Ultimate Guide on Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Troubleshooting

Yamaha gas golf carts are a favorite choice for golfers to run on rough terrain. Although it works fine most of the time, overuse or lack of proper care can cause some parts to malfunction.

The most common Yamaha gas golf cart problems include  starting problems, speed problems, disturbed engines, forward or reverse moving problems, etc. These problems greatly annoy the golfers during the game. So, to have a nice golf game, fixing the cart as soon as possible is a must.

For fixing, you need to know the troubleshooting process. In this article, you will get an in-depth guide on troubleshooting Yamaha gas golf carts and easy solutions to fix them.

What Are The Common Problems With Yamaha Gas Golf Cart?

The Yamaha gas golf cart’s gas engine malfunctioned due to overuse. Battery problems cause the cart to not start.

Other problems are also found frequently. Below is a list of some of the most common problems with Yamaha gas golf carts:

  1. Starting Problem
  2. Speed Problem
  3. Engine Issues
  4. Forward Or Reverse Moving Problem 

Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Troubleshooting Guide With Easy Solutions 

To troubleshoot Yamaha gas golf cart problems, all the components like the battery, engine, motor, and controller must be checked thoroughly. Even minor wiring problems should be fixed. 

Following the procedures described below, you will be able to detect any problems in your Yamaha gas golf cart.

Problem 1: Starting Problem

The Yamaha golf cart has a battery that controls the starter system. If there is a battery issue or wiring problem, the system fails. As a result, the cart doesn’t start or takes too much time.

Troubleshooting Starting Problem On Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

A battery powers the system that controls the starting process. This battery often fails and causes starting problems. There can also be wiring issues. Below is a list of possible reasons for the starting problem:

  • Low-charged or Dead Battery
  • Loose connection
  • Wiring Issues
  • Ignition Switch Failure
  • Blown Fuse

How To Fix Starting Problems On Yamaha Gas Golf Carts?

To solve the starting problem, you must check the battery and wiring. If still not solved, switches and fuses need to be checked.

Step-1: Check The Battery 

If your battery has little charge left, it won’t power the system. Charge your battery properly. If the battery isn’t working, replace it with a new one. 

Step-2: Tighten The Connections

If the cable that connects your battery with the system gets loose, then the cart won’t be able to start.

Unplug all the connections and plug them tightly back in. Also, check thoroughly to find any faulty wires. Replace them if you find any.

Step-3: Fix Ignition Switch

The ignition switch stops working when the solenoid gets damaged. So, replace the solenoid. If the switch is damaged, then add a new switch.

Step-4: Change Fuse

The fuse of the cart’s system can get burnt due to overflowing electricity. Replace it with a new one. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Starting Problems On Yamaha Gas Golf Carts?

The fix mainly includes battery buying costs. Mechanics’ costs vary from region to region.

  • Replacement Cost: Yamaha cart uses a battery only for powering the starting system. This battery costs around $179-$330.
  • Mechanic Cost: The hourly rate for fixing golf carts is around $20-$50. It varies according to the place and problem.

Problem 2: Speed Problem

Speed problems are one of the most annoying problems. If your cart suddenly starts to run too slowly or too fast, it becomes tough to have a good game. Even an accident can occur due to uncontrolled speed.

Troubleshooting Speed Problems On Yamaha Gas Golf Carts

When your cart suddenly starts to run too slowly or too fast, you can be sure there is a problem with the controller or the engine. Possible causes of speed problems can be:

  • Circuit Problem
  • Speed Controller Failure
  • Tire Damage
  • Motor Failure 
  • Less Fuel Flow in Engine

How To Fix A Speed Problem On A Yamaha Gas Golf Cart?

To fix the speed problem, all parts of the speed controller should be checked. The problem can also lie in other parts.

Step-1: Fix Speed Controller 

First, check the speed controller. If it is damaged, replace it with a new one. Look for any faulty wires in the circuit. If there are any, fix them.

Step-2: Change Tires and Motor

If the tire is too old, then the speed slows down. Replace it with a new one. Motors supply power to the controller. If it fails, the speed will be abnormal. In this case, change the motor.

