6 Most Common Star EV Golf Cart Problems [Easy Solution]

The Star EV Golf Cart is one of the most regarded golf carts of recent times. It runs well, and the overall service is great. But, there are still some common Star EV golf cart problems that you may encounter. 

The major problems related to this cart may include battery problems, hard to start, ignition switch problems, wheel misalignment, etc. These problems may happen when it’s overloading or having a dead battery. 

However, fortunately, we’ve got many ways to solve these problems. But it’s not so easy to troubleshoot and solve them. So, below we’ll cover Star EV Golf Cart problems and how to solve them. 

Star EV Golf Cart Problems

What Are The Common Problems With The Star EV Golf Cart?

Multiple problems can be found with the Star EV golf car while using the cart. The common problems with Star EV golf carts may include:

  1. The cart may be unable to start 
  2. Batteries stop charging or won’t charge correctly
  3. The tire may blow out or lose traction
  4. Wheels won’t align accurately
  5. Malfunctioning in the brakes
  6. The ignition switch isn’t working

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Star EV Golf Cart Problems?

You may eventually face problems with your golf cart while you’re in the course of your game. So, it’s essential to know how you should troubleshoot the problems and fix them. 

The first time, it may seem very annoying while troubleshooting a problem as you’re not experienced at all.

So, below we’ll briefly discuss the most common problems with the Star EV golf cart, the process of troubleshooting the problems, and the procedures for fixing them. 

Problem 1: Battery Breakdown

The battery is most likely the root of most of the problems in a golf cart, like in other vehicles. So, if you face any problems with your cart, you should check the battery first. 

When there are problems with your battery, the battery may stop charging, or the cart cannot move. Moreover, it can damage the overall functionality of your cart. 

What Causes Battery Breakdown On Star EV Golf Cart?

There are various causes of battery breakdown found on Star EV golf carts. Some of the possible causes may include:

  • Running the cart without charging for a long time 
  • Lack of enough power in the battery
  • Lack of enough voltage 
  • Inappropriate level of water in the plates 
  • Dirty and dust into the terminals 

How To Fix A Battery Breakdown On A Star EV Golf Cart?

Fixing the bad battery problems of a golf cart seems very tricky. If you want to save some money and fix the problems yourself, follow the following steps to resolve the issues.

Step-1: Check the batteries

Examine the batteries to see if there is any power in them. To do so, use a voltmeter or multimeter. If there is no power, recharge the battery and see if the problems are fixed. Or try the next step.

Step-2: Inspect the water level 

Check the water level on the plates of the battery. Incorrect water levels can cause the problem. If the problem still lies in the battery, try the next procedure.

Step-3: Clean the terminals of batteries

Visually inspect the terminals of the battery to see if there is any corrosion or dust that may cause the problem. Clean the dust from the terminals using baking soda and a brush. 

Now recheck the cart if the problems are solved. If the answer is no, be sure that it’s time to replace your old battery with a newer one. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Battery Breakdown On A Star EV Golf Cart?

The replacement cost of a battery on a Star EV golf cart will depend on the type of battery you replace.

If you replace a typical lead acid battery, the cost will be in the $900 to $1,500 range. On the other hand, if you deal with 72 volts sealed batteries, it will cost almost $2,000. 

Problem 2: Solenoid Breakdown

The solenoid is an electromagnet switch that allows the battery current to flow to the motor on electric golf carts.

When you turn on the starter key, it starts providing power to the motor and creates a ‘click’ sound. 

If this sound doesn’t occur while starting the car, there is an issue with the solenoid. Because of a bad or damaged solenoid, the car wouldn’t operate or stop intermittently.  

What Causes Solenoid Breakdown On Star EV Golf Cart?

There are some potential reasons behind the breakdown of the solenoid, which may involve:

  • Lose or broken wires 
  • Broken coils 
  • Corrosion  

How To Fix Solenoid Breakdown On Star EV Golf Cart?

If the problem with the solenoid is simple, you may fix it yourself. Otherwise, it’s best to take the car to a mechanic and repair the bad solenoid. To solve the problem, primarily, you can follow the following procedures: 

Step-1: Explore and replace the damaged wires

First of all, look for any damaged or loose wire. If any fault is found in the wire, replace the bad one with a newer one or tighten the loose one. Then, check if the problem is solved. Otherwise, follow the next step.

Step-2: Look for broken coils and replace

Now, visually inspect if there is any corrosion or broken coils. If any issue is found like that, it is typically best to take your car to a repair shop and replace it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Solenoid Breakdown On A Star EV Golf Cart?

The overall cost of fixing a bad solenoid depends on the type of problem the solenoid has. If it requires replacing a single solenoid transmission, it will cost between $200 and $500.

But if it needs to replace the entire solenoid pack, the replacement cost will increase from $550 to $700. 

Problem 3: Speed Controller Issues 

A speed controller is a significant part of a golf cart that is designed to control the cart’s speed. The information varies from the ignition switch to the motor and its batteries.   

