Yamaha G1 Golf Cart Replacement Seats [Four Options]

In the early 1980s, the Yamaha G-series golf carts dominated the club vehicle market. A G1 is difficult to modify today because most parts are legally out of stock. In addition, if the factory-installed seats are damaged and require repair, they are challenging to replace with a similar type of seat.

Among the different ways to replace the Yamaha G1 stock seats includes getting a spare seat from a different vehicle of similar or different model years. Nevertheless, I could use a slightly different technique, such as installing compatible boat/tractor seats or customized seats for the G1.

Go through this article to know in detail about different approaches to replace the seats of different model years of Yamaha G1 golf carts.

Option One: Yamaha G1 Cross Model Year Seat Swapping

The G-series of Yamaha golf carts includes a total of eleven models from 1980 till today. However, the G1 model only existed in electric and gas-powered variants until 1984.

Currently, Yamaha has discontinued all part productions for the drivetrain or exterior cosmetics of the G1 model.

I found some old owners of the Yamaha G1 have been seen selling the seats in different online marketplaces. That could be a viable option if seats of a similar model are found in fresh and working condition.

Since the G1 uses split bucket seats with chrome handles on each side, the price seems unfairly higher.

Therefore, I must negotiate the price according to the seat frame, foam, and cover condition. Giving away money for older seats can only be justified if the condition is worth it.

Yamaha G1 Golf Cart Replacement Seats
Yamaha G1 Golf Cart Replacement Seats

Option Two: Yamaha G-Series Seat Swapping

If the Yamaha G1 seats are completely worn and torn, then the only option is to replace the seats completely.

However, it is very difficult to find a new pair of seats because Yamaha discontinued the production of this club car a long time ago.

That is why swapping the G1 seats with a compatible seat from a different model of the G-series can be cheap and worthwhile.

After thorough research, I learned that Yamaha G2 and G3 golf carts use a similar type of bucket seat like the G1.

Moreover, the gas and electric variations of the G2 and G3 have identical seat types. The bucket seats of the G2 and G3 have more premium quality foam, design, frame, and vinyl covering. Thus, I got an option to easily swap the seats of my G1 with seats of G2 and G3.

The seats of upgraded models after the G3 use bench-type seats with split backrests.

Hence, if I wanted to swap the G1 seats with the seats of G5 and above, I had to perform a moderate level of modifications and drill on the seat bracket of the G1.

But, since the frame dimension of the seats is identical in all models of the G-series, it is possible to perform a cross-model seat swap.

Option Three: Replace With Seats From Other Sources

The Yamaha G1 club car split bucket seats of a very basic design. There is no complex architecture in the frame or exteriors of the seats. It gives the owner of G1 secondary options to replace the seats with different sources.

Most two-seater small motorboats use split bucket seats similar to the G1 seats. However, I could salvage these seats from old and unused boats from the dumping yards. These seats can work perfectly as Yamaha G1 golf cart replacement seats.

Another option is to buy such compatible seats from the owner of the boats. Besides, many third-party manufacturers sell small bucket seats of boats in online marketplaces.

It can be expensive, yet worth replacing my Yamaha G1 seats with a fresh, brand-new, and comfortable pair of seats.

Option Four: Build Customized Seats

Since replacing Yamaha G1 seats can be very tough due to the lack of available parts in the marketplace and high prices.

A suitable and viable way to install a new pair of seats is to design and make customized seats.

There are a lot of advantages to making customized seats. I can conveniently use premium materials such as brackets, baseboards, foam, handles, etc.

Besides, crafting customized seats is very easy and cheaper than buying an old pair of original seats for club cars.

The hip handles and backrests can be replaced by other carts from Yamaha or a different brand, such as EzGo.

It was easy for me to get the size template from the stock seats and cut a piece of plywood according to the measurement.

A premium categorized foam should be used while making customized seats. The foams can be attached to the base of plywood using a vinyl cover.

Using nail guns or pneumatic staplers, I could secure the cover to keep the foam firmly attached to the board.

In most cases, I need not perform any sort of welding. But I must do some drilling to ensure the seat perfectly sits on the seat bracket. 

For others, it is advised to follow the tutorial under the expert’s supervision and support for safety and better outcome.


You can learn more about the seat replacement for Yamaha G1 golf carts by going through the following user questionnaires.

Which seats can fit on a Yamaha G1 golf cart?

Some seats available in the aftermarket are made to fit on a G1 golf cart. These seats are built from materials such as vinyl or polyurethane to match your golf cart.
Buying OEM (original equipment manufacturer) seats from Yamaha is not valid since the G1 model was discontinued long back.

What are the alternatives to replace the original Yamaha G1 seats?

Reupholstering the stock seats is a good choice which involves removing the old cushioning and fabric and replacing them with fresh materials.
Other alternatives include swapping the original seats with a piece of bench seats or making customized seats using plywood, foam, and vinyl seat covers.

Can seats from other Yamaha golf carts be installed on the Yamaha G1 golf cart?

It is possible to install seats from other Yamaha golf carts on a Yamaha G1 golf cart, but you may not install it directly.
These seats may not be compatible with the mounting hardware or seat belt anchors on the G1 and require additional modifications for a secure fitting.


Getting a new pair of Yamaha G1 golf cart seats from an OEM is difficult nowadays. Using the old and damaged seat makes your cart look dull and compromises your comfort while riding.

That is why swapping the older seats with compatible seats from a similar model or higher years of the G-series is a viable option.

Moreover, you can use seats from boats, tractors, etc., with slight modifications on the mounting brackets. 

We hope you find this article informative and instructive to help you guide and make wise decisions to replace your Yamaha G1 golf carts.

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