How to Fix EZGo Golf Cart Charging Problems? [Easy Fixes]

Although EZ Go golf carts are a lot of fun to ride on the golf course, charging them sometimes may be a pain. The chargers for EZ Go golf carts are strong, reliable, and expertly constructed. But there are a lot of things that could be hurting its performance if it won’t charge.

Moisture, dust, and power surge can cause damage to the charger. One bad cell in a battery series can stop a cart from completing a charge. If battery connections are brittle or frayed the charger will have a problem to have charge.

Prior to fixing up the charger, you need to investigate the charger first. Golfers find charging issues to be irritating. This article will show you how to fix the EZ Go cart charging problem.

How To Fix EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems

What Are The Symptoms Of EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems?

Problems may appear before us evidencing some prior symptoms. Hence, the problems with an EZ Go Golf Cart Charger usually show up as flashing lights, a voltmeter reading, and making noise.

Flashing lights

Red and blue Flashing lights or indicators attached to the charger indicate the status of the charger. The Red light gets on when you turn on the power of the charger and also when the charger is charging.

On the other hand, when the charge is full the Blue light gets on. It takes 7-10 hours to 50% charge the battery, the light will flash on and off to let you know it’s ready to charge again.

A voltmeter reading

You can determine battery condition by seeing a voltmeter reading. You know your battery is healthy if the reading on your voltmeter is between 12.4 and 12.8.

If your battery has a voltage that is higher than 12.9%, it is likely to be overcharged.

What Causes EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems?

Each problem has its own causes. Therefore, EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems also have reasons behind it. Your EZGO golf cart might not charge because of the following reasons:

No voltage in your battery

Most of the time charging problem occurs due to the batteries. If the voltage of the battery is low, the charger will not charge.  One bad cell in a battery series can stop a cart from completing a charge.  

Faulty charger

Sometimes the charger itself is the main cause of not charging. When everything else goes right meaning that there is no problem with the batteries, the fuse, the board, and all the connections then a faulty charger can be the cause of this problem.  

Loose Connections or wear and tear cables 

Checking for and re-tightening any slack in the connections between the battery terminals is essential.

Remove all corroded materials and replace them if necessary. Replace old, wear and tear and damaged cables with the new ones. 

The charger is not frequently in use

If the golf cart’s charger stops working when it’s not being used, you may discover the charger not working. So keep using it as soon as it becomes useful to your need. 

Problem with the voltage regulator

Make sure you inspect it for any obvious damage. Throw out the broken one and get a new one. Always inspect the regulator and switch out the faulty component with a brand-new one.

How To Fix EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems?

Where there is a problem, there is a way to fix it. There are many ways to fix the Charging Problems with EZ Go Golf Cart. Here we discuss a Step-by-step procedure to fix EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems.

Step 1: Start by looking into the power source

Checking the Power: Check the power of the charger is on and there is no problem, If the power does not get on the charger will never get charged until the power gets on.

Step 2: Determine the problem with the battery of the charger

In order to have a complete charge, all the batteries in the series have to be all right. If even one battery in the series is defective, a  complete charge cannot be achieved.

Make sure a battery can handle a full charge. In the event of that check out the batteries and revive all discharged batteries.  

Step 3: Find out if the Charger is functioning well

Make sure that the charger is not broken or malfunctioning. Humidity, dust, or a power surge cause the damage. 

If your charger is not functioning before purchasing a new one, try it on a different cart, If it does work on another cart means your charger has no problem.

Step 4: Check the loose connections a wear and tear cables

Sometimes due to loose connection and wear and tear cables, your charger may not be fully charged.

To that extent check your all cables and connections with a skilled hand to remove or replace those if necessary. 

Step 5: Check Check the board

After reviving the batteries of the charger are revived and when no problems are found with the charger and cable connections then change your board with a new one that may help you.

You can fix EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems in the same way whether it is a 36 or 48 Volt power supply. 

Step 6: Examine the charger’s cord

People frequently tear the cord out of devices after they have done charging them, which can damage the cord.

Check to see if the charger turns on by lifting up the cord and turning it in various directions while the power supply is plugged in.

There must be a loose wire or faulty connection someplace if the charger won’t power on.

Step 7: Check the Power wise charger’s fuse

Cut the charger off. Use the voltmeter to measure the voltage, ground it to the screw adjacent to the fuse, and press the other end on the other side of the fuse. Your voltmeter wouldn’t buzz or beep if the fuse was bad.  

How Serious Is The EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems? 

Compare to the advantages the EZ Go golf cart charger provides, the charging problems are not that much serious.    

Yes of course the EZ Go golf cart charging problems can be frustrating to the Golfers but it isn’t difficult to identify. There are multiple signs that indicate you need a new battery or charger.

One way to determine whether or not the problem is with the battery or charger is to test each component separately, without connecting them together.

The EZ Go Electric Golf Cart problem can sometimes cause problems in your golf cart and you may be in need of a repair or replacement.

Whatever the problems are, solutions are there. Golf cart chargers can be readily and affordably fixed for the majority of common failures because they are quite straightforward to repair. 

Other, more serious failures, such as a defective circuit board or burned-out transformer, can become a little more difficult and expensive to fix. There is no doubt about its safety to use

How Much Does It Cost To Fix EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems?

The cost of fixing EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems widely varies from country to country and person to person.

For instance, the price of the parts or the components of the charger is not the same in China and in the U.S.A.

Due to different living standards, the cost of mechanics is not the same in India and in Europe.  

Moreover, sometimes repairing costs are higher than the replacement cost depending on the geographic location   

We’ve discovered that a decent estimate for components and servicing costs falls anywhere between $150 and $250. EZ Go replacement batteries cost only $84.00 plus shipping charges

EZ go golf cart charger repair cost is $120-$240. This includes replacing the battery, replacing the internal circuit board, and restoring the unit to like new condition.


EZ Go Golf Cart Charging Problems is the most common issue you may hear from golfers. Although it is not so serious problem indeed but the golfers get frustrated.

Since there is a problem so, there is a solution too. In this article, we have clearly discussed the symptoms of this problem, the most probable causes of this problem, how to fix it through step by process and what will be the approximate cost of repairing or replacement.  

We have also shown how serious is this problem and whether it is safe to use. Reading this article will definitely help you to diagnose the problem and fix it.

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