Ignition Switch

Sometimes a faulty ignition switch delays the delivery of electrical energy causing the cart to lose power quite often. Hence, it’s crucial to test the ignition switch with an ohmmeter.

Begin by disconnecting the wires of the switch and connecting them to the terminals of an ohmmeter. If you don’t get any readings, you can change the switch.

Microswitch Is Malfunctioning

This is a problem that mostly shows up after extensive use when the switch shows a significant amount of wear and tear. This tends to lead to switches getting stuck midway.

Even though releasing a stuck switch may help, it’s better to replace the entire forward reverse switch overall.

Solenoid Dysfunctioning

A faulty solenoid eventually fails to transfer current from the battery to all other parts of your golf.

When you notice a problem due to a solenoid, you may check the battery and then replace the solenoid if needed.

Loose Cable Connections

When the Connections and wiring get loose, it tends to cause many problems with the golf cart’s electrical components.

Also, once the connections on Ezgo age, they get corroded, leading to connectivity problems in the switch itself.

How To Fix Ezgo Forward Reverse Switch Problems?

There are different scenarios for the Ezgo forward and reverse switch problem. T

he factors mentioned below affect the reverse forward switch in many ways. Hence, looking into them indirectly fixes the issue.

Step 1: Check The Voltage Of The Battery Pack

The electrical drive system should be around 36 or 48 Volt. And should consist of around 6 volt golf cart batteries. If the Voltage is inaccurate, the Ezgo golf cart will likely stall. 

Hence, it’s time to get to the engine compartment and look at the battery voltage using a multimeter. If it appears lower than specified, replace the battery unit.

Step 2: Check For Any Faulty Battery Connections To The Forward Reverse Switch 

After you’ve checked the battery, you may now move towards the connections between the wires and connector pins. Ensure that all the connections are tight and corrosion free.

If any of these connections to the forward reverse switches are loose, properly tighten them and clean the corroded connectors with lubricant spray.

Ensure that the cables on the Forward reverse switch are connected properly. If not, fix the wear on any of the wirings.

Step 3: Check For Any Traces Of Solenoid Issues

One common solenoidal problem is solenoid discoloration due to wearing out of the entire component after tons of extensive use. 

Hence, look beneath the plastic panel housing the tow switch, near the controller for the solenoid. 

If you notice discoloration in the solenoid’s texture, be ready to replace it with another one by disconnecting and reconnecting the connections.

Step 4: Carry Out A Diagnosis of The Brakes

Another vital thing to look into after following the steps above is to look into the brakes, as sometimes failing brakes could lead to the malfunction of the forward and reverse switch on your Ezgo cart.

Hence, you should now properly clean the rusted region underneath the brake motor.

Then inspect the motor encoder as well. If the problem persists, you may then go ahead to replace the brake motor itself.

The steps mentioned above were the few essential troubleshooting tests you could carry out to fix the problems with the reverse forward switch on your Ezgo golf cart.

However, if these steps haven’t resolved the issue for you, then you might need to replace the entire forward reverse switch unit with the help of a mechanic or by yourself! Here’s a quick video guide for you!

How Serious Is The Ezgo Forward Reverse Switch Problems?

Depending on the job you perform using your Ezgo golf cart, the problem with the forward reverse switch may get quite disturbing at times.

Unlike the hundreds of other types of cars on the road, the golf carts are specifically designed for use in large green meadows called a golf course. Hence, the number of features in a golf cart is minimal.

Since the number of manual controls given on golf carts is pretty limited compared to travel vehicles, the reverse forward switch is considered essential. 

Is There A Risk Of Severe Damage From this Issue?

The lack of complicated gears and controls does make driving a golf cart a lot easier.

However, if this switch on your Ezgo golf cart malfunctions, you might have problems when making the golf cart move backward or forward.

This would lead to making risky turns to change the direction of the cart, resulting in accidents.

And we all know that once clients get injured, they will likely never visit that golf course again.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Ezgo Forward Reverse Switch Problems?

Even Though we’ve covered most of the important aspects of this problem, one portion is left for which most of you might still be eagerly waiting. Hence, let’s move to costs associated with this issue.

Mechanic Cost

You will likely require a professional mechanic to go in and do the troubleshooting and diagnosis of the forward reverse switch issue on your Ezgo. 

Hence, although labor costs may vary widely depending on your location and the type of repair, we’ve estimated that range to be somewhere between $90 to $150.

Parts Replacement Cost

This repair process may require more than one component to be replaced.

Since the same issue may arise when any of the mentioned parts go bad, let’s hear the price of each part.

  • A new solenoid would cost between $20-$100.
  • The directional switch itself costs $100-$200.
  • A new battery cost varies widely from $200-$2000+.
  • A new brake motor may cost around $148.


A safe and properly functioning golf cart will always give a good impression of the golf course to the clients. Hence, it’s crucial to provide your Ezgo golf cart with the proper maintenance it deserves.

Hopefully, your read of this article has been as exciting as us delivering it to you. We’ve tried our best to portray the best possible Ezgo forward reverse switch troubleshooting guide for you.

Even Though you could opt for a mechanic to do this entire process, you could even rely on this article to guide you to perform the basic troubleshooting steps yourself. After all, some additional skills are never harmful.

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