5 Most Common Tracker EV IS Problems [Solutions Included]

Golf carts are one of the most important essentials for golfers. It is impossible to travel around such a huge field without a cart for playing golf. Tracker EV IS- one of the most popular golf carts available. However, these cars can sometimes suffer from various problems. 

The most common issues that Tracker EV IS cars face are issues with batteries and the ignition of the motor. This car relies heavily on batteries and motor, so this can lead your golf cart to stop working completely.

Golf carts are also quite important for clubs, resorts, parks, and more. Thus, today in this guide, we will discuss all Tracker EV IS problems and quick troubleshooting tips.

5 Most Common Tracker EV IS Problems & Solutions

What Are The Common Problems With Tracker EV IS Golf Cart? 

Before we go deep down to troubleshooting the problems, we need to know exactly the problems. So, below we will discuss all possible issues your Tracker EV IS golf cart can suffer from.

  1. Faulty Battery
  2. Problematic direction switch
  3. Ignition issues in motor
  4. Lack of power
  5. Speed Control Issues

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Tracker EV IS Problems? 

In the above section, we learned about the common problems your tracker EV IS can suffer from. Each problem comes with its symptoms, reasons, and solutions.

To detect the problem with your golf cart and the solution, you will need first to troubleshoot the reasons, which we will see below.

Problem 1: Faulty Battery

When there are issues with the electrical system in your electric golf cart, the batteries are most likely to be to blame.

The first place to look if you try to start your golf cart and nothing occurs is here. The initial symptoms are your cart not powering on, and all your electric system remains off.

What Causes Faulty battery On Tracker EV IS?

There can be many reasons for faulty batteries in your electric golf cart. The main reasons are seen below.

  • No Charge in the battery
  • Battery fully damaged due to age
  • No Water in the battery
  • Rust in the battery connectors

How To Fix Faulty Battery issue On Tracker EV IS?

As we mentioned above, there can be many reasons for faulty batteries in your Tracker EV IS. Below we will discuss how you can fix all these problems yourself.

No charge in the battery 

Suppose there is no charge in the battery; you must check it with a voltmeter first. You will have to charge your batteries if the reading is zero or closer to it.

Connect the battery with another fully charged battery, and your batteries will come back to life.

Battery is fully damaged due to age.

The maximum efficiency of the battery decreases with time. If this is the case, you will have to replace your battery with a new one.

No Water in the battery

Check your battery to see if there is sufficient water inside. If not, then refill your batteries with water.

Do keep in mind these batteries require water on a regular basis, so always fill them with water.

Rust in the battery connectors

Sometimes there is no damage to the battery itself; you only need to check the battery connections. If there is any rust in the connectors, you will need to clean them.

Your battery should once again be in fine operating condition after being gently cleaned with a gentle toothbrush and a mixture of water and baking soda in a 50/50 ratio.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Faulty Batteries On Tracker EV IS?

You can solve most of the battery-related issues in your own garage, and it won’t cost you a single penny. However, if you need new batteries, they can cost anywhere between $800-$1500.

Problem 2: Problematic Direction Switch

Usually, switch problems are found in forward and reverse switches. There are three potential issues with this. Although it cannot go ahead, your cart may go backward.

Your cart can only go ahead; it cannot turn around. Alternatively, your cart is immobile in both directions.

What Causes Problematic direction switch On Tracker EV IS?

Problems with direction switch are pretty common on Tracker EV IS golf cart, and it usually appears when your cart starts to become old. The main reason for these problems is

  • The direction switch is highly prone to deterioration and wear and tear over time.

How To Fix Problematic direction switch On Tracker EV IS?

Repairing a Direction switch is not work for amateurs, and you will need to visit a professional workshop for this. They will either fix the switch or replace it with a new one.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Problematic direction switch On Tracker EV IS?

The replacement switch can cost anywhere between $20-$30, depending on quality and brand.

You will also need to pay the mechanic service charge. So to fix this, you are looking at a total cost between $50-$70.

Problem 3: Ignition issues in motor

The motor can be another problem source for golf carts. When you are sure that your battery is entirely okay, but still your motor isn’t turning on or making weird noises, then there is a problem with the motor.

What Causes Ignition issues in motor On Tracker EV IS?