If your golf cart eventually starts up but creates problems while controlling the speed or managing acceleration, it may be a problem with the speed controller. 

What Causes Faulty Speed Controller On Star EV Golf Cart?

There are many reasons why the speed controller of your Star EV golf cart won’t work. The major possible causes are the following: 

  • Broken wires
  • Loose connections
  • Lack of use
  • Mostly used or old speed controller  

How To Fix A Bad Speed Controller On A Star EV Golf Cart?

The speed controller is one of the most expensive parts of a golf cart. So, it is best not to try to fix the problem at home.

Take the cart to a mechanic and solve the problem. If you want to fix the problem yourself, follow the following steps to do so.

Step-1: Look for any loose connection and fix it

Inspect properly if there are any loose connections. If so, tighten the connections.

Step-2: Explore the broken wires

Now examine it carefully to find the broken wires or cracks in the connectors. If any broken wire is found, replace the wire with a good one. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Speed Controller on Star EV Golf Carts?

When it comes to replacing a speed controller on the Star EV golf cart, it will cost between $325 and $372.

In this case, the speed sensor will cost $253 to $282, while the labor costs will be $71. But labor costs may vary depending on the location you’re in. 

Problem 4: Brake issues

The brakes are significant parts of a golf cart that let the cart stop. If your car seems hard to stop or takes some time, the brakes may have some problems.

What Causes Brakes Issues On Star EV Golf Cart?

There are certain reasons why the Star EV golf car is facing problems while braking, which include:

  • Nonalignment of wheels
  • Malfunctions in the brakes

How To Fix Brakes Issues On Star EV Golf Cart?

It can be a tricky process while fix the brake issues. So, here are some easy steps to troubleshoot and solve these problems on your own.  

Step-1: Verify the alignment of the wheels

One of the major causes of having problems with braking is the nonalignment of the wheels. So, first of all, ensure the wheels are aligned properly. 

If they are not aligned accurately, visually inspect the wheels to see if they’re worn out. You should also check the tire pressure using a gauge. 

If the pressure is low, ensure the wheels have the proper inflation. After ensuring all these things, check the brakes to see if they work properly. If they don’t, change your old wheels. Wheels require regular maintenance. 

Step-2: Check all the major parts of the brakes.

If the parts of the brakes are not functioning properly, it can cause problems while braking the car.

So, check all parts, such as the brake pads and brake rotors. If any problems are found, the only step to go is the replacement the damaged one. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Brake Issues On Star EV Golf Carts?

In a general golf cart repair shop, the labor cost is between $75 and $85 per hour. Besides, if you need to replace the brake, it will cost $150-$400.

Problem 5: Hard to Start

When your golf cart seems hard to start, it means that there is a problem with your battery or fuse box connections. The motor of your car can also be the culprit behind this situation. 

So, if the car is stuttering while pressing on the pedal, it must be taken to a repair shop. Because when your golf cart doesn’t get started, there is no meaning to having a cart. So, fix the problems asap.

What Causes Hard Starting On Star EV Golf Cart?

There are various reasons why your Star EV golf cart won’t start, such as:

  • Dead battery
  • Faulty fuse box connections
  • Old or damaged motor 

How To Fix Hard Starting Problem On Star EV Golf Cart?

When your golf cart fails to start, and you want to troubleshoot and fix the problems yourself, follow these steps to do so:

Step-1: Check the battery and replace or recharge as it requires 

The first step to fixing this problem is to verify the batteries in your car to see if there is any power.

If the answer is “NO,” recharge the battery and check again if the car gets started. If the problem remains, it’s time to change your old battery.

Step-2: Examine the fuse box connections 

It’s very important to check the fuses in the fuse box. If the fuses are blown or loose, it may cause a hard start to your car. So, make sure that the fuses are secure.

If the fuses are blown or cracked, replace them. Then try to start your car again. If it doesn’t start at all, try the next procedure. 

Step-3: Verify the motor and replace it if necessary

If the car’s motor is powerless and old, it may not start. So, check the motor properly and see if it is worn out. So, you should replace the motor if it is old or worn out.  

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Hard Starting Issues On Star EV Golf Carts?

The repair cost of hard starting problems will depend on the parts you need to change, such as the battery, motor, or fuses. If you need to change the battery, it will cost between $800 and $2,000.

Besides, if you want to rebuild your motor, it may cost around $300-$500, while the replacement cost will be between $600 and $1000. In contrast, the replacement cost for the fuses is around $95. 


There may be some other issues behind the problems with the cart, such as accelerator problems, tire problems, direct switch problems, etc.

You can easily solve the problems with the proper knowledge of diagnosing and fixing and a bit of labor. However, it’s better to follow the rules for regular maintenance of a golf cart.

Throughout the article, we have tried to analyze all the possible problems and their ways of troubleshooting and solving them. We hope you’ve already got the idea of all the Star EV golf cart problems.

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