Yamaha G29 Clutch Upgrade: Everything You Need to Know

The Yamaha G29 is a robust golf cart which is pretty durable. Alongside its strong specification, it is able to bring out the full extent of its power with ease. This is mostly achieved through the help of the Yamaha G29 Clutch.

The G29 clutch is a component of the cart which enables the vehicle to start, accelerate and decelerate. Quite often, the cart’s clutch becomes faulty over time and requires an upgrade. An upgrade to the Yamaha G29 clutch enables the cart to function properly again. 

We advise you to read this article as we will be discussing the ins and outs of the clutch. We will also tell you how to fix it.

Yamaha G29 Clutch Upgrade

How Does A Yamaha G29 Golf Cart Clutch Work?

The Yamaha G29 clutches, also known as the CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission), are connected by a belt. This belt connects itself to two types of clutch, a primary and a secondary clutch.

Primary clutch goes by the name of the “Drive” clutch, while the secondary clutch by “Driven” clutch.

Their names correlate to their function, as they work antagonistically with the belt.  The belt makes the clutch rotate smoothly, allowing it to drive out power.

The Belt works on a Pulling Ratio, which shifts from maximum (low power) to minimum (cruising speed).

Through the symbiotic relationship between the clutches and the belt, the Yamaha G29 clutches are able to work smoothly.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Yamaha G29 Clutch

The G29 clutch is a delicate piece of the vehicle’s part. The expectancy of the clutch is expected to be around 60,000 miles.

Oftentimes, before even reaching the threshold limit, the clutches become faulty or halt to work. That is when we believe it is the time when you should upgrade your clutch.

Before we tell you the reasons why you should proceed with an upgrade for your Yamaha G29 clutch, we need to tell you when is the time you should proceed with the upgrade. To determine this time, we must discuss the symptoms briefly.

Symptoms For Upgrading Your Yamaha G29 Clutch

Here is a quick list of the symptoms which indicates the time for upgrading your clutch.

  • Difficulties faced while trying to change the gears
  • Weird noises arrives when the clutch pedal is pressed
  • The clutch pedal is too firm or jerky.
  • G29 provides low acceleration than before
  • Losing your power while riding the cart/ Not being able to reach the desired acceleration within due time

Once you have noticed these symptoms, you should think about upgrading your G29 clutch. Other than that, there are a handful of reasons for which you may want to upgrade your clutch. These includes:

  • In need of more power from your cart
  • Unusual noises appearing from the engine section
  • The speed of your Yamaha cart has dropped significantly.
  • Getting less lower end torque

Certain benefits can be seen when you upgrade your Yamaha G29. They include:

  1. An increase in power than the stock clutch would have provided
  2. Less heating of the engine.
  3. Greater top speed reached.

How Do You Upgrade A Clutch On A Yamaha G29 Golf Cart?

Now that you are determined that you need to upgrade your G29’s clutch, we will show you how you can do it. We will proceed the process the way a professional would approach it.

Before you even start opening up your cart, you would need to head to the nearest automotive store.

From there you will need to grab a Clutch Upgrade Kit. This kit shall have all the necessary items that you would require to upgrade your G29 clutch easily.

Once you have bought the kit, it is time we head on to the upgrading section. We will be mentioning the steps through the form of steps which should allow you to breeze through the steps easily.

Step 1: Remove the Rear Seat

In order for you to access everything, you will need to take something off. In this case, it is the rear seat.

You will need to take off the mounting bolts holding the seat. Once taken out, you should be able to gently take out the seat.

Step 2: Taking out the panels

Once you have taken out the seat, you should see some panels. What you would need to do now is to take out the panels.

Do them in this order. Firstly, remove the rear access panel, then the  front center panel and lastly the left side body panel.

Step 3: Disconnect the battery

Dead Battery
Dead Battery

When the panels are out of the way, you should see the interiors and all the machines powering up your cart. Before jumping straight into the clutch, you would need to disconnect the battery.

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery first and then the positive terminal. After that, slowly take it out of its place and keep it in a safe place for the time being. Remove the sound dampening panel too.

Step 4: Removing the bolts of the drive clutch

Take out the bolt holding the drive clutch. You will need to put the clutch puller by hand and thread it in before finally pulling it out. With this done, you will be able to finally take out the primary clutch.

Step 5: Placing the upgraded G29 clutch

Now it is time for you to place the new beast into the place. Be careful when you are placing it. The clutch is connected through a rod and can come out of place. Be careful when you are placing it into the clutch slot.

Gently, place the new primary clutch in place and screw the bolts. Screw the bolts with the hands first and then apply the machine to tighten it up.

Step 6: Reassembling everything

After you are done with placing the upgraded clutch in place, you will need to reassemble everything together.

Be careful while you are doing this as placing components in the wrong place is quite common.

Take a snapshot or have the manual in hand while you are doing this. This will be of great help.

Step 7: Contact a professional

If you feel uncomfortable or hesitant doing the upgrade of your Yamaha G29 clutch by yourself, you can always rely on the help of a professional. He/ she is well versed in this topic and can help you with ease.

To contact the professional, you will need to head to your local garage and book an appointment.

The mechanic would first diagnose problems before heading to the upgrade section. If you choose this step, add a couple hundred bucks into your budget for labor costs.

What Is Included In The Clutch Upgrade Kit?

As we have already mentioned this before, you will require a clutch upgrade kit in order to complete the process. In this section, we will be discussing the materials that you might expect in the upgrade kit.

Generally, a Yamaha G29 Clutch kit should contain 3 things. This includes a severe duty drive belt, a drive spring and a driven spring.

This package generally costs around $180 to $200. If you also want to buy a new upgraded clutch for your Yamaha G29, you can easily add 500 dollars.


While surfing different discussion groups, we’ve found below questions people are seeking answers. Have a look at the quick answer for better idea on Ymaha g29 golf cart clutch upgrade.

How much does it cost to upgrade the clutch on a Yamaha G29 Golf Cart?

The cost might hover from time to time. But a general estimation can still be provided. If you are upgrading the clutch by yourself, you would not need more than 300 dollars. However, if you hand it to the professional, you can expect to add a 100 dollars more for labor cost.

How do you know if your Yamaha Clutch needs to be upgraded or not?

You can find this answer on the basis of two things: Symptoms and intuition. For the symptoms, you can look at the section above. For intuition, it should depend on you. If you feel that your G29 cart has been providing less torque or less speed in general for a prolonged period, it is time for the upgrade.

How should your Yamaha G29 cart perform after the clutch upgrade?

We firmly believe that after the upgrade, your G29 should be able to move around smoothly. You will face less hesitations and less heating of the engine in general. Also, the top speed and torque in general should get a huge boost.

Should you upgrade your clutch to the one similar to stock clutch’s specifications or to a better one?

We would advise you to contact a professional for this matter. This really depends whether your model will be able to hold the upgrade or not. However, if we were to suggest, we should tell you to stay close to the stock specifications as your cart is designed to run best on that.


This article contains everything you would ever need to know to complete a clutch upgrade by yourself. After reading this, we believe that there should be no doubt in your mind.

Upgrading the clutch can be quite a benefit for your cart. However, be aware of the fact that the new clutch can oftentimes affect the cart’s usability. Therefore, always contact a professional beforehand.

Also, we suggest you learn some fixes so that you can save some bucks in the future. We wish you all the best in your Yamaha G29 clutch upgrading process.

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