Ultimate Guide on Club Car Carryall 2 Troubleshooting

When a Club Carryall 2 starts acting weird, its problems are often hard to trace. It is because the specific issues this line of automobiles face are mostly exclusive to golf cars only. 

So if you’re having a faulty Club Carryall, you might be wondering how to troubleshoot it. There are different ways to troubleshoot different Club Car Carryall 2 issues. Mostly you need to reinstall the battery or replug the key wires.

And nearly all of these processes are a little complex to follow. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. This article is here to wash away your worries about club car carryall 2 troubleshooting issues.

Club Car Carryall 2 Troubleshooting

What Are The Common Problems With Club Car Carryall 2?

Problems with a club carryall 2 can be pretty annoying, especially if they pop up during your playtime.

Imagine you’re playing golf and your golf car starts showing issues. Sounds disturbing, right? Well, these are the most common problems with club carryall 2:

  • Inefficient break
  • Faulty turn on
  • Faulty accelerator
  • Faulty ignition 
  • Not working in forward or reverse
  • Broken shift cable, etc.

Club Car Carryall 2 Troubleshooting Guide With Easy Solutions

As mentioned before, different issues with club car carryall 2 have different troubleshooting solutions.

And for that reason, we are covering the entire guide in a manner that caters to different problems specifically. 

Problem 1: Faulty Ignition Switch and Faulty Forward/Reverse Switch

Faults with either an ignition switch or forward/reverse switch indicate the basic electrical engine problems for club carryall 2.

These two problems can be solved with a DIY effort, but with utmost care and diligence. 

Troubleshooting Faulty Ignition Switch and Faulty Forward/Reverse Switch on Club Car Carryall 2

Both these problems have the same solution. In most cases, faulty ignition and faulty forward or reverse switch problem happens when the:

  • Wires get loose or disconnected
  • Grounded out wires
  • Cart goes off while forwarding or reversing

How To Fix Faulty Ignition Switch and Faulty Forward/Reverse Switch On Club Car Carryall 2

To solve this issue, you need to replug the ignition switch wires. The positive power connection that links the battery to the ignition switch is the first wire you’ll need to deal with. 

It is constantly powered on and often appears as a thick red cable. You may then connect a compatible terminal end to this wire after locating the thick, red power cord.

Problem 2: Broken Shift Cable

When the shift cable is broken, the club car carryall 2 can go in weird or opposite directions.

Even though the motor will start and rev, the cart may be locked in neutral, or go forward and reverse. 

Troubleshooting Broken Shift Cable on Club Car Carryall 2

When a club car carryall has its shift cable broken, it becomes really tiresome to solve it.

The cart, first of all, acts very weird. Here is a list of troubleshoots that indicate a broken shift cable:

  • The indicator stays unmatched with the gear
  • Cart doesn’t easily turn off
  • Carts starts at different gear
  • Or the cart won’t go into gear at all

How To Fix A Broken Shift Cable On Club Car Carryall 2

First, move the shift lever after removing the seat. Then check your cable where it changes gears in the gearbox. If this isn’t moving, a cable is probably damaged and has to be replaced.

If it’s moving, you might need to modify the cable so that the forward and backward shift points are entered appropriately. Two little wrenches will be enough to fix this.

Problem 3: Faulty Accelerator

A faulty accelerator in a club car carryall 2 produces a lot of problems. When this happens, pressing the accelerator doesn’t cause the car to move.

The engine warning light turns on in the cockpit as the vehicle enters “limp-home mode.”

Troubleshooting Faulty Accelerator on Club Car Carryall 2

The troubleshooting methods for a faulty accelerator in a golf cart is different from a regular vehicle. Here is how you troubleshoot for a faulty accelerator in club carryall 2:

  • Faulty battery
  • Bad solenoid
  • Speed controller’s faulty power output 
  • Loose battery cable connector
  • Unclean air filters

How To Fix Faulty Accelerator On Club Car Carryall 2

You need to rewire the battery cables to fix it. First, look for a black cable near the battery.

The negative battery connector is shown here. Then, disconnect it before you begin working to fix the speed controller. 

The speed controller’s cover should be taken off once it has been unplugged, and the negative line should then be reconnected to the battery.

Problem 4: Unclean Air Filter

Golf carts and cars both have air filters, which is a key commonality between them. The air filter’s purpose is to trap dust and dirt particles.

It also prevents them from entering the engine, where they could lead to serious issues.

Troubleshooting For An Unclean Air Filter on Club Car Carryall 2

If the air filter becomes so clogged with dirt that it prevents air from flowing, your club car carryall 2 will show these characteristics: 

  • Unusual sound from the engine
  • Discomfort driving/the cart might feel slow
  • Not having enough power to go backward or forward

How To Fix An Unclean Air Filter On Club Car Carryall 2

Every six months, you should inspect your air filter and replace it as necessary.

If the filter looks dirty or loads of dirt comes out when you tap the filter, you need to swap it out for a new one to solve this issue. And doing this is very easy. 

Just buy a new air filter from Amazon. Depending on the type of the filter, it will cost you from $15 to $40. While inserting the new air filter, make sure the open hole goes on the inner side.

Problem 5: Running Only In Neutral

This is a very common problem in the club car carryall 2 series. When this happens, the golf cart runs only in neutral.

Meaning, it doesn’t run when the shift is on forward or backward and rather it shuts itself off.

Troubleshooting Running Only In Neutral Issue on Club Car Carryall 2

One of the downsides of this problem is that it can have many reasons behind it. So tracing its origin can be hard in a club car carryall 2.

But, these are some of the most frequent ways through which you can identify the running only on neutral issue:

  • Dysfunctions in the OBC
  • Erratic behavior of the ignition switch
  • Faulty battery

How To Fix Running Only In Neutral Issue On Club Car Carryall 2

If your engine shuts off when you shift the gear to forward or reverse and it doesn’t press the gas pedal, your idle speed is set too low. And this is one of the most prevalent issues.

To understand how to boost your engine’s idle speed, consult your owner’s handbook. Your carburetor will require a screw for this purpose.

To change the idle, twist the idle screw. Spin it left to raise the RPM and spin it right to reduce it.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Issues On Club Car Carryall 2?

Club Carryall 2 golf carts can have a myriad of problems. But some are more frequent than others.

So it is hard to tell exactly how much money you will be needing to fix it. However, here are some rough estimations to a few specific problems:

  • To change battery wires, it will cost you 14$ to 20$.
  • If you need to buy new air filters, it will cost $15 to $40.
  • A good transmission cable will require $70 to $100 to buy.
  • New ignition switch for club carryall cannot be found. You have to buy used ones from elsewhere. So what it will cost you entirely depends on the market demand. But ideally, it should cost you $15 to $20. 


Most of the problems stated in this article can be solved with just a DIY effort. But some of these problems might require a professional’s help, such as fixing the broken shift cables.

Other than that, you fix the rest of the issues with complete ease. They are very easy to demonstrate and do not require much effort.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Club Car Carryall 2 troubleshooting done as fast as you can. Don’t forget to Hit ‘Em Long And Straight!

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