The motor is complicated to work with, and numerous working parts are inside it. So, even if one part is faulty, the whole motor will malfunction.

  • Over time, wires may become brittle and even get damaged.
  • Inadequate traction or too much weight or gradient resistance.
  • Worn brushes, worn coils, or damaged bearings.

How To Fix Ignition issues in motor On Tracker EV IS?

Before going deep with checking the internals of the motor, there is a simple fix you should try. If this fix works, then there is no need to tear open the motor. 

Step 1: Reset the motor

A screwdriver can be used to reveal the motor. A little red reset button is located next to the main power source.

Push this button, assemble your cart before connecting it to a charging source, then try to start your Tracker EV IS cart once more. Your cart should start normally.

Step 2: Check Wires and brushings

If step 1 doesn’t work for you, you will need to look for other damages. Open the motor entirely and look for any type of burned brushes, damaged bearings, or damaged field coils. Also, look for any loose wires and cables.

Tighten any loose cables and replace any damaged bearings along with burned brushes and coils. You can do all this at home or hire a professional mechanic.

Step 3: Problems with armature

If still, your golf cart doesn’t start, then, unfortunately, the problem is deep inside the motor, and you cannot solve it by yourself. You will need the help of an expert. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Ignition issues in motor On Tracker EV IS?

If the problem lies with burned brushes, damaged bearings, and stuff, then the cost of fixing them is pretty minimal. You will only need to pay around $10-$40, depending on the damage level and location.

However, if the problem lies with the armature, the best solution is to replace the whole motor, which can cost you anywhere from $600 to $1000. 

Problem 4: Speed Control Issues

If your golf cart starts up easily but is unable to sustain acceleration or speed, the speed controller is to blame.

This is a small switch that controls the speed of your golf cart. Read below to know how to troubleshoot this problem.

What Causes Speed Controller issues in motor On Tracker EV IS?

The speed controller is a very small switch, and it is pretty hard to detect what’s causing problems in it. But at most times, the thing that is mostly at fault is 

  • Loose or damaged connections in the wire

How To Fix Speed controller issues in motor On Tracker EV IS?

Even though this problem seems very easy to solve and repair by yourself, in most cases, it cannot be solved at home, and you will need to visit a service center for it. They will check for any loose or damaged connections and fix them accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Speed controller issues in motor On Tracker EV IS?

The cost is highly dependent on whether your switch needs replacement or repair. If it needs a simple repair, it can cost between $20-$100.

However, if your switch needs replacement, then we are looking at a huge number of $400 or more.

Problem 5: Lack of Power

The solenoid is an essential component that starts the engine in your electric golf cart. If you feel your Tracker EV IS is not producing enough power or having trouble starting, then there is a problem with the solenoid. 

What Causes Lack of Power On Tracker EV IS?

Solenoids are not prone to damage usually, but over the years, they can start to wear down and show damage. The main reasons for a faulty solenoid are.

  • Loose Wires
  • Broken coil
  • Corrosion in the solenoid 

How To Fix Lack of power in motor On Tracker EV IS?

Detecting whether your solenoid is at fault or not itself is a tough task to handle, leave alone the repairing process. But still, if you want, you can fix them at home by following the process below.  

The best way to repair a solenoid is to replace it with a new one. To begin the replacement operation, locate the solenoid’s position. You’ll also need sockets and a screwdriver.

Therefore, wherever the solenoid is located on your golf cart, you should start by removing the nuts holding it there.

Next, purchase a new solenoid and attach it in the same manner as the previous one. Check to check that all of the connections are securely fastened before restarting your golf cart to see whether the issue has been resolved.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Lack of power issues in motor On Tracker EV IS?

Solenoids come at different prices. So the cost will depend on the model and type of solenoid you are getting. Usually, solenoid for Tracker EV IS can cost between $50-$99.


Golf carts are prone to problems no matter if it is Tracker EV IS or some other brands. But today, in this guide, we focused on discussing the common problems that Tracker EV IS a golf cart that faces. If you know how to find the root of the problem, it is always easier to fix them. 

However, if you have no knowledge about the wirings and internals of a golf cart, we suggest you take your cart to a service center to fix the issues rather than doing it yourself. 

Always make sure to do proper maintenance of your golf cart on a regular basis. Doing this will save you from the trouble of suffering from the issues we discussed above.

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