Kandi Golf Cart Problems & Prevention Guide

As more people opt for eco-friendly and efficient transportation solutions, Kandi electric carts have become increasingly popular. However, like any vehicle, they too encounter their fair share of issues.

Alongside the high-end specs, Kandi carts come with some common problems like faulty batteries, malfunctioning speed controller, and damaged direction switch. After digging deeper, we found that most of these issues are preventable.

Kandi Golf Cart Problems & Prevention Guide

Frequent maintenance of complex units and batteries can resolve more than half the problems. But how to maintain that? Here, we will explore that with troubleshooting tips. Following that, you will learn whether it is a good purchase or not! 

Overview of the Kandi Golf Carts 

The Kandi golf cart is an electronic cart that has gained popularity, thanks to its eco-friendly performance and affordable price.

Their Chinese manufacturer, “Kandi Electric Vehicles Group Co. Ltd.” has configured the cart with a powerful motor. Hence, we see it riding smoothly on rough terrains. 

Also, it features a digital display that shows the status of the battery, speed, and distance. This makes it easier to keep track of your game. 

And what we like is, with such advanced specs, the cart has not compromised comfort and space. These carts have comfortable seats and enough storage to accommodate golfing accessories. 

What Are the Most Common Kandi Golf Cart Problems?  

Like any other electric golf carts, Kandi carts also act up at times, especially if the vehicle has aged enough. Also, a lack of proper maintenance can lead to the following issues –

Battery Failure  

Battery Failure  
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If your cart does not start or power up, it is more likely a battery failure. Because batteries provide the primary power to the vehicle. And if the cell is faulty or not charged regularly, it tends to start malfunctioning! 

Also, these lead-acid batteries require frequent charging after every use. From what we have seen, not keeping them charged for a longer period makes them less functional. 

If the water-based batteries are low on electrolytes or battery water, you will have trouble starting your cart.

Even if the Kandi cart starts, it may lag or slow down after a while. And it happens as the cart is not getting power output from the faulty cells. 

Direction Switch Issues

Direction Switch Issues
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In short, the direction switch is the reverse and forward gear or switch that moves the cart to the front or back. You can use this switch quite a lot to explore the golf course. 

Such frequent use of the switch forms wear and tear on it. The cracks or wear can prevent the cart from moving forward or backward. 

Basically, used Kandi cart owners often report that they fail to go reverse or forward, even after using the direction switch. The significant reason behind that is the switch has already reached its lifespan. 

Additionally, if the switch has developed rust in its internal chambers or parts, it might not work as quickly as it used to. 

Malfunctioning Speed Controller  

Malfunctioning Speed Controller  
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A malfunctioning speed controller prevents the cart from maintaining the speed you want. Moreover, it blocks the vehicle from speeding up or accelerating. 

If the controller has a loose connection or cracks on it, it will not transfer the power from the ignition to the motor. Therefore, it cannot power up the cart enough to pick up the speed.

And driving a cart with such a controller will take you longer to reach the course target or preferred designation. 

How to Prevent/Troubleshoot the Kandi Golf Cart Problems? 

No matter which electric golf cart you prefer, they are not less susceptible to malfunctions and performance issues.

And so is the case with Kandi carts! But fortunately, you can minimize such probabilities and troubleshoot most of the problems. All you need is to diagnose the problem and do the followings –

Maintain the Battery 

Maintain the Battery 

Charging the Kandi golf cart batteries can prolong its lifespan. Also, it prevents the battery from wearing it earlier than expected. And keeping the battery healthy ensures your cart starts up without any lag or issue. 

The rule of thumb for charging such cells is to charge them after every use. For instance, if you use the cart for 10 minutes or 5000 miles, plug in the charger after you finish carting.

Do not let the vehicle sit idle after you have finished cruising. Keep a reminder to pour water into the battery.

While doing so, avoid filling till the top of the conductive plates. What we meant is, the poured water/electrolyte should not touch the cap of the battery. 

Or else the cell may start losing power pretty soon. And the worst is, the cart might not start or ignite due to overfilled water! 

Corroded or rusted cells can also lead to cart performance failure. To prevent or fix that, clean the dirty terminals of the battery.

For that, you can dust off the dirt and rust with a soft bristle brush once a month. If the rust seems too dense, use soapy water to remove the grease. 

Keeping the battery clean and charged makes the cart less prone to performance failure.  

Replace the Direction Switch

Replace the Direction Switch
Source: YouTube

Are you failing to move your cart smoothly in every direction? Well, then it may need a direction switch replacement.

In order to diagnose whether the switch is faulty or not, determine how much time the cart takes to go backward or forward once you use the switch. 

When it takes longer than usual to change the movement, we highly suggest contacting a technician to replace the switch.

You should not attempt changing it on your own, as there are a lot of technical processes involved. 

Keep the Controller Active

Keep the Controller Active 
Source: YouTube

As we mentioned, the speed controller does not work if its cable is loose. In order to prevent it in the future, go for regular maintenance provided by professionals.

If you drive the cart more than 2 hours a day, it is better to have the cart checked by a technician once a month. 

They will detect easily if any cable on the speed controller is about to go loose or bad. Then, they will adjust the necessary changes.

As the speed controller is the most expensive and complex part, it may cost around $200 to $800.

Should You Buy A Kandi Golf Cart? 

Just because Kandi Golf carts are prone to act up does not mean that they are less of a vehicle! In fact, it is one of the affordable electric carts out there with high-end features, such as LED lights, a powerful motor, and cushion-padded seats.  

So, if you do not want to miss out on its eco-friendly and smooth ride, it is a great grab. Also, if you do not want a high-maintenance cart, this can be your ideal choice.  Being minimalist, it does not require a lot of upkeep. 

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As much as the price of the Kandi golf cart lures you to buy it, its common problems can prevent you from doing so! So, we have shared some more queries regarding the issue to help you take a decision –

What Is The Lifespan Of The Kandi Golf Cart?  

Generally, an electric golf cart can last for 5 to 8 years. And if you maintain the Kandi cart regularly, it can last more than that. For that, the usual tip is to keep the battery charged and clean. 

Are Kandi Golf Carts Easily Repairable? 

It depends on what part of the cart is faulty and to what extent. It is easier to fix some loose cables and faulty batteries. But replacing the speed controller and other complex parts can be challenging if you do not contact a technician. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Kandi Golf Cart?  

Repairing cost varies, according to the malfunctioning part of the cart. For loose wires and glitches, it takes about $100 to $200. But for battery and controller replacement, the cost can be around $300 to $2000. 


Kandi golf cart problems can notoriously have an impact on your cart if you do not fix the issues as early as possible. We fear that the delay may make the cart beyond repair. 

Therefore, if you notice any inconvenience in the cart’s performance, we encourage contacting a trained golf cart expert. They can come up with solutions that can prolong the lifespan of the vehicle.

Reference: https://www.golfcartsandtrailers.com/–faqs

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