Step-3: Ensure Sufficient Fuel 

As the Yamaha cart runs on gas, less fuel will slow down the cart. Make sure the fuel flow to the engine is sufficient.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Speed Problems On Yamaha Gas Golf Carts?

There are 300 and 500 amp speed controllers for Yamaha carts. Prices also vary.

  • Replacement Cost: Replacing a speed controller costs around $699-$799. The price rises with a higher amp.
  • Mechanic Cost: The hourly rate of service is $20-100. It rises with the complexity of work.

Problem 3: Engine Issues 

The gas engine is the core part of the Yamaha gas golf cart. When it’s disturbed, the cart can’t move or face other problems. 

Troubleshooting Engine Issues On A Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

The engine receives a gas supply and produces power for the cart to use. There can be problems with the fuel supply or the machinery. The following reasons can cause engine disturbance:

  • Blocked Air-filter
  • Faulty Choke Adjustment
  • Spark Plug Damage
  • Coil Damage
  • Carburetor Gasket Leaks Gas

How To Fix The Engine Issues On A Yamaha Gas Golf Cart?

An engine has several components. Checking all the components thoroughly is a must to find the problem.

Step-1: Cleaning Air-filter

If the air filter gets blocked by dirt or something, the engine can’t work properly. Remove the air filter and clean it properly. Then place it.

Step-2: Adjust Choke

The choke balances the air-fuel mixture by regulating airflow in the carburetor. Clean it and adjust it properly. Your engine will work better.

Step-3: Fix The Spark Plug

Check if the spark plug is plugged properly or not. Connect them tightly. If the plug is broken, replace it.

Step-4: Check Carburetor 

The carburetor supplies fuel to the engine. Check if it is working or not. If it is broken or damaged, fix it. Hopefully, your engine will start to work normally.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Engine Issues On A Yamaha Gas Golf Cart?

You may need to replace the carburetor. The cost varies for different models like G22-G29.

  • Replacement Cost: A new carburetor for a Yamaha golf cart costs $19-$52.
  • Mechanic Cost: The service charge for fixing the engine can be around $50-$100 per hour.

Problem 4: Forward Or Reverse Moving Problem 

Moving the cart according to need is essential for a good golf game. But sometimes, you may see that the cart is not going forward or reverse. This can be a fault of the switch or circuit damage.

Troubleshooting Forward Or Reverse Moving Problem

A switch controls the forward or reverse movement of a golf cart. If it stops working, you will face trouble controlling your cart. The following things can cause the cart doesn’t go forward or reverse problem:

  • Forward or Reverse Switch Failure
  • Frayed Wire
  • Damaged Accelerator
  • Clogged Shift Fix

How To Fix The Forward Or Reverse Moving Problem On A Yamaha Gas Golf Cart?

Multiple components work together to move the cart forward or backward. Follow the steps given below to find out which part is faulty.

Step-1: Fix Forward or Reverse Switch

Check if the forward and reverse switch is okay or not. Replace it with a new one if needed.

Step-2: Check Wiring

Check for any frayed or cracked wires. If found, fix them. Replace it if the damage is too much.

Step-3: Unclogging Shift Fix

Open the shift case and check if the shift fix is clogged. Clean the grease to unclog them. Your cart will start to move again.

Step-4: Replace Accelerator 

Turn on your accelerator to check if it is working properly. The accelerator gets damaged due to using it for a long time. Repair it or replace it.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Forward or Reverse Moving Problems On Yamaha Gas Golf Cart?

Either way, you may need to buy a new switch or accelerator. The cost varies depending on the model.

  • Replacement Cost: Accelerator cable costs $39-$50. Forward and reverse switches will cost $27-$100.
  • Mechanic Cost: The service charge for fixing the switch should be less than $50. The price rises if the problem is severe and needs a lot of time.


Yamaha gas golf carts are run by a gas engine. This engine needs regular care. The gasket, air filter, and valves should be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging. 

It is ideal to check the whole cart once a year. You can do that for general checking using some basic mechanical tools. So keep a toolbox at home.

The user manual contains the procedures for general maintenance. If you follow that, the Yamaha cart will serve you for a long time.

If you notice trouble in your cart despite all this care, follow the Yamaha gas golf cart troubleshooting guide above!

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