EZgo Electric Golf Cart Won’t Move: How to Fix the Problems?

Spending your weekend golfing, doesn’t that sound like a nice plan? With the golf kit packed and placed in your Ezgo golf cart, you are ready to go. But what if your cart doesn’t move, no matter how hard you press the accelerator? 

Why your Ezgo electric golf cart won’t move? What could be the possible reason? It can be damaged wires, a faulty solenoid, a bad controller, a dead battery, etc. But how do you fix that?

You are looking for solutions, aren’t you? Well, grab your tools now and dive deeper into the article. Let’s fix your cart together!

EZgo Electric Golf Cart Won’t Move

8 Common Reasons For An Ezgo Electric Golf Cart Not Moving

Ezgo golf carts are known for their durability. However, with daily wear and tear, they can be damaged too.

One problem users often need help with is that their Ezgo electric golf cart won’t move. 

Or it may move only in one direction, forward or backward. Now, what can be the reason behind it? Let’s check some common ones. 

1. Loose Or Damaged Wiring

Loose Or Damaged Wiring

The cart’s battery, switch, solenoid, controller, and everything are connected through cables, forming a complete circuit.

Damage in a single wire is enough to break the whole system. So, first, check whether any wire is coming loose or damaged. 

2. Lock switch

Lock switch

Owners often install a switch to lock the cart securely to prevent theft. If the cart you are trying to drive has one and is off, the cart won’t move.  

3. Dead battery

Dead battery

The battery is the primary power source for an electric golf cart. So, if it doesn’t move, there’s a high possibility for the batteries to be dead.

Or it is not getting enough charge to give the necessary output. You should charge the batteries for at least 8-12 hours.  

4. Faulty Solenoid

Faulty Solenoid
Faulty Solenoid

When a solenoid is not working correctly, it fails to transmit power from the battery to the other parts of the cart. If that happens, the cart doesn’t move.

However, sometimes, you may hear a click, and the cart may move in one direction only. That’s also a sign of a faulty solenoid.

5. Malfunctioning Ignition Switch

Malfunctioning Ignition Switch

While you are busy checking the motor, solenoid, and other parts for possible malfunction, the culprit can be the ignition switch.

It lets you start the car and flow the necessary energy into different cart parts. So, if this one is not working, there will be no cart movement. 

6. Defective Micro Switch


An Ezgo golf cart has several micro switches, like run or tow switches, Forward/reverse switches, etc.

And with every use, they often tend to become loose. Or sometimes, you may also find them stuck in the middle of ON and OFF. 

Other than that, it may wear out and need replacement. You need to check the switches and ensure they are correctly in place. 

7. Forward/Reverse Switch Problem

Forward/Reverse Switch Problem

The Forward and Reverse switch sits right beside the ignition switch. You may know it as a direction switch that moves the cart forward or backward.

If one of the switches is defective, it will move the cart only in one direction. If both switches are damaged, the cart may start but won’t move in any direction. 

8. Faulty controller

Faulty controller

The controller is one of the crucial parts without which a golf cart can’t operate. Now, a faulty controller may lead to two types of problems.

Either the cart won’t move at all, or it may proceed but at a constant speed. You will have no control over the speed.

How To Deal With An Ezgo Electric Golf Cart That Won’t Move?

You need to know the problem to find a way to solve it. So, identification of the issue should be the first concern.

By now, you already know why your golf cart may not move. Let’s learn how to deal with it, shall we?

Secure The Connections

Are you having any electrical trouble with your golf cart? In most cases, it is due to loose or damaged wires. So, properly securing them is a must.

You should thoroughly check the golf cart and look for any defective cables. If any comes loose, tighten it. If it is wired out, change it. 

Repair The Micro Switches

Your Ezgo golf cart has multiple microswitches. And there is a high possibility of any of them being faulty when the cart doesn’t move. It is wise to find the switches’ locations by looking at the cart’s manual.

Sometimes, the switches may be stuck, especially in the middle. In that case, you need to ease that. But for a control which is not working at all, you have to replace it. 

Replace The Battery

It’s only natural for the cart batteries to wear down with time. Take a voltmeter and check the current voltage output for the cells.

Now, here’s a thing. If the batteries are 6V, they should at least show 6.37V when fully charged. 

If you find the voltage output below 5V, it is time you replace it. Generally, Ezgo cart batteries need replacement after 4-6 years. 

Change The Solenoid

When you press the accelerator in your cart, do you hear any click? If yes, you may need to change it. To be sure, use a voltmeter to measure the solenoid voltage.

Usually, it should be at least 3-4 volts lower than the battery voltage. If not, buy a new solenoid compatible with your cart and replace it. 

Fix The Controller

When the cart controller is at fault, it can lead to multiple signs. One of the commons is the cart not moving. To fix it, you must put the maintenance switch on ‘Tow-maintenance mode.’ 

Disable the battery connections, remove the controller cover and reconnect the battery. Now, to test for a bad controller, place the voltmeter’s negative probe in the M terminal and the positive probe in the B+ terminal.

The starting voltage should be 0. As you press down the accelerator, the reading on the voltmeter should increase. If anything otherwise happens, you will have to change it to a new one.

Tips For Maintaining Ezgo Electric Golf Cart To Get the Best Output

Solving the issues after they arise is not the proper way to deal with a golf cart. Just like any other electric appliance, they need proper maintenance.

It doesn’t even require much! You need to check your cart occasionally, ensure everything functions properly, and make changes if required. That’s it. 

Would a few tips be helpful? Here are some maintenance suggestions that we have come across during our research. Hopefully, they will be beneficial.

Maintaining Ezgo Electric Golf Cart

Regular Inspection

Regular inspection will let you know whenever anything is out of order in your cart. You can find any damage at an early age and take immediate steps.

Cleaning The Solenoid frequently

Solenoids are prone to corrosion with every use. So, checking on them once in a while and adequately cleaning them is a great idea. It will not only prevent unwanted problems but also increase the solenoid’s lifespan.

Maintaining The Battery


Charging fully before use is the first step to maintaining the batteries. However, you should not leave it for overcharging.

Also, check the Sulfuric acid concentration and mix little water if it needs diluting. Keep an eye on the voltage reading too. 

Handling The Switches Properly

Do you tend to leave the switches without fully turning them off? If yes, change it today! Stuck switches can wear down quickly and cause multiple problems. 

Yearly Maintenance Checkup

Yearly maintenance check ups will give you a better idea of your golf cart’s condition.

Professionals instantly know if there’s something wrong with the cart. Proper servicing can expand the cart’s life to a great extent.


Ezgo golf cart owners often have some common questions. But finding the answers on a single page can be challenging. So, we have searched and sorted some typical queries and tried to provide the best solution. Hopefully, it will be helpful.

How do I know if the battery is dead?

In case of a dead battery, the golf cart won’t get any power to function. So, if it simply won’t move.

Why my electric golf cart won’t move forward?

The issue is probably with the forward and reverse switch. The forward switch is damaged if the cart is not moving ahead only. Also, look for possible loose wiring. 

Why does my cart click but doesn’t move?

If you hear a clicking sound when you press the accelerator, the solenoid needs replacement. 

Can I change the solenoid myself?

Of course, why not! Just remove the attached connections of the old solenoid, bring a new one and establish new contacts. However, you should make sure the wires are connected accordingly. 

Final Words

It can be frustrating when your Ezgo electric golf cart won’t move. But every problem has its solution. But first, you need to identify what the problem is. Fixing it up will be easier, then.

Hopefully, the article will help you deal with your golf cart problems more efficiently. And try to follow the maintenance tips for a smooth, functioning cart.